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Saturday, September 2, 2023


Hey Lifey Babes, this is your girl Monique coming to you with Second Life’s hot topics about culture, gossip and style. 

I love shopping, especially during the weekend. But after a shopping spree and receiving gifts from secret admirers, inventories start to get super cluttered and confusing. But don’t worry, I’m here to help. Here are my 6 top tips for organizing your inventory. 


Before I start any shopping trip, I always make sure I have all of my folders created so when I start to organize everything, they already have a home. All I have to do is drag my new folders to their home and things already are in order. 

Here are a few of my categories for everything in my closet! 


I like using symbols to separate my categories. These symbols create groupings and things become much easier to find and organize. 

The “#” is for anything to do with my body parts. 

The “$” symbol for all of my beauty products. 

The “**” symbol for all of my clothing items. 


When shopping on SL, the number one rule before buying any outfit is to always try the Demo. 

Whether you buy the outfit or not, it is easy for the demos to mix in with regular purchased objects and it creates a jumbled mess.

The Tip: Every time you change back into your regular outfit, go to the “Recent” tab on your Inventory, right click and “Delete” the Demos immediately. This good habit will save you time when you have to organize objects you actually want to keep. 



There are two great ways you can unpack your hauls. 

The first one is to unpack your objects as soon as you buy them. But my favorite way is to unpack everything right after the end of my shopping spree or at least the next time I log on. 

This way what I bought is fresh in my mind of what the object looks like. Usually, if I wait too long to organize the objects, I forget what I bought and I will have to add it to my body to see what it is. This creates an annoying extra step for organization. So, the fresher it is in your mind, the easier it is to organize. 


I was so happy when I found out this amazing tip. What I do is use multiple inventory windows at once. 

You go to the bottom left of your inventory window, hit the gear symbol and the top of the tab it will say “New Inventory Window”. Now you will have two identical inventory windows. I use this feature for mainly two things: 

The first is when unpacking my purchases, I use the first window to look at my unpacked “Objects” list while I use the second inventory window to look at everything on my “Recent” tab. As I unpack, I make sure everything I unpack corresponds with my Recent Tab. It works great ! 

This is useful because it makes sure in the rush of unpacking, everything you spent your good hard Lindens on gets is ready to use.


My second favorite function of the double open inventory windows trick is when there is a long list of unpacked items, sometimes when moving folders objects around they go into the wrong folder. It is much easier to move items from one inventory tab to the other. 


An inventory is something very personal. My final tip is never be afraid to give objects in your inventory a nickname folder so you can quickly recall what something looks like. 

Here is an example: 

This hair is from FAGA called Daria, but I won't easily remember what the hairstyle looks like based on its original name. Instead, I call it “Cerci Low Westeros” because in the popular show Game of Thrones, the actress Leah Headley wears it often in the first few seasons for her character Cerci. So as soon as I read that folder, I know exactly what it is. You can use this trick for almost anything, and it works! 


Here is my final tip and maybe the most important one. Inventory organization does not have to be done all at once, but rather it can become a filler of time. I will explain what I mean. 

Most come on Second Life to connect with people and to have fun, but there can be time gaps in between those fun times and that’s when you tackle your inventory. 

Let’s look at a few common scenarios: 

You and your friend are typing, but suddenly they type “BRB” in the chat. You are waiting for a teleport to the latest event, but it’s taking a little while. The person talking in voice is boring you to tears or they are just super annoying. 

These are all excellent examples of scenarios where you can click into your inventory and organize a few items. You may only get one or two done, but keep up with this good habit and before you know it your inventory will be perfectly organized. Plus, it is less overwhelming just to do a few things at a time. 


Inventories can get confusing and overwhelming, but hopefully some of my tips will be helpful.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

A Reality Check about Cyber Bullying, Second Life’s Dating Culture, Relationships and Human Intelligence Decline.- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Are we turning back into cave people?
UPDATE! Back by popular demand. This post was first publish in January of 2016. It is now 2020 and Cyber Bullying is now a social epidemic that has become a major problem. If you or anyone you know is being cyber bullied, speak up!  Many suffer in silence. Make it a topic of conversation with your family, especially youth and make it a point to educate them about the internet and social media.

