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Showing posts with label holiday mascots. Show all posts

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Interview with Cupid 2021- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...


It’s that time of year again when love is in the air and Cupid is hard at work matchmaking across the grid. Every year the torch is passed to a new and improved Valentine’s Day mascot because it seems the previous ones go into retirement or disappear without a trace due to the groupies after his heart. So it was always a mission finding Cupid but this year he seemed to fall into my lap. I came across Cupid 2021 while out and about shopping for a pair of shoes, looked over and saw something stuck in the bushes so I went over to investigate.

Lanai: Hey there. Do you need a hand?

Cupid 2021:Huh? No, I don’t need any help at all, I mean to crash umm land down here I am incognito you know. Looking for people that need my help in the matching of the loves.

 *ruffling around in the bushes*

Lanai: Well... I find it pretty creepy that you are snooping around this shoe outlet. Do you think you will find a lot of singles around here to play matchmaker to? 

*helps him out the bushes*

Cupid2021: *coughs* observing, not snooping ok?! Well history shows there are usually a lot of men seeking a match in a place like this. It is a known hang out for women filling their time instead of finding men. And it is my job to assist them along with the process.

Lanai: Yea…. Men with foot fetishes maybe.  Wait… Is that you Orion?  I thought you were on a business trip! That outfit certainty does not look like a suit!

Cupid 2021: Hmmm oh hi Lanai! Fancy meeting you here. And hey, what you might not call a conventional suit, they do say this is the suit for the job. Come on you love the wings don’t you? So, I was tasked this year to help a lot of people find love and find their soulmate or at least one for a good long weekend. 

Lanai: The wings work with that outfit just not with a halo... Your reputation in SL is’t that great, especially in the music scene.  Anyways... I can respect that you want to do “charity work” in Second Life, but taking on being Cupid this year to stalk women at shoe stores? What exactly do you intend to do with those magic arrows? 

Cupid 2021: First of all, as for my reputation, well you know how I feel about pixels um I mean people and what they think of me or us or our business, so it matters not to me. And again for the record, I am not stalking. This is a job I am taking very seriously. These arrows help people find their true love. It reveals it to them. Or…. It makes them utterly stupid and fall for the first person that comes along. Either way people get lucky for a bit. And not only that! How cool is it that I get to shoot people with arrows and not get arrested?!!?

Lanai: Fine come with me as I shop for some shoes.  Your job is literally being a pain in the ass.. So let's get down to the reason for the season and the definition of love from your point of view?

Cupid 2021: Well yes, I mainly shoot in the ass, there is most of the meat, especially with those curvy anatomically incorrect avies aka “KFCs”. But love to me, well combine, happiness, sadness, frustration, joy, sweet, dread and then add in a lot of confusion and there you have love. 

Lanai: Interesting…. Well SL Statistics show 62% of SL couples don't make it from one Valentine’s Day to the next, 25% have side pieces that seem to balance things out, 12% actually make it past 1 year and the remaining 1%... take it to Real life and live their happily ever after. Now that you are crowned the expert of Love; Mr. Cupid….With these statistics all laid out what advice can you give couples dabbling in that thing called love? What makes it work and what doesn’t?

Cupid 2021: Well first off, Ladies, seriously! Spending all your time at some shoe stores isn’t going to get you the man of your dreams unless that is he sells shoes for a living. My advice for all the other people out there. Communicate and trust the one you want to be with, don’t look for the short haul, look for the long term. I know in my own experience patience and perseverance won and now I am the winner. You can find it too, just stop over thinking everything and let my arrows do their work. 

Lanai: She must be a lucky lady or miserable to actually have Cupid as her man. Any advice for single men out there having a hard time with love?

Cupid 2021: Oh she gets lucky, umm I mean is lucky I will say that, damn is she lucky. As for advice for men, I don’t think here is enough time for all that, but I will give the quick cliff notes. Men… LEARN what mesh is, you are in SL looking for love, not looking for a hookup behind the Dollar Tree?!!? Moving forward just stop acting broke or being a jackass. For the men who want their cake and a muffin on the side, sometimes you have a great woman right there in front of you but you still want to poke their “arrows” in others. STOP IT. Just STOP IT. Appreciate what you have and if you don’t have one, TRY harder, don’t expect one to fall from the sky. I am shooting them from the ground not while they are flying overhead. Stop looking up for them and look in some hearts.

Lanai: I guess that's good advice.. So for those who are already in a relationship, trouple, swinging or whatever, What kind of ways can they celebrate Valentine’s day?

Cupid 2021:Well that is a good question, and has a lot of different answers for many. Some say staying at home watching some Netflix together is great. Me I rather just blow my wad on some flowers, chocolates,  great fine wine and dining, maybe some dancing then home for some “showing her how I love her” if you know what I mean?! But the main thing no matter what you do is to show your significant other that you love them and they mean the world to you. And well, if you aren’t that kind of romantic person you can just always take her shoe shopping!

