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Friday, January 24, 2014

How Do You Know if He/She is the One? – Nena Dreadlow Reporting…

That is the question we all ask ourselves when we meet someone. How do you know? I asked a couple in Second life that very question and found out how their relationship works. They are not only a couple in Second life but also married in Real life.

  Interview With Shirley89015 & Mush3701

Nena Dreadlow: I see from your Photo that you are not only a second life couple but married in real life?

Shirley: Yes, We have been married for 12 years and together for 15 years.

Nena Dreadlow:What brought you here to second life together?

Shirley: I played for a while alone and I ask my husband to join me and he happily agreed. It has bonded us closer.

Nena Dreadlow: What sort of things do you two do together here in Second Life?

Mush: We go to the circus and go shopping and casinos. Which by the way Shirley would never go to in real life is the casinos.

Shirley: We like to horseback ride and go to the adoption agency I own called “babies need homes”

Nena Dreadlow: Do you think it is easier or harder to have a second life relationship?

Shirley: I think they are both work but, I do think it’s a bit easier here. 

Mush : We get along better here and are more relaxed. No disagreements.

Nena dreadlow: Did you get married on second life?

Shirley : Not yet we are planning to renew our vows very soon.

Nena Dreadlow: Why is it important to renew your vows here on second life?

Mush: We didn’t have much time to do it in real life but here we have more time and we wanted to make the same commitment here on second life. It’s important to us and to our family.

Shirley: I am excited it’s a show of our love in real life and second life.

Nena Dreadlow: How did you know He/She was the one?

Shirley: We worked together and were friends he was there for me. He listened to me and was supportive. He became my best friend.

Mush: We fell deeply in love. She is my best friend and soul mate. I do feel second life can bring couples closer together.

From talking to Shirley and Mush I learned that by being here on second life as a couple, it had made them a stronger . Also, having a relationship in SL is more relaxing not as stressful as the real world is.  Sometimes you don’t know right away if he/she is the one but as time goes on you might feel that love and just know. If you can find that kind of love in Second Life then you are one of those lucky people so remember to cherish those moments always…

Have you found the one and share the same experience in Second Life? Tell us about it in the comment box below


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