Original Post: 1/13/2016

I refuse to sugarcoat these topics because they are issues that just keep happening in Second Life (for years) and needs someone to expose it for what it is. If you do not like articles that keep it real, please don’t continue to read.

Cyber Bullying happens in SL more often than most realize. It occurs most often between couples than just random acquaintances on a virtual playground. We are all grownups yet many act like children with no type of parental guidance or self discipline.
Let’s start with failed relationships and the ridiculous tantrums that follow.
 Like countless tales of love and break ups in Second Life, either one or both come out of the situation feeling jilted or scorned. Nearly 2 out of 10 relationships have a mutually agreed upon peaceful split. The rest do not end so peacefully.

Good Break Up
 For those mature break ups, both parties came to the agreement they were better off friends or they just want to see the other happy-even if it isn’t with each other. For the most part, these former lovers remain friends and share a mutual understanding. This is the way to handle a break up with dignity and respect. While both parties might feel sad at first, the damage is minimal and both will not be left scarred.

Bad Break Up
For those couples who end up squabbling back and forth like pre-schoolers with no damn common sense, there is something to be said about how they handle conflict and make choices. They have it all wrong and need to learn some self control and ways to be the bigger person in the situation.  Otherwise, they will go through life not knowing how to deal with relationships and will never find true happiness.  The best way to handle a situation is to accept it as it is and move one. People with high expectations cannot expect things to go back to the way they were once they have been let down. So why even bother bickering or attacking your ex? No one truly wins in this situation and acting like you “owns” anyone is the perfect way to sabotage any healthy relationship moving forward. You are not a cave dweller clubbing your mate senseless for your own needs....

How mature are you when things don’t go your way?
There has to be a level of respect and maturity when things do not go our way. People who think being spiteful or concocting a revenge plan are lacking some form of intelligence. Perhaps it is mild retardation that does not allow them to think rationally.  Have you acted in a way you regret? Stop that shit.

If you know a Cyber Bully do not fuel the flame by bickering back and forth and making it escalate.  You can save yourself some grief by using ban and mute. If the bully threatens you and you feel in danger- seek authorities or qualified professional help that can actually do something about it. That bit of advice applies to both the real world and the virtual world bullying.

Second Life’s Dating Culture- FFS let’s break this down.
Second Life has an interesting dating dynamic. There are multiple factors that play into how we perceive each other.
There is the visual fantasy that we all share being beautifully designed avatars based on what we see as our own personal perfection.  The majority of us DO NOT look exactly like our avatar or even come close. Others may share a resemblance but the virtual lifestyle is not how it really is in their real life.
If you want to argue that, can you fly and teleport in RL let alone dance like a superstar in a club like that? OK then… back to what I was saying.

  Some people fall in love with the fantasy and need a reality check.
For example, In SL you might have the biggest property, Mansion, yacht, cars, wardrobe, ect but be a broke ass living on someone else’s couch and sponging off their internet while on unemployment.  If that isn’t sexy enough, what about the housewife with screaming neglected kids in the background and loads of laundry and dirty dishes piling up as she is flirting in a club with all her goods spilling out of her skimpy outfit.
For those of you who have a happy RL and you are dragging the rainbows and butterflies into Second life, Thank you for being awesome!  My advice does not apply to you. In fact offering your advice as a mentor to those who got it twisted would be great.
Anyway, what I am trying to say is Second Life has a funny way of creating illusions for people to form their initial attractions around. Being aware of these things and finding your balance between reality and virtual existence is very important- Especially, if you want to avoid being sucked into situations that would be awkward to explain to people in your real life.

