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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

To Mesh or Not to Mesh - Tea Couturier Reporting...

Mesh has taken over the way we dress, live and socialize in SL. However, how is it made and is it hard to do?

If you’re a content creator you probably use the software packages such as Maya or Blender to create your products. However, if that is too advance for you there are kits you can use which allows you to create mesh as a structure for the design or pattern you wish to make. Here are a few businesses that provide this for you.

Architectural Mesh
Wall Mesh with full permissions - ZimberLab Builder's Kit A - Basic  
To create walls in SL for a house in mesh will or could be difficult if you do not know how to use the software packages to create mesh but with this kit it cuts out all the stress and helps you begin building your custom dream home or your customers designs.
Mesh Package:
50 extra parts to extend your building possibilities.
All parts match with the parts of the regular set.
The full sloped and pointed walls can also be used to create complete side-face walls with 0.5 Land Impact.
- All parts have different faces that can be edited separately using the 'Select Face' build option.
- AO maps applied providing basic shadows.
- UV maps included for accurate texturing.
Textures easy both in-world as in image editor.
Includes a Rezzer for direct access to the parts.
Rezzer and packaging are Copy only. All content comes with full permissions.
Rezzer version included that can be coalesced with the Walls a Rezzer.

Price 999L

Just BECAUSE* Full Perm Standard Sizes Mesh Template - Men's Dash Denim Shorts
Now we are deep in the summer season and creating cool clothing for men and women is a must. With Just BECAUSE they provide you with a good mesh clothing  template to begin. The mesh shorts kit comes with:
 5 Standard Sizes and is Materials ready!
Full Package Includes:
PSD Download Link
5 Standard Sizes Mesh Models
UV & AO Maps
5 Diffuse Textures
Specular & Normal (bump) Maps
Alpha & Alpha Textures
Priced 1,300L

With every mesh house you will need  furniture. Using a mesh building kit to create the perfect furniture set is the best way to go if you to create in SL.
{XO} Full Perm Lur Dining Set

This package includes the mesh object, texture map, and shadow map and example texture for each item.
Some of these items have been creating using multiple materials for one object. This means that different textures may be applied to different surfaces on the same prim, even though it is a single mesh.
Every piece in this set has different surfaces, even though it is a single mesh. To work with these, either drag the right texture on to that surface, or use the select face feature in build mode.
Example - The Cabinet has 5 materials. One for the cabinet wood, one for the cabinet handles, one for the glasses, one for the plates, one foe the glass. The cabinet wood and handles share a textures, while the others have their own. Each can be changed independently.
Priced 99L

We all love buying hair and choosing a different look to go with our style. Mesh hair will certainly be in demand with your customers. I am sure it takes a lot of time to create just one strand of hair so if you do not have the time but have the vision why not purchase a mesh hair kit.
Tameless Consuela Full Perm Mesh Hair - ONLY 8 COPIES
This mesh hair full perm kit comes with:
4 mesh models provided (joined and unjointed, regular and Lolas).
Exclusive designs created by Tameless.
UV maps carefully set up for easy texturing (512x1024 resolution recommended).
Customize to create your own unique designs.
Head alpha textures and layer masks provided for your convenience.
2 resize scripts provided for non-rigged mesh (rigged mesh is not resizable).
It is a little expensive priced 5,500L
So probably for those who wish to enter the hair industry in SL would probably purchase this.

Using mesh kits does not make you less of a creator in sl. Being a creator in sl is also having fashion vision not only the shell of a product but also the colors help create a product that customers like to purchase. Mesh kits are just like sculpties.
 Purchase a demo kit first before you spend a lot of lindens on just one kit. Mesh is here to stay in SL and if you wish to enter the creating in SL but are not good at the creating mesh products then mesh building kits are the perfect solutions to this problem.

Whichever option you choose, creating your own mesh or purchasing a mesh building kit is all about fun and trying new things.

Happy creating!


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