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Saturday, April 19, 2014

HAPPY EASTER, IT’S 420! Interview with a Virtual Easter Bunny

Easter lands on April 20th 2014 this year and in Second Life residents have adorned their landscapes with pastel colors, flowers and Easter Decorations. 
The SL Enquirer  kicked off their festivities by hosting an Easter Egg Decorating Contest.  While trying to gather contestants, Lanai had a chance to meet with this year’s infamous cotton-tailed mascot. Word on the street is Lanai has been up to no good with Pedro Cottontail and doing some very un-holiday things. We here at SLE think she has taken things a bit too far and needs an intervention…but none of the staff want to step forward and bring up rehab or counseling.

We understand that Lanai has been having a hard go with holiday mascots and is suffering from some hook up regrets and work exhaustion. At least she does not remember the tryst with Cupid, thanks to wishes to erase that memory were granted by Larry the Leprechaun in March.

Incident with Pedro Cottontail

Pedro Cottontail: Yo girl, how U doin?

Lanai: Excuse me?

Pedro Cottontail: girl quit playin, you know who I am. If these big ass ears and tail don’t give it away then you need to eat more carrots.

Lanai: My vision is fine thank you. Hi Pedro… Sorry gotta run.

Pedro Cottontail: Slow your roll girl. Why are you in such a hurry. I was just about to blaze up some of this grass and chill out. Care to join me?

Lanai: *sighs* Is it homegrown or that synthetic stuff you got from some freebie shop?

Pedro Cottontail: It is all mesh. I’ve been using abandoned land for a nice big garden and they are just now budding. *chokes as he passes a rolled up spliff*

*Lanai takes a hit, struggling to hold in the smoke*

Pedro Cottontail: Be careful with those hits….and don’t be babysittin

 *Pedro snatches the spliff back*

Lanai: *blows smoke donuts like a pro*  That’s some super green grass you got there.
 Pedro Cottontail: Yes it is called hydro boobonic Easter Chronic. Just so you know, the next spliff, you have to buy. Consider this a freebie.

Lanai: So… what are you doing here with all these baskets?

Pedro Cottontail: Theses are for delivery… This is how I make my Lindens.

Lanai: So you are a grass dealer?

Pedro Cottontail: Damn girl *looks around* Tone it down!  These streets got bigger ears than I do, and I can’t afford another bust.

 *takes another puff and passes the spliff to Lanai*

Lanai: *whispers* sorry.  * Lanai takes another hit*

Pedro Cottontail: Would you like to come with me to make my deliveries?

Lanai: I guess I can, but if you get caught, I don’t know anything. I ain’t no snitch.

Pedro Cottontail: Coo, OK so let’s load these baskets up in my wagon and get goin.

Lanai: Think we can stop for some fast food? I’m feeling kinda hungry.

Pedro Cottontail: Want a carrot? Cause I got one of those big ones…

Lanai: You better relax bunny….

Pedro Cottontail: ok ok chill out. I was just kidding.  Let’s go…

Lanai: Where to?

Pedro Cottontail: Didn’t you say you wanted something to eat?

Lanai: oh yea….

*Pedro Cottontail puts out the spliff and stuffs it in his pack of carrot sticks.*

Meanwhile at Virtual KFC….

Pedro Cottontail: Lanai, wait right here. I see one of my customers.

*Lanai watches as he walks outside of the restaurant and starts talking to some avies in a car*

10 minutes go by ….. and suddenly Pedro is catching a beat down by four goon furries in the parking lot.

Lanai: Oh (BLEEEEEEP)!!!!!

Lanai immediately gets on the phone for some back up, runs outside and begins screaming at the furries and throwing drumsticks.

Out of nowhere comes Cupid and Dorey the Leprechaun followed by a disgruntled elf. Within minutes the parking lot was filled with holiday mascots in a full on brawl.

*Chicken, cotton, grass, Easter eggs, glitter, arrows, shoes and sparkles flying everywhere*.

 Just as Lanai was about to bail out, the cops pulled up, surrounding, and arresting everyone. After testing positive for grass, Lanai was hauled off to jail where she remained until she was bailed out by SL Newser’s Bixyl Shuftan. Just in time for Spring Break....



  1. Poor Laiani ;-)


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