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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Stylish Business in SL- The 7 Deadly s{K}ins- Talking to Izara Morane© - Orchids Reports…

7 Deadly s{K}ins aspires to make women feel "sexy, secure and real" because “women have real curves and flaws...they are not Barbie dolls."

 You are a successful businesswoman in SL. Thank you for spending time out with us :).
- Izara Aviatik Morane (izara.zuta)

Orchids: Who is Izara?
Izara: The real person behind Izara is a creative, spiritual, stubborn soul who loves Humor, art and music. I like to stay true to myself and not willing to compromise that for anything.

Beginnings of Izara….
Orchids: When did you enter SL and how? What did you do initially as a newbie?
Izara: I made a SL account because I had the idea it would be a creative and inspiring challenge for me.
As newbie I was active in bloodlines and spended a lot of time exploring SL. I loved to check out unknown beautiful Sims

Orchids: How did you get interested in business?
Izara: The first couple of years I was a dancer in Demonic and at one point I wanted to learn how to build things in SL... I ended up making skins because I just got a clear idea of what I would want for myself as skins. Then there is a person I love a lot in need of RL surgery so I decided to give business in SL a try.

Orchids: When and why did you open the stores?
Izara: Since I was 4 years old I knew I wanted to become a designer... so at one point when it was time for me to pick a study I picked to become a graphic designer and went to art school. After school I started working as designer for several companies... I am with my bf in SL for 3 years now and he knows me better than anybody... He told me over and over to take my RL work into Sl. After about 1, 5 year him nagging me I decided to give it a go. 7 Deadly s{K}ins open the store march 13 2013

Orchids: Tell me about the process to get to this point, what have you done?
Izara: It all started for me with looking around and observing skins... see what I do and don't like about them and imagining what I would do different. Then I got a basic template and started to learn how skins work... what goes where and from there on making my own templates.

Orchids: Who was the person who most influenced you, and how?
Izara: Lue Moonshadow... him 1.5 year him nagging me I decided to give it a go. LOL

Orchids: Are you active in social networking...apart from the social aspect does it further the business prospects greatly or can one do without such?
Izara: To become noticed you do need to be in people face as much as you can so yeah I do have Flickr, FB and all that as well although I like it more to chat with people that are group members... I am not very comfy with people I don't know.

Orchids: Do you organize hunts and give out freebies/discounts... why are they important to you?

Izara:I do a lot of hunts/ events/ charities... the hunts and events are again important to be noticed... there is a lot of competition in the business... charity is just something I really love to do... success is no success if you cannot share it. And yeah I kinda spoil my group members... giggles... I mean I really hate stuck up designers that think they are VIP's in SL... Designing is a talent but more important it’s a part of who you are... it’s like eating to me... a lifestyle. AND... It’s my job... I was born with this talent... and someone else has a different talent... no need to feel superior about it... right? And without people that follow you and like your work... then you have no business... I find my group members make me a success... not just my talent. For that I am grateful and I show it to them gladly :)

Orchids: What was the best day of your life/ best thing that happened to you while working in SL?
Izara: Best thing that happened to me while in SL business would be the one day I was feeling so insecure about all of it and felt depressed... there were 2 girls that left me a super sweet and motivating message in my guestbook that is in my store... that instantly put a smile back on my face

Orchids: What were the difficulties in business that you had to face?
Izara: I think there are many obstacles to overcome... and each day is a new challenge... like I said there is a lot of competition and sadly I soon found out that some old people (friends) around me started to treat me different... some act like all of a sudden you have become a snob and on the other hand some new people put you on a pedestal and seem to only like you because you have a store and success in some way. It makes me sad to lose people or to discover the true nature of the friendship that turns out a disappointment
Orchids: What mistakes have you made?
Izara: Trusting people to easy while I am not easy at all with trust but in SL it’s a bit too easy for people to hide behind a mask.

Orchids: What have you learned?
Izara: To be more suspicious and to be less naive

Orchids: What’s surprised you about this?
Izara: heheh that although I am kinda people shy that I actually did trust the wrong people still! so I was surprises how naive I can be.

Orchids: When did you realize that you have succeeded?
Izara: Hahaha idk... what is success? I am glad people like my work and yeah I have my goal I would like to reach... but for now imp still very excited of all that is happening around me

Orchids: Have you mixed RL with SL? Is it necessary to do so? Or can a person remain anonymous and still do good business?
Izara: Keeping RL and SL separate is not possible... at least not to me... I am way too lazy to play a role in SL... I am who I am... the person you meet in SL is the same as in RL... to me SL is not a game... people can get hurt!!!
Orchids: What are the benefits over your competitors?
Izara: Maybe that I am a RL Graphic Designer

Orchids: What is your most popular feature/product/service?
Izara: So far Lust is the most loved skin line

Orchids: Is it necessary to have an inworld + marketplace store?
Izara: Yes... lots of people only shop on street... and really with the lag that SL can produce... can you blame people?! Lol

Orchids: What kind of earnings should a newcomer expect going into this line?
Izara: I really don't know that answer... it’s hard to predict how people will respond to your products

Orchids: What kind of clients do you have?
Izara: I am proud to say that in general people that buy my skins like the more detailed, realistic products in SL.

Orchids: How do you deal with griefers/ rude customers?
Izara: Really depends on the situation... many times ill just ignore them although when they grief my group ill eject them... I mean whatever their issue is... i dont want anybody but me to have to face that... the other day though my manager got a real rude note from a girl complaining about the group gifts... the note went pretty far ... So I sent the girl a nc back to tell her she should be ashamed of heself.
Everybody knows I go out of my way for my group members and give away a lot so that kinda hurt me personally.

Orchids: What advice would you give to people thinking of entering this area?
Izara: Its wayyyyy more work than you think it is and it’s not just creating nice things... but also promoting yourself... I loooove my time in Photoshop and many times I get grumpy from all the work besides the Photoshop I have to do to run the place... LOL

Orchids: Old timers- what would you advise them?
Izara: Keep in mind you where a noob as well once and don't be arrogant over a job in SL

Orchids: Your biggest do's and don’ts in business...
Izara: I will always work my ass off for the best results I can reach... the biggest don't... to me are making child skins... I cannot shake the feeling that behind a child avi is some 50 year old bald dude with mommy issues... I know it’s not nice to see but it creeps me out... each their own... I know a lot of people do really like to go there but it’s a no never for me!

Orchids: Businesses closing down in SL (Waka &yuki, Bliss Couture)... whats your take? How do you think it affects SL? And how do we maintain a positive outlook?
Izara: It seems that the world wide crisis has finally hit SL as well... I understand business is slow and it’s very sad if you see old brands close their doors! On a large scale it can affect SL in a way that if people get too scared of buying stuff that in the end Sl will have to close its doors as well. On the other hand it’s a market on the move and it will make people think twice about the price tag they place on an item... in a crisis you also see people getting more creative... and that I do like of cource!

Looking ahead…
Orchids: What features/expansion are you planning?

Izara: I want to finish my 7 sins and then I want to start the 7 Heavenly Virtues.

Orchids: If you hadn't gone into business, what might you have done?
Izara: I would probably still be a dancer in Demonic... giggles

Orchids: If you could choose, due to unknown circumstances you had to take a break from SL and close shop, what would you like that your customers say about you?
Izara: I would want them to say: I hope they will always appreciate the work I have put into all of it :)


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