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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Avie Poll: The People Who Make SL - Tea Couturier Reporting...

Second Life is made up of different people from around the world, who come together in SL and create a community where we live, work and socialize together. 

We also form bonds as family and friends.  Second Life is a place to create a world for ourselves where anything is possible.

I wanted to know and hear it from the people who live in SL about their views on Second Life and what made them join. First I spoke to Mr Zeke Canucci with his wife. They were looking for a new house.

Tea: Hi Zeke
Zeke Canucci: Hi Tea

Tea: Why did you join sl?
Zeke Canucci: Was curious to see what it was about.

Tea: What do you like to do in sl?

Zeke Canucci: I love to perform live music, and spend time getting to know friends and different cultures from around the world.

Tea: Would you say sl has met all of what you thought it would be since you have join?

Zeke Canucci: Well, yes and no, but that story and experience is still being written and may have a great outcome soon. A platform for performing has been great and I am looking forward to see what the future has in store.

Tea: What skill or what is next for you to do in sl if you had a magic wand?

Zeke Canucci: To reach out to people and use original music to heal hearts and souls.

Tea: Thank you Zeke and good luck in finding your new home

Zeke Canucci: Your Welcome Tea and thank you.

On my way to get a cup of coffee at the coffee shop I bump into Adonis Hunniton who was busy chatting to friends. I noticed Adonis was a store owner of (-ATYPICAL-)

Tea: Hi Adonis. I wondered if you could tell me why you joined sl?

Adonis Hunniton: Hi Tea I joined because my brother told me about how customizable it was and he knows I like to design and create, especially characters.

Tea: Ah I see. What do you like to do in sl?
Adonis Hunniton: I have a shop in SL, (-ATYPICAL-) so that keeps me busy. It's more of a hobby than anything else since I'm not here as much as I used to be. I used to build a lot and role play a lot with the characters I designed but now I just talk to my friends and occasionally build something for a grid wide hunt.

Tea: Would you say sl has met all of what you thought it would be since you have join?
Adonis Hunniton: SL did meet all of what I thought it would be and more but I got bored with it eventually and now I prefer RL to SL. It was a good reality vacation for a while though, not that a reality vacation is something I would recommend to anyone lol it's actually a terrible idea but I think a lot of people fall into that here and hopefully everyone falls back out again. It's kind of an addicting game.

Tea: What is next for you in SL?

Adonis Hunniton: I have no plans to do anything else in SL, I use it to pass time when I'm bored now.

Attending the races with a few friends I came across Champ Siamendes who is a big racing fan and can be seen often racing his cars and motor bikes at the race tracks. After chatting to him for a while with friends between his races, I decided to ask him his view on Second Life as he has been here since 2008

Tea: Why did you join sl?
Champ:  I joined SL because my RL girlfriend five years ago told me about the internet game. I then proceeded to sign up and I've been playing SL ever since.

Tea:  What do you like to do in sl?

Champ:  I like to talk with my many friends that I have made in my five years of Second Life. I enjoy racing cars on my friend's racing sim. I also enjoy exploring.

Tea:  Have you ever worked in sl?

Champ: Yes.
Tea: what have you done in sl?

Champ: I have worked a few jobs in Sl and I have even ran my own club in SL when I first started. I have worked as a security guard, I have been a host, dancer, and even a sim manager.

Tea: Would you say sl has met all of what you thought it would be since you have join?

Champ: Yes.

Tea:  What skill or what is next for you to do in sl if you had a magic wand?

Champ: I have learned to build, script, and even make objects for many different uses. If I had a magic wand I would make SL have no lag for everyone.

Finally I bumped into Julissa Delicioso who was busy with her member’s for her group who she is the owner and founder of SEXY BRIT GROUP.

Tea: Why did you join sl?

Julissa: Oh I came into SL for escapism. To explore and to meet new people.

Julissa: Oh like to socialise, either with my friends or new people I meet, when I am not busy recruiting new group members for my group.
Tea: Have you ever worked in sl?

Julissa: Oh no I came into SL to have fun and when I started the group to focus on that only.

Tea:  Would you say sl has met all of what you thought it would be since you have join?
Julissa: Oh yes and more it has been a lot of fun.

Tea: What skill or what is next for you to do in sl if you had a magic wand?
Julissa: Oh I am not a fan of the ‘Welcome areas’ or what are better known as ‘hubs’ I would clear all of them out.

So far I got different aspects on 4 people who joined Second Life for fun and were be able to express their creativity here.

Whatever your reasons are for joining sl, one thing I have learnt is, that the most important thing to do is to enjoy SL for what it is and doing this, you too will have fun. 


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