Sharing Nude Pics and stuff about yourself that you might regret later
When RL information and images are exchanged it either kills the fantasy flat out or adds a spark that causes virtual couples to choose their next step in the relationship. Things in Second Life happen at such a fast paced that a whirlwind romance can lead to more serious conversations, a deep love that almost feels like both parties are soul mates and no one can ever understand their bond. 
In reality, relationships form in Second Life based on this very scenario a hundred times over and break ups occur even as rapidly as they begin. It takes some pretty unique people to make it work.
People in virtual “simlationships” do need a reality check when it comes to thinking about the future and what will become of things if situations change.  No one is ever promised forever and people need to have a plan in place for change.
 If you share information or pictures that you would never want leaked to anyone including your parents, spouse, kids, pastor, hairdresser, cat or dog- it might be best to not share them. If you still share questionable content and act surprised if you get exploited.  Don’t complain to anybody. Stop that shit.

Observe how people act
You might think if you trust your friends or a significant other, you have nothing to worry about right? Just observe them. How do your friends, lover or SL spouse react when they are angry?
Do they bad mouth others and seek revenge? Or do they take the higher road and handle the situation like a mature adult with some intelligence? Just remember, you can easily become the victim of someone’s anger. Choose the people you involve yourself with wisely because you never know when things get ugly, how ugly they will be.

Falling in “Love” in SL- Is it real or just amplified infatuation?
 Falling in love in a virtual world is probably one of the most dangerous things to do with your heart. You are taking a big risk based on whatever the person tells you without seeing their body language, hearing their voice or even spending rl time with them.
These important relationship factors aren’t present in SL-unless the couple is physically involved in rl and also expressing it in SL. If the couple never met in rl or can’t be due to other factors like distance, disability, financial situation, a spouse, being a gender imposter, lying or other questionable reasons, it is best to just have fun  unrestricted and not invest your heart into something that won’t be going anywhere. You will end up frustrated and maybe even resenting the person you thought you loved.
Try polyamory. This type of relationship doesn’t restrict you from exploring your options in Second Life. Make sure that everyone agrees in the lifestyle and just have fun without all the drama, jealousy and BS that weighs down some couples in a monogamous lifestyle. Why limit yourself in SL?

Love is very fragile in SL and can be shattered at the snap of a finger causing problems and potential devastation in its wake. If it hasn’t happened to you, chances are you know someone that has gone through a break up, or two. Stay on the side of caution if you wish to expose your heart in Second Life. Love is a strong word and should not be thrown around like a pair of underwear when you are just in the mood. To genuinely love- (care deeply for someone inside and out) means putting them before yourself and protecting them from harm.

 SL Infatuation is something totally different. It means caring enough to stay and cuddle for a bit after sex but not enough to listen to their partners feelings- even when they act like they care. They are totally in it for the sex.  Don’t be fooled.

In conclusion- F*ck Global warming, There is a Human Intelligence Decline!
Im not trying to say don’t worry about global warming. Please do but isn’t is even more alarming to see human intelligence is declining? We need smart people in this world to help figure out what to do about a crisis.
No matter if it is real life or in Second Life. Drama, problems and issues are always present. It is how we deal with things that determine what type of person we are and how our life will turn out.

Besides that, we as a human race have bigger things to focus on-Like trying to find peace and solutions to this global warming thing before we end our own humanity being a bunch of dumb asses worrying about petty things that don’t even matter.
The way I see it we are all borrowers of time whether it is in Second Life or in Real Life. Each day we are all getting closer to our end and won’t be taking anything with us when we go. Our time right now is the most valuable thing we have in this world. It is something we can never buy back, yet some waste it away blaming everything on everyone else but themselves. Don’t be that person.

Use your time wisely with no regrets and enjoy both worlds. Second Life was not made to replace life but to enrich it with so much creativity and imagination. It would be a waste to squander that dealing with unnecessary BS.

UPDATE 2/27/2020


The guide below features how cyberbullying has become a growing problem, how it can affect kids and adults, and mental health-related problems to name a few.