Lanai: That’s good advice Cupid! You actually do have a sweet side.  BTW what do you think of my shoes?

Cupid 2021: Well thank you! But let’s keep that between us for now ok? And regarding your shoes, you do have good taste but I think you can do a little better. Stop buying bargain bin shoes.

Lanai: o.O 

 And there you have it shootin’ straight from Cupid. Cheers xoxo :)

Happy Valentine’s Day SLE fans!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Interview with The Easter Bunny 2015

It is always interesting interviewing holiday mascots in Second Life. Some are reluctant to be interviewed by The SL Enquirer while others take their chances and hope for the best. As ridiculous as these interviews can get I usually have fun with them. This year I caught up with the Easter Bunny but it took a weird turn. Some mascots seriously need to be screened for strange addictions and drug abuse.

Lanai: Hi. I was told I could find the Easter Bunny here. Can you tell me where he is?
Easter Bunny:  Hey there sexy! You are looking at him.

Lanai: Ohhhh. You aren’t the kind of bunny I was expecting to find. What happened to last year’s Easter mascot? I don’t remember him having a British accent and dressed like a Playgirl playmate.

Easter Bunny: Pickings were slim this year for the position so here I am.  As unfortunate as it sounds that bloody fur ball got fired and thrown in the clinker for selling synthetic Easter grass to avatars. He was busted by an undercover Linden.

Lanai: Oh My! That’s terrible news. And you are the replacement?

Easter Bunny: Yes I am and tell me about it.  Of all the wonderful things he could have been doing like orchestrating grand Easter egg hunts and filling baskets with tasty treats, he decided to make the holiday mascot community look bad with his utterly atrocious and repulsive behavior!

Lanai: I can see how this has personally affected you but don’t you think you should be looking a bit more traditional and kid friendly?  What made you apply for the position?

Easter Bunny: That is a brilliant question Ms. Jarrico. Maybe my uniform is a bit edgy and erotic but I can get the job done. I was given this position through a temp agency. It has been hard for me to find a real job since rehab. I was originally looking for something with more dignity and self respect.  But I had no other choice. It was either this, a stripper, escort or Furry park ranger. Those jobs would have been counterproductive in my recovery.

Lanai: What is this virtual world coming to? Rehab??? I don’t mean to be all judgy but don’t they screen holiday mascot applicants and have a dress code?

Easter Bunny: Apparently not.  I can see my looks being a distraction. You keep staring at my carrot.  Rest assured I’m a changed man. My days hooked on sex are over.

Lanai: Oh sorry but that carrot of yours is hard to miss.  I have to say, this interview is getting more awkward by the minute. So you were in rehab for sex addiction?

Easter Bunny: Admitting that I had a problem was the first step. Yes, I was at it like a raging hormonal rabbit. It got to the point where I was facing kidney failure from severe dehydration.

Lanai: Uhhh.

Easter Bunny:  What?

Lanai: nothing. So, what do you have planned for Easter Festivities this year?

Easter Bunny: Well, rather than hosting Easter egg hunts, I was thinking it would be fun to play hide the carrot.

Lanai: How does that relate to this holiday though?

Easter Bunny: Well… You know everyone likes a good hunt right? I have a nice big carrot here…

Lanai: OK stop! This is getting a bit uncomfortable. Don’t you think hiding your carrot sounds like a sexual reference? I’m not sure it is a good idea.

Easter Bunny: How do you know that? Let’s do a test run and see how you like it.

Lanai: I don’t think so. It seems to me you are relapsing.

Easter Bunny: I’ve been sex free for nearly an hour. That is a new record for me.

Lanai: Unbelievable.  Do you have a sponsor helping you?

Easter Bunny: Yes, it is funny that you asked. Cupid is my sponsor.

Lanai: Cupid? Really!?! Wow of all the sponsors they could have set you up with, Cupid was the most ideal choice?

Easter Bunny: Yes , due to his erectile dysfunction, they figured he would be able to keep me from relapsing and giving in to my sexual urges.

Lanai: Where is he now?

Easter Bunny: at the bar.

Lanai: Is this some kind of sick joke? You holiday mascots are all screwed up. Why do I suddenly feel like this is a Dr. Phil combined with Jerry Springer episode? I was hoping to interview you about Easter but this has turned into some kind of weird confession and intervention.

Easter Bunny: I know this interview has you feeling a bit confused and uncomfortable. Let me relieve your stress. How about we go back to my place and talk over dinner and wine.

