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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How To Stand Out in a Crowd with Your Business- Tea Couturier Reporting...

Just like in the real world,  in Second Life it can be hard to make your product stand out against competition, especially if your business shares the same concept as other brands that are on the market. 

 Your product and features might be completely different but there are certain things you must do to make it stand out above the rest.

 How do you gain the upper hand in a competitive business situation?

There are a few rules to help guide you on how to make your product shine in the crowd against your competitors. Here is a short list to help you get started.

Good product
If your product is good you can guarantee your customers will be either wearing your products or have your products out for others to see. This is like free advertising for your brand.  Positive viral advertising aka “word of mouth” can travel and be worth more than gold if others hear good things about your products. So a good quality product to start off with is key.

Shop or head office
Having a virtual world presence with a main shop enables customers to see your products close up and also gives them the sense of enjoyment shopping for your product. Having a good shop front or head office will entice the customer to shop more as well as makes your brand of products more appealing. So good appearance of where your product will be housed is a good start.

A marketing plan is very important!
Advertising your product enables you to push your brand and reach people who may not know of your products existence. If you advertise with a photo this will also allow people to actually see your product and to be able to compare the difference between your product and your competitors. Finding a Newspaper such as SL Enquirer, or magazine will enable you to make your product stand out from your competitors. Using wordy note cards and spamming groups with random ads isn’t really a marketing plan and it could drive people away.

Social Media/blogs
Using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube is again a good way of making your product noticeable and stand out from your competitors. Blogging is another perfect way of not only getting your product noticed. Having a website allows you to provide additional information about your products and services. Using social media and blogs also enables your product to be reviewed by other bloggers and posted on well-known respectable sites.  Bloggers are valuable because they state why your product is better than your competitors due to personal experience and use. This will enable customers to hear the good things about your products from independent people and not just from you.   Customers will trust what you have been saying about your product being better than your competitors.

Once you have done your research and established a great product, creating a presence is the next step. Once you have a place for people to purchase your products and get more information, the next plan of action is marketing it to the masses using professional media services and social media tools.
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“Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it.”
                                                                                                          Henry Royce

May your business endeavors be successful!


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