Special thanks to Outreach Manager; Sarah Anderson for the updated links to important cyberbullying resources!

UPDATE 9/14/2020

An update from the company Comparitech 

We surveyed 1,000 parents of children over the age of five and asked about their children’s cyberbullying experiences.

Here’s the updated study -

Special thanks to Charlotte Bishop for supplying this updated information.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Interview with Cupid 2018- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

It has been two years since I last scouted for and interviewed Cupid. It seems like a trend that each year the chosen Cupid abandons his posts as the mascot for Valentine’s Day. I get that they only have the job for a short time but perhaps they find true love of their own or they turn to getting swept away by the countless club scenes in Second Life never to be seen again.
This year was a bit different when I went out in search of the perfect Cupid 2018. I needed to find a well rounded, intelligent man to fill some speedos and wear a bow and arrow like a Greek God.
While out and about assisting a friend with a mesh upgrade, I was politely greeted by a shopper nearby. He complimented me.  At first I wasn’t really paying much attention to anyone around me but I decided to zoom my cam on this stranger saying hello.  It was a jaw dropping experience to say the least. My first thought was this was the Cupid I have spent my Second Life searching for.
He was handsome and well put together. His eyes were piercing grayish blue and he had a swag about him that was unignorable. We exchanged calling cards and went about our business.

A week past with no word. I saw his name light up on my friends list and thought I'd reach out and ask him if he knew where i could find a Unicorn. I thought it might be a nice ice breaker or maybe I was just embarrassing myself, but nonetheless he responded with, “Hi beautiful, I have been waiting to hear from you and judging  from the ridiculous reason for messaging me, I’m thinking you have been thinking about me also. But if you want to look for a Unicorn I’m game.” and that's how the beautiful friendship began.

Interview with Cupid 2018

Lanai: Vito, you know I wasn't really looking for a Unicorn when we met, I just didn’t know what to say. You made me a bit nervous unlike all the tools I come across on a daily. I have to thank you for agreeing to be this year’s Cupid. You fit the description of a Greek God very well.  SLE Fans missed out on one last year.

Cupid: I take it as a compliment and I’m honored to be this years cupid if it means spending even this little time with you.

Lanai: You are such a sweetheart and I am enjoying this time I get with you. So let's jump right into your position as Cupid. I love that you tell it like it is. There has been a lot of drama and BS happening across the grid. I think SLE fans need to hear what you have to say about all that mess and how you intend to improve relationships for Valentine’s Day.

Cupid: Damn, when I heard you say let’s jump right into a position I had to adjust my arrow. But then I realized you were asking a serious question. I shoot my damn arrows and sometimes they stick and sometimes they don’t, but if i can give advice… men: learn how to talk to a woman, actually listen sometimes and for f**ks sake stop saying “want to make sex”. And women: look at your damn avi. If you look like plastic surgery gone wrong and everything is hanging out then your going to get what you get; a tool. Now Lanai, what position would you like to do next?

Lanai: OHH ummm going back to that sound advice. I have to agree with you for both men and women. It just seems like people have no motivation anymore to keep up with their appearance or even their socializing skills. Now, what was that about positions? *fans self* NVM let’s not get off track here. I think it is very important for SL residents to know the do’s and don’ts of relationships. One or one hundred arrows to the ass might not help them if they don’t have the skills to make their situation work. Am I right?

Cupid: Men and women on here need to stop sending representatives, meaning be yourself, tell the truth, I find a lot of men on here will say whatever they think the woman would want to hear as long as they get to be with that woman. Problem is they will always show their true colors and those women will go running into another man’s arms… same goes for the women, if that guy seems too good to be true then guess what he might just be.

Lanai: So what you are saying in a nutshell is trust is something that needs to be earned to avoid these types of problems or does it mean both men and women need to always be on alert? How can people really tell when they have found that perfect person?

