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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Karaoke Time! - Tea Couturier Reporting...

In real life, karaoke is very popular. We love to sing to our favorite songs as if we actually are the original singers of the song and to perform in front of people is just an added bonus.

 I was pleased to see that like in real life we have karaoke in Second Life, we also have lots of venues for this activity.  If you like singing and always wanted to have a go at it in real life but could  not find the time or venue in your area, here is a chance for you to try it out!

 I have visited a few venues for you to try out. Most of them are 24/7 but if you want an audience the time of day will depend on that.

B's & B's Island
The venue opened in July 2013 and has had 308 people in traffic visiting the venue. It is owned by bubbautopia and breezethru2012. It doubles up as a club so you are able to not only sit back and listen to the entertainment but you are also able to dance. It is a kind of beach venue. Only down fall was that even though it had the mic out it would have been nice to have an animation where you looked as if you were actually singing would be good. To sing you have to contact breezethru2012 so as to be able to use the stream to perform.

:OceanBlu:: Karaoke, Open Mic, Live Music Venue
Has SL Karaoke on air 24 hours also Live Music. A lovely venue which is set out as a beach theme again. It also has a dance floor and seating area where you can chill out if not performing or dance with friends. The traffic has been since May 2013 157 people visiting. To be able to perform which I found very useful all you have to do is touch the blue board on the left hand side of the stage and an N/C will be given to you for stream info. It is owned by MewZ Artis

The Golden Mic Karaoke Club
This is an open The Golden Mic Karaoke Club, which also has live singers. They also have fun party being held here so it is never a dull moment.
The owner (Travis Overland) felt that here wasn’t any good open mic clubs in sl, so decided to open one and The Golden Mic Karaoke Club was born. Winners of the karaoke nights where votes are taken prizes are given out to the winners. It opened in June 2013. However, when compared to the other 2 venues I have mentioned it has only had 57 people visit. Which is a shame as it is quite a nice venue.

 Karaoke do Musk
The Karaoke do Musk is owned by residencial guti. Since opening in January 2013 it has had a 2983 people entering its doors. The venue is very nice has a waterfall feature near the venue and has all the equipment you would require to perform at karaoke night. People are friendly and it also doubles up as a club so you have the best in one.

Crank it up Karaoke has is owned by Belinda Portland, Renee Inglewood and timmt
It has had 2042 people who have visited it since opening in August 2013
It is a Canadian venue where they have live singers perform and a venues where they want you to share your talent & enjoy that of others. They request that no live recordings be done and if it’s a busy night only 2 songs can be song, if it is a quiet night you are able to sing as many as you wish.

Just a few Karaoke bars and clubs in sl for you to try out.           


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