Lanai: You have got to be kidding me! I’m out of here.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

HAPPY EASTER, IT’S 420! Interview with a Virtual Easter Bunny

Easter lands on April 20th 2014 this year and in Second Life residents have adorned their landscapes with pastel colors, flowers and Easter Decorations. 
The SL Enquirer  kicked off their festivities by hosting an Easter Egg Decorating Contest.  While trying to gather contestants, Lanai had a chance to meet with this year’s infamous cotton-tailed mascot. Word on the street is Lanai has been up to no good with Pedro Cottontail and doing some very un-holiday things. We here at SLE think she has taken things a bit too far and needs an intervention…but none of the staff want to step forward and bring up rehab or counseling.

We understand that Lanai has been having a hard go with holiday mascots and is suffering from some hook up regrets and work exhaustion. At least she does not remember the tryst with Cupid, thanks to wishes to erase that memory were granted by Larry the Leprechaun in March.

Incident with Pedro Cottontail

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2014 Interview with a Leprechaun

Leprechauns are synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day and Irish Folklore. The word itself means pygmy or little person.

They are said to be solitary mischievous fairies that take the form of a bearded old man, usually wearing a green coat and top hat. This is the most popular description of these creatures but according to different regions of Ireland, Leprechaun appearances vary. For example, in Northern Ireland they wear red coats, white pants and a pointed hat.  In other regions they have a sword or use their hat as a weapon. Legend has it they are greedy little shoemakers who like to hide their gold coins in pots at the end of a rainbow.  If one is caught, they must give the captor their pot of gold. In American culture, St. Patrick’s Day is observed by drinking heavily, pub crawls, fist fights and a reason to just act like a crazy Leprechaun. Being Irish doesn’t even matter to partake in this holiday’s activities.  To some, Leprechauns are considered to be alcoholic tyrants that cannot control their behavior once they are inebriated. That must be why people who observe this holiday in a drunken stupor justify their behavior once they recover from a massive hangover.

In Second Life, St Patrick’s Day is observed with clover adorned decorations, treasure hunts, parties and dressing in green. The SL Enquirer observes this holiday by searching for Leprechauns and harassing them for fun. Lanai Jarrico has some Irish in her and sees Leprechaun hunting as a sport. She goes hard at it usually after a few green beers and a buzz.

Interview with a Leprechaun

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Easter: Interview with Pinky the Easter Bunny - Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

According to Google© search, Easter Sunday falls on March 31st this year.  It is best known as the most important and oldest festival of the Christian Church. It depicts the resurrection of Christ for religious observers. This holiday starts with Lent ; a fasting period, ending with The Holy Week. For Catholics, the Thursday before Easter is called Holy Thursday and Good Friday is also observed. Easter is also linked to the Jewish Passover. For many, the Easter Holiday traditions vary in different ways.

 For non religious observers, it is most likely the only day a year they go to church on Sunday. The Easter Bunny seems to be the main attraction and decorating eggs is the thing to do. Many buy baskets full of jelly beans, assorted candy, chocolate bunnies and fake grass filler. Local communities celebrate with Easter parades and a precession of local fire truck tossing candy at scattering kids along the road and the mayor rolls by waving like Miss America in a suit and tie.  Family gatherings seem to follow where parents display their little girls in pastel overly frilly dresses and dolling up little boys in shiny shoes, dress shirts, extra starched slacks, including creases and button up vests.  
   Sometimes overly excessive parents slap a fancy hat on their kids and parading them to Church and to visit the grandparents were they collect money,  sloppy kisses and take photographs to add to their albums, for later blackmail and embarrassing photo sharing with visitors and  high school dates.

 Oh the Joys of Easter! However you decided to observe the day, remember the real reason for the occasion.
With all that said, in Second Life, Easter is observed with themed dance parties, decorations and Easter hunts. Some even dress like bunnies and hop around the grid creating the holiday atmosphere. Others litter the landscape with Easter Eggs, pastel trees and vibrant green pastures full of colorful spring flowers.
While wandering the grid taking in the festive locations, I came across this year’s Easter Bunny Mascot. Apparently just like the last Cupid, the previous Bunny must have thrown down his costume and went on to a whole new SL profession; perhaps stripping down to a banana hammock at one of the adult clubs.

  Interview with Mr.Pinky the New Age Easter Bunny

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Interview with the Easter Bunny Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Lanai Jarrico at EasterTown


     Easter is a holiday that is observed on the first Sunday after the full moon by Christians around the world. It consists of a feast and celebration of the resurrection of Christ. For others, it's a trip to the mall with the kids for pictures with the Easter bunny followed by a quick stop at a convenient store for cheap baskets with excessive fake grass and jelly beans. To each his own.

In Second Life©, Easter and other religious holidays are observed in a variety of ways. Avatars can go to Sunday services at a church, worship in a synagogue, temple or other sacred places with their virtual family and friends. For Easter, activities include, special services, Easter egg hunts, holiday themed parties and concerts to raise funds for Charities and other humanitarian causes. Besides that, lots of things go on sale, and in the role play community, it's fun to just use your imagination.