Cupid: Trusting people in SL can be as hard as finding a unicorn. But it’s not all doom and gloom, love is out there and it might take getting burned many times to find that person but when you do you will have no doubts. You will feel their love, and their energy, and you will trust them in ways you never thought possible.

Lanai: that is beautiful advice Cupid. In reality it doesn’t take an arrow or even Valentine’s day to validate what your significant other means to you or when you should celebrate love. It is about knowing oneself and sharing it with the person you care about. Not because it is what everyone else expects. It should be unconditional and natural.

Cupid: You have it figured out Lanai, it is impossible to love and trust if you don’t love yourself first. I thought you were beautiful the first time I saw you, now after spending 5 months with you, I think we’ve both been hit with an arrow. In fact, the only way I am signing off on this interview is if your next article is titled “My Life with Cupid”.

Lanai: Would this be a good time to tell you I’m pregnant?

Cupid: o.O


**Special thanks to Vitochicone xoxox

Friday, November 13, 2015

Advice from an SL Expert About Business Ethics in Second Life.

What makes a business successful in SL?

Just like in real life, a business in SL is successful because of customer relations. Although a customer is not always right as the cliché goes, in order to retain business the customer must always feel that they have been treated fairly and reasonably.
If customer service is so important, then why are there many businesses and business owners in SL who seem to have an axe to grind and offer poor customer service in addition to their inferior products?

In the past decade, The SL Enquirer weathered many storms and stood tall above the top-ranking media sources which have come and gone through the years. There is a reason it has survived. SLE continues to thrive in a virtual world so beaten down by those who forgot to appreciate the creative freedom of such a place, as well as respect and treat others the way they would like to be treated.
Despite the assumptions and negative comments from some people who seem to think they know what Lanai Jarrico does behind the scenes with The SL Enquirer, one fact remains constant. Her dedication to SLE has overcome many obstacles, people with hidden agendas, and ignorant assumptions for 10 years. The best part is the positive reviews vastly outweighs the negative.

SLE has been through the bustling heyday and the “SL Great Depression.” Lanai has experience and knows the seasonal patterns, cultural psychology, and hazards that need to be avoided in Second Life. Most importantly, she has met  and befriended many SL Legends who paved the way for those here today.  Equipped with SL knowledge and experiences, she is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to advice about Second Life and best business practices.

First, It has never been about money, nor is it about fame for Lanai or Team SLE. Dedication and perseverance comes from a passion. Without passion and hard work, ideas and creativity fail. These same principles can be applied to any business in Second Life that wants to succeed.  Sure, making lindens is important to sustain a business and a comfortable SL lifestyle. If planned properly, it can still be achieved.

I hate to break it to stubborn business owners, but the Era of the SL Millionaires has passed.  SL wealth seekers have saturated the business market so badly that it diluted the linden pot of gold into gold-plated sludge.

It has become increasingly difficult to even generate enough income to cover tiers and break even without having to dig into your pocket to cover the difference. Trying to be greedy will only cause issues, so be careful how you tip the business scale and who you try to get over on while attempting to make a profit. It is NOT like real-world business. The time spent in Second Life overly outweighs hourly wages. High expectation will result in disappointment if you think otherwise.

If it’s about the money, Lanai wishes you luck!  The unpredictable nature of Second Life makes it almost impossible to generate a sustainable income you can trust for stability. Unless you have beginning capital, a great real job to fall back on, time to invest in SL, and a true business plan in place, thinking you can live off Second Life is virtual insanity.  It may work for those lucky ones who tapped a market with great demand, ones who understand the culture and have that burning passion to succeed. With that said, more power to them,  Let’s move on.

There have been times Lanai was ready to put down her pen and accept defeat. It isn’t defeat in the sense of  being pummeled by competition.  It was a small instance where she failed to believe in herself. It is her true friends that remind her how important media is for the community. Those moments bring strength and courage to go on. The self doubt storms passed  through the years and her determination grew.  This part is about building up a support system, being part of a community, and making friends you can trust.

