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Friday, July 11, 2014

3D Mesh Business in Second Life- Piers Diesel Reporting...

Mesh in Second Life is now part of how we buy and create things in this virtual world.
There are a lot of content creators producing products in mesh and one no other than Anthonys Republic who creates 3D mesh Full Perm Sculpt & Mesh Kits Textures. I chatted with Anthonys about his creations and also the concept of 3D mesh in Second life.

Piers: How did you start creating in Second Life?

Anthonys Republic: I started in 2008, a friend brought me here, and they felt it would interest me since I enjoyed doing graphic work. So I started creating sculpts when I first arrived here.

Piers: Can you tell us a bit about your products for those who may not know about it and who are your main customers?

Anthonys Republic: Mainly we sell full perm builder kits for designers. Most our kits have textures and shades provided. We do both sculpts & mesh. We enjoy doing antiques & late era items such as Victorian. We occasionally do some modern builds as well. We have a wide selection of foods, kitchen items, dining, lighting, architecture, music, instruments, outdoor items and many holiday selections as well. Even a maternity section. Smile

Piers: With liquid mesh being used by some creators do you feel liquid mesh is the way forward?

Anthonys Republic: We don't really get involved in clothing much, but from what i seen I think it’s a decent start to the issues with mesh clothing. I'm sure there will be future improvements as well.

Piers:  Has the business industry in Second Life become easier for content creators or harder and if so why?

Anthonys Republic: I would say harder. Reason I say that is because today you need to have more tools and better skills to build mesh and texture mesh compared to the days of just using prims. Most the work today is done outside SL with programs such as blender, 3d max, maya, photoshop and gimp etc. Lot of practice and experimenting with techniques for efficient modelling is something that we always strive for. So to compete today, you need to have more refined skills, and I would say most important would be texturing.

Piers: What do you like to do when you are not creating in Second Life?

Anthonys Republic: I use to enjoy flying airplanes & playing golf, but life has steered me in new directions. I enjoy quiet days on the beach, and strolling around town.

Piers: What is next for Republic?

Anthonys Republic: Well in 2014 and 2015 we plan to continue to do builder kits, mainly in mesh as that has picked up in demand more so then sculpts. And we just hope to bring the quality and the materials people enjoy using here in SL and those who have relied on our creations for their designs.

If you would like to find out more on Anthony’s products or purchase any of his products:

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Katelyns Market


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