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Friday, September 20, 2013

A Quick Guide on What NOT to Wear Once You Have Passed the 2 Month Marker in Second Life- Tea Couturier

Now I am not one to tell people what not to wear and what to wear in SL, however, I do feel I could help give a few pointers about what to avoid wearing to not make yourself look like a noob or one that has not moved along with the fashion times in Second Life.

When you first enter Second Life, your first point of call is the freebie shops. However, once you are a regular and have been in SL for over 3 months. I feel it is time for you to start looking at what you’re wearing and worrying about your appearance. Your appearance can reflect on you and your social life in SL. Remember, first impressions are important.

I would start with skin. This is a basic must. Nowadays skin can cost as little as 10L and above, depending on what your budget is.
 Avoid the skin that has discoloration around the elbows or a grey affect because this can be a very noob look. Look for a more realistic look skin because let’s be honest you want to look your best therefor good quality realistic skin is a must. 
Once you have found your skin the next stop would be hair. Again you can find non expensive hair in sl and on Sl Marketplace. I would suggest that stiff hair  with  no flexibility or movement is a No No.

You should have some flexibility in your hair, so that the hair sways when you move. This gives it that more realistic look and effect. Most hair in SL has movement in it but usually they price at a minimum 100L.  If you get a good style and are on a budget you can wear it until you can afford another one.

Clothes is a tricky one because it is about your personal style. If you are not looking for the emo, goth look then I would suggest getting a good pair of jeans, a few tops and maybe a few jumpers to start you off.
You can find good deals in SL and if you look properly you can find an outfit for under 50L. I must state though when buying shoes, that any shoes that bling, sparkle or have a funny point at the front, you should avoid.

 This may have been something you could have gotten away with when you first came into SL and we all know we have a pair of these in our inventory somewhere *smile*
However, once we have passed the 2/3 month marker in SL and intend to visit on a regular basis, it would be better to invest in good designed shoes.  I would say one good pair of heels, one pair of boots with a color changer hud and sneakers or flats.
If you look around on SL Marketplace or even shopping around SL you could find footwear for free or for a very low price. It pays to shop around if you’re on a budget. In SL a lot of the designers are giving away some of their last seasons or few extra designs they have and may not want to sell for free. This can be a very good place to go and get high quality clothing for free which would make you look stylish and current in the SL fashion world.

Jewelry is a great accessory.  A pair of earrings is a must if you’re a lady. I would go for hoops as these can go with any outfit. I must stress however, any jewelry that bling, sparkles or shines is again a No No.
If you want your engagement ring to sparkle or blink then this is fine but I would suggest that this is the only piece of jewelry that should sparkle. For the guys watches if you wish to wear one, should not have the digital numbers hovering over the watch or be extra-large on your wrist as this is a classic sign of noob accessorizing.

Fashion and style at the end of the day is how you want to dress. It is about how you express yourself and how you want to come across to others. It is not for us to judge anyone who may not be dressed differently than what we see as fashionable.
 However, if you are stuck in an SL fashion rut and are not sure how to move your style forward, then you can follow this standard guide.
You might just rid yourself of the noob look once and for all.

Happy Shopping!


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