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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Help! I've Lost My Pants- Ccoursey Reporting…

 We've all lost our pants in the middle of a club... At least once right? Well, it makes me feel better to think so.

There are so many things to keep up with like shirts, shoes, shoe bases, alpha layers, make up, lashes, nails. Ahhhhh!

 If you are anything like me then I am sure mesh isn't the easiest concept in the world to grasp. So let's go over a few basics, including the most important rule. Always, Always, Always ADD. When it involves mesh, never wear or you're just asking for trouble. I cannot stress this enough. I know my aussie kept losing his pants when I gave him any kind of drink or candy, so one day he slipped me a coffee and said, “Your turn.” Guess what: I didn't lose my pants. Always add. 

 Mesh usually comes in many sizes and every store is different, (much like real life, they are all going to fit your avi differently). It takes a little patience at first, trial and error, but mesh isn't something to be scared of. Just take it one step at a time and approach it with an open mind: Just because you think she is xxs doesn't mean the creator hasn't seen smaller. Don't worry so much about the sizes until you have added that alpha layer.

The alpha hides parts of your body that may stick through the fabric when you're moving, hides so that the outfit will fit in the way it was made to, or pretty much to allow you the body shape you want that day without actually changing your shape. Once you've added the alpha then it is time to fit your clothes to your avi.

When choosing your size always cam around. You don't want your butt hanging out the back when the front looks perfect. You also need to cam to the sides, especially women, to check the bust, arms, and waist. You don't want a hole between the body and fabric big enough someone could stick their hand through. Since there is no way to make a shirt fit every avi it comes down to changing the avi, a real pain sometimes, but worth the time it takes. Click your avatar, appearance, change shape and your appearance tab will pop up.

For women it is usually the butt and legs we've got to play with. So you click over to the torso tab and adjust the boob-age or click over to legs to play with the butt size. When you look like the designer has made this outfit just for you then you want to save it, sometimes the creator will even include a note card with the numbers needed to make the clothing fit correctly. Saving is Very Important, it will save you some tears down the line, always click 'save as' at the bottom. This will not effect the original shape and you will have the new shaped saved for the next time you chose to wear this outfit. 

The next step is simple- save the outfit under the appearance tab. Try to save it in a way you can remember, ex. Cropped grey w/ white pants, blonde. Outfit 1, Outfit 2, etc will only confuse you if you expand your wardrobe. Saving outfits saves time when getting ready, plus you don't have to worry about losing your hair, pants, etc when changing in public. You just pick which one you want, hit replace outfit, boom, you are dressed and ready to go. If there is lots of lag or stuff is slow in loading then you might want to make a quick trip home to save any embarrassment, (sometimes it might take a moment to load on to your body).

So don't forget: Add, Cam, and Save As. They will be your best friends if used correctly. And always remember to breath. It is frustrating, it can be embarrassing, but just breath and remember- We've all been there. 


  1. I have got my own dance hud.
    A lot of items can disapear when you click on a danceball.

  2. Totally hilarious. Thanks for making me laugh.