The energy to continue was and still is much greater than herself. It is about sharing something special with an entire community. Documenting Second Life as it developed over time, Lanai has been the keeper of records and shared stories about the culture and people who make up this vast virtual world longer than any other source in SL today.

It is a beautiful thing to be part of and that is why The SL Enquirer exists.  Take this bit of advice and make it part of your goals. The ability to make and keep friends will help you achieve your goals much more easily than trying to plow your way through Second Life with a nasty attitude and boasting without the proof to back it up.

To stand uniquely separate from others is to not see others as competition or think you are above anyone. To Lanai, she has none and prefers to lay low and work with people who want to work with her.
People with similar ideas in the SL Media world are seen like a media community.It is important to support each other rather than try to destroy each other.  It never really mattered to Lanai what others were or still are doing as long as they are doing something to contribute to the community and not causing her any grief.

What matters is what she is doing for SLE and building alliances with other sources. Right there is the key to keeping the peace and ensuring success. The Second Life grid is saturated with businesses that are very similar. Business owners can’t go around being nasty to each other or trying to sabotage their “competition.” It is a waste of time because they should be spending worrying about their own business, bringing new ideas to the virtual table, and providing better customer service.

Customer Service is a big deal that many business owners seem to be overlooking these days. A word of advice, STOP GIVING CUSTOMERS ARE HARD TIME! Do not avoid their inquiries, do not blame them for your poor business practices and most certainly do not make them jump through hoops for a refund of 1000L or less (approximately $4.33 USD) or a copy of the product. It isn’t like you have a RL warehouse, supplies and materials to cover.

Ask yourself if the bickering is worth a bad review from someone who liked your product enough to buy it in the first place?  As long as you have a transaction history, properly investigated their complaint or the product is no transfer, there shouldn't be a problem doing a redelivery followed by a thank you for your continued service. Be the bigger person. End of story.

Another great Idea is getting involved in expos to showcase  products and services alongside others in the same industry. Maybe even be part of a charity.
This bit of advice takes me back to being much bigger than yourself, forming alliances, and giving back to the community.

This article isn’t about The SL Enquirer or Lanai jarrico; it is merely an example that whatever you set your mind to in SL can be achieved if you take the time to familiarize yourself with the community and truly follow your passion. It is your choice whether you take advice from a business which has shown an enormous amount of contribution to Second Life and still here and doing well. It wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Lanai has observed many people and how they operate. She has developed many friendships and cut off just as many fake people. She has the key to success.  It is clear and she knows exactly how to protect what she has worked so hard to obtain.

Up until this point was an example that anything you set your mind to can work in a virtual world. You will find that things do not come easy. Whatever it is you want out of Second Life, you have to believe it is possible but you also have to work for it.

Also,  remember behind every avatar is a person--not just any random person you probably will never meet in real life, but someone who you may need someday for help, or a person who you learn from or may need your help.  We, as a virtual community, need to be responsible for creating a peaceful environment in which everyone feels appreciated and a part of something.

The attitudes on the grid have become alarming and noticeable enough that it was time to virtual sit down business owners for an intervention.

My last bit of advice but the most important. Develop your profile positively. It is a reflection of you and how you conduct yourself in Second life. This also goes for employees. Having questionable content in your profile can act as a deterrent for potential customers.

If you wish to be perceived as an honorable business owner in Second life. or a good person for that matter, remove the negativity.  For example, if you are a business owner and your profile says something along the lines of this extreme fabricated example- DO NOT CONTACT ME OR SEND ME FRIEND INVITES BECAUSE I AM JUST TOO BIG HEADED AND BUSY TO WASTE MY TIME WITH YOU,(followed by half naked photos of your avatar), then you probably should rethink being a business owner.

In a nutshell, being a professional includes a passionate, friendly and engaging attitude, attention to detail, helpful profile, presentable appearance and high standards of customer service. Otherwise a business owner cannot expect to be successful in Second life.