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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Autumn Fashion in Second Life- Tea Couturier Reporting...

The first official day of Autumn is...... OMG Today! 

 Sunday September 22, 2013.

Even though some of us are refusing to put away the flip flops or our jeans shorts, no matter how much we try to hold on to summer, autumn is here!

Never fear changing seasons, this is a good enough reason for us to check out what is new this autumn in SL. Fashion week in New York just ended and Fashion Week in London  is just beginning, I have scoured the SL stores and MP to find the looks for the Fall season.

 I found this cute dainty vintage style mesh lace cardigan with mesh matching leggings. I love long cardigans and wearing them with not only leggings but with jeans this chocolate cardigan is just a treat for autumn and even winter wear. A mix and match. It is by Alberta Feeretti and can be found on Marketplace for 285L

ADRIATIC Mesh Mens Outfit Dark Blue Jeans&Sweater Grey Black is a good find. Now I would suggest that you buy the pack.  For one sweater set it would cost you only 50L less than if you bought it without the jeans.  It may or may not work well with other mesh.,This set (sweater/shirt and jeans) is 200L. It comes in many colours such as red, black, and chocolate. It’s stylish and perfect for again for autumn with no jacket or coat.

Staying with ADRIATIC I found this perfect boots for men. They come in brown, beige, blue, auburn, green and grey and are perfect autumn boots. Priced at only 99L I think that is a good deal for a pair of boots for men.

*{ SeVered GarDeN }* DEMY – FATPACK
This is so cute and perfect for those rainy days when you are out in sl. It comes with
* rigged mesh jacket in 5 size
* rigged mesh boots in 4 size
* rigged mesh scarf in 5 size
* pants , shirt , socks , rain hat
* paper boat for your mouth
* umbrella scripted with menu
The brilliant part to this outfit is that you can choose the particles (Rain or Snowflake) and their speed, area, size and alpha. This fat pack costs 370L.

 LUAS ALIANE BEIGE Mesh Medieval Outfit
Now this is a medieval dress but I think it does not look anything which you would expect to wear in a rp costume so is perfect for day wear with some ugg boots underneath or even ballet pumps.
This dress comes with a Poncho in 5 sizes, shirt, mesh skirt in 5 sizes and alpha which I feel completes the look.
This outfit is only 150L

DRIFT City Pants [MESH] Mini-Pack1 are perfect work pants. They come with a colour changeable belt hud and pack 1 comes in black, beige and white. This can be worn with any work shirt with or without a jacket or even a cardigan.

I love DRIFT Tulip Trench [Mesh] Autumn Collection this is stylish and perfect for work or even meeting up with friends for lunch in town.
The Autumn Collection contains 4 trench coats in different colours:
Pumpkin/Brown Sash
Ivory/Brown Sash
Plum/Brown Sash
Blue/Brown Sash
All this for only 299L I think this is a must have in your wardrobe for autumn and with the right accessories will make you look as if you just stepped off the Paris runway.

(Chemistry) Parka Coat
I love parkas and when I saw this it was a must for my autumn collection. When you just don’t feel like dressing up and just want to put on a pair of jeans with some sneakers and a t-shirt the perfect coat to wear would be the women’s (Chemistry) Parka Coat which comes in Black, Olive, Navy, Grey and Brown. The parkas are priced at 225L

Now for my SL autumn bargains
.:FI:. Autumn Days Outfit [Blue] ((50% OFF SALE)) at Faded iNK
You get:
Sweater [Jacket Layer]
Sculpted Sweater Neck Cuff [Mod]
Double Mini Top [Jacket Layer]
Dark Blue Jeans [Pants Layer]
Black Belt [Mod]
Ugg Boots [Resize Menu Included]
Pair of Bracelets [Mod]
Shoe Alpha

All for only 25L wow!
I have placed this in my autumn bargins as this looks good for the price can be work with just a denim jacket for autumn and then can be also worn in winter time with a nice winter coat. So you get to seasons wear from this one outfit for only 25L

SX Outfit: Autumn '13 [PROMO]

This is a stylish dress which comes with:
- Dress: Rigged Mesh - 5 Colours - 5 sizes
- Cowboy boots: Rigged Mesh - 3 Sizes
- Necklace
- Bracelets

This again will be perfect with again a denim jacket and shoulder bag to complete the look. Perfect for a day in town and for only 95L

Sharodie's Design

Shar's Casuals~*~Fall Number
A simple yet perfect outfit for autumn, which is a great outfit for the colder hours of the day and can be worn with either uggs or boots.
Long mesh maxi skirt and a long sleeved sweater.
Both items come in 5 sizes plus alpha and amazingly only costing 22L

Finally we have from Sharodie’s Designs also is Shar's Casuals~*~Autumn Breeze.
This is a comfy long warm cardigan and it comes with the jeans and top you see in the photo. However, what is amazing is that not only wearing this teamed up with ankle boots will work like a dream but that this whole outfit will cost you only 19L.

Yes, it is sad that summer is gone but with all the autumn fashion out now in SL, how can we not resist to welcome autumn in with open arms.


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