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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Looking for something to do with friends? Visit Strikes Bowling and Game Land

Strikes Bowling and Game Land has been open 6 weeks and is already a top ten destination for those who like to bowl and play games in SL.  Gino Morlim has done a great job building a fun place to go have fun with friends.  Strikes Bowling Lanes is like a bowling alley in RL but is in SL where you can get a better score than in RL.  Featuring a Bowling League on Mondays at 5 PM SLT and now forming a 10 AM League too on Mondays.  He has the lanes set up for the highest score possible where the speed of your ball does not effect how or where you hit the pins.  Anyone interested in joining a bowling league team contact Gino Morlim and let him know.

In addition to bowling there are many other things to do at Strikes Bowling and Game Land.  Next to the bowling lanes is Rack ‘Em Up Pool Hall with Pool of course along with Darts, four Pinball tables and an Air Hockey table.  Right outside is a 12 Hole Mini Putt Golf course.  Plans for the near future include sponsoring Pool and Dart tournaments and perhaps a Bowling tournament.

Gino tells us that the land is open now to the public but adds that to join the group keeps you in the know about what is going on.  He says, “This is a very fun place to go on a date for a good fun time you will remember for a long time.”

There are also parties in the Rack ‘Em Up Pool Hall where there is a lot of room to dance and a high end dance machine with both couples and single dances in it and is loaded up with some great current dances.

It all started for Gino when he went to an amusement park on a date in Second Life and found a bowling alley. He and his date had so much fun that he acquired the bowling alley himself. He said that many talked about doing a bowling league but it took a while to find the people that wanted to join and have a great fun time and socialize with others making new friends.

Gino adds, “The bowling league caught on in the beginning with a few motorcycle clubs, but is now open to everyone, not just Motorcycle Clubs.  I wanted more things to do and had great pool tables and dart boards and just could not stop adding to the things with Pinball and air hockey and Mini putt.”

There are “How To Play” note givers near every game to make it easy to lean how to play.  When asked when these tournaments will start he was not sure, “Depends I guess on how many people want to sign up for them, we will put out info boards for them soon in the next week or two”

When asked what else Gino does in SL I had to make a list.  Outside the Pool Hall he is opening a sign shop with stock signs and does custom work too.  He is also a rock and blues DJ who always lets his group know when and where he is spinning.  If that were not enough on his plate he also shoots and edits video production of SL weddings, clubs, live shows, and even special projects.  Soon he will have on YouTube a Strikes Gamming video online for all to see what fun there is for everyone.




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