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Saturday, September 21, 2013

What Message Would You Send?- Ccoursey Reporting…

Messages Sent...
            “Give me your money!”
            “Peace, Love, and Great Sex…”
            “Treat people as you wish to be treated.”

            What would you say to a large group of people?  What message would you want to spread? 

These are a few of the answers I received by people that didn’t really want to be mentioned.  Why?  They said they really had nothing to say or they wouldn’t know what to say if given the chance.  Every day we interact with different, but if we want a message spread to a large group, what would you say. Would you practice what you preach in your daily lives as well?

            AngelusMorte a former assassin in SL did have something to say...

AngelusMorte: Second Life is meant to be a fun place to be.  If you’re not having fun, why do it?
Cris: Do you think a lot of people forget this and need a reminder?

AngelusMorte: Yes, too many.

Cris: Do you remind them?

AngelusMorte: If I need to but they will never listen unless they come to the same conclusion …

            I think this is a good message for Second Life residents.  Too often we get wrapped up in the drama and the rush of what is going on around us here. 

 It started out as a place to have a good time and should remain that way. Everyone has their own idea of fun and as long as it doesn’t mess with your own then don’t worry about anyone else.  Thank you for the reminder Angelus.

             I decided to go a different route and asked Cry Kaoss this same question.  She’s has spent a year and a half in Second Life, an MC recruiter, a club owner, a fashion designer, photographer, model, pretty much a Jill of all trades.

Cry Kaoss:  Get over your differences as life is too short.  No need to always be hating one another and nothing is so bad that you can not find it in your heart to forgive.  We are here to have fun.  Not for stress.
Think that says it all…

Cris:  Do you tell people this already?

Cry Kaoss:  Yup.  All the time, like a broken record.

Put  in a different way, but yes a great message.  Remember to have fun.  It should be that way with anything we do, should it not?  Again everyone has their own idea of fun.

            Tahiry Latu, a Lycan, a mother, a club hopper on Second Life had this to say.

Tahiry Latu:  My answer would probably be to be as true to yourself as you possibly can be.  Without being true to yourself, you obviously can’t be true to anyone else…  Regardless whether you ever get a chance to meet anyone from here or not, your sense of character is really important…

          Cris: Thanks Lil’ Mama.  That’s another great message to pass one.  I know there are role players, but how many people do we meet each day that forget their morals and values once behind a computer? How many decide they want to be someone else and that person may not be so great compared to real life?

            Aside from the few short responses I received, these were mostly about Second Life…  Is this something we practice in Real Life as well?   Second Life not just one big group of people that are spreading a message every time they interact with someone.

            The last person I interviewed surprised me a bit.  Xaith Razor, a five year Second Life Resident, shop owner f Elements of Life on  SL MarketPlace, and RL islander. He managed to read my mind I think.  His message has more to do with Real Life than Second, and is something that probably needs to be told, because I, for one, didn’t even realize it.

Xaith Razor:  An SL message?

Cris:  Could be anything from something that aggravates you, love advice, to Real Life, anything you’d like to share with fellow Second Lifers…

Xaith Razor:  I think my general message would really just consist of pictures…. I live in an amazing place that is dying.  The birds eat pollution and lay dead, stomachs filled with garbage; our fish die from tangled lines, floating cigarette butts and bottles…  Our reef is decaying, changing our entire eco system here on the islands and I really just hope that people can acknowledge that if we all try just a lil’ bit there really would be a decent impact on our human tracks.

Cris:  Are you a huge believer in recycling then?

Xaith Razor: I recycle, yes, but, it’s more than that.  People have to realize that even recycling isn’t 100% free toxic free…  It takes energy to recycle and causes pollution in itself. (Xaith)
More importantly than recycling in the sense that we all know it, is to keep our trash where it belongs and try to ‘reuse’ things like plastics.

Cris I was always taught that reusing things was a form of recycling?  They are different?

Xaith Razor:  I agree, but, when most people say they ‘recycle’ what they mean is, they throw stuff in a bag and haul it to a recycle center.

Cris:  Do you educate people about this in your everyday life?

Xaith Razor:  Not in my everyday but, I am a guide so weekly.  I work with people all over the world.  Some famous people too…  I try to … sneak in some education about the damage being caused here on the islands.

Cris:  It’s pretty bad then?  I’ve always heard Hawaii was beautiful.

Xaith Razor:  It’s not just Hawaii… All over the world…  Atoll Islands… Halfway between Japan and Hawaii…  Miles miles miles away from civilization and yet this is what is going on…

Wow, I had no clue and it was a message that might not pertain to Second Life, but is important.  Xaith even included a few youtube links to check out and make people aware of how bad it really is: (Preview  and .  Something to watch and see how truly terrible this problem is becoming.

                                   Almost everyone I talked to had something to say from the absolutely ridiculous to the very serious, but how many of us actually sit down and think of the message we send to everyone we interact with?  How many of us even have a message beyond just living our life day to day?  Do we actually remember to have fun when there is so much drama going on?  What is yours? 

Cris Coursey


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