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Monday, August 11, 2014

Role play in Second Life- Tea Couturier Reporting...

Role playing in Second Life is still as popular as it was in the early days.  It is all about imagination and adventure.  Role play enables residents to escape into a variety of characters, themes and scenarios like fighting in battles, leading a coven of  vampires, urban gangs, Gorean clans, furry community or become a princess in a medieval town.
 If you are interested in entering the role play world of Second Life or want to change the rp group you are in, here are a few places you can explore. As well as some insight on what to expect.

Crack Den
The Crack Den is an Urban style role play on the streets of Hathian. The city is full of sex, crime and drama. Where else can you experience a seedy red light district, participating in a protest, avoiding glitter bombs or staging your own violent attack?
Shadoe 'Doe' Katsuragi (shadoe.ninetails): Well, CD is a place full of very creative minds. People who love to do paragraph role play, basically creating a short story or a novel with each person writing there characters part. People are very dedicated to their characters, take the time to make them as real as they can in looks and back story and how they live their lives”

Hathian Observer

Venice Eternal Role Play
An immersive paragraph role play sim set in the city of Venice. Old and New World kindred struggle to uphold the masquerade.
Chele (chele.bowenford): Well I am a member of the lycan pack that lives here so I rarely RP elsewhere. However, to RP here with this group you never know how things will turn out... so many twists.

Midnight Dreams
Midnight Dreams...a dark role play community where your imagination can roam free. CCS AT 8XP all Role Player's welcome.
oss5 Đaxter (ross5.daxter): Hi :) I like the environment and the rule of 10 min minimum before attacking. I love RP and I find it boring to be in ccs just to attack for no reason. I love interesting and long RPs. However, if they could put a rule of 30 min minimum before attacking I would vote for it.

 Land of the Lycans
The Land of the Lycans is a haven for all Lycans and a place for those wishing to discover the true lycan lifestyle to come and discover our ways. We are newbie friendly and would rather teach than mislead. Roleplay is welcomed within our pack rules.
Aubrey Firethorn: Land of the Lycans is my home, I am a lycan and our Alpha has made this island a place where all can come to rp without fear of being hunted for bloodline purposes and I love to rp here and would suggest it to anyone who loves to rp

Adult role play for 18+ student or college faculty
Novi Tallulah (imjustagirl2014): Honestly, I just joined this RP today :)  I may not be the right person to ask but in my past experience in RPing as a SL HS student.  You actually do get to learn different things like building and languages.

Whichever RP you choose to participate in, one thing is certain.  Having an insight from other players is always a good starting point for investigating where to begin your RP in SL.

Happy Role Playing!


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