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Monday, August 4, 2014

What are Some of Your Favorite SL Breedables? - Ccoursey Reporting…

            Lions, tigers, Fennexes, Amarettos, Kittys, oh my so many to chose from.  I think every one of us find our way into animal breeding at least once.  I sim hopped a bit, and explored some of the different breedables SL has to offer.  

Of course, I wanted to know what it was that made these animals so special, and why people were so drawn to them.  Cute, a different kind of game, or is it a way of making a lot of lindens inworld? 
            Before I ever started I was talking to my friend Azkadellia, the manager over at Hard Rock Evolutions.  I was surprised to find she even ventured into the breedable world of SL. 

Ccoursey:  What is your favorite breedable pet?

Azkadellia: I like the KittyCats.

Ccoursey: What do you think makes them different?  Just that they are modeled after the real life animal or can you do more with them?

Azkadellia:  I think they are just like the real deal.  They are cute, can be sneaky, and also a pain in the butt like in RL.

Ccoursey:  How come you quit breeding them?

Azkadellia:  Too many people doing it, market overflowing, no profit.

Thank you Az.

            Dropping down onto a breedables market sim I met another kind of animal breeder.  Ulf Haystack breeds the Amaretto horses in Second life.  He is owner of the Aasgaard Stables.

Ccoursey:  What kind of animals have you had/have?

Ulf:  Mostly Amaretto horses, but have had some other animals by other companies.  Dogs and cats.

Ccoursey:  Is there money in breeding the animals or is it more for fun?

Ulf:  There is a potential to earn, but I would say for me it's mostly fun.  One time I sold a horse for 20K, but that is not typical.    Most of the time I spend my own money to keep the pets going.

Ccoursey:  Is it hard to learn?  How to breed the traits you want?  I see some are advertised with certain ones.... and all the prices seem to differ to me

Ulf: It's a bit tricky to get certain combinations of traits, patience helps.  Amaretto offers a course for people who want to learn how to breed their own animals, very useful to people new to it.

Ccoursey:  The one you sold for 20K, what made it special?

Ulf:  It was a charmed Rainbow Zebra, a very rare creature.

Ccoursey:  Are you able to ineract and ride the horses?

Ulf:  Yes, they are ride-able, and some have racing traits so they run fast.

Ccoursey:  There are tracks?  Like the Kentucky Derby?

Ulf: Yes, there are several tracks and regularly scheduled races.

            Ulf's advice before I left, decide what you want and shop around.  There are no set prices, only what someone is willing to pay.  Basically shop around for good sales.  He explained that they do have Forever Foal so the horses don't have to be fed or bred anymore available.  You can also send them to Horse Heaven for points to buy goods.   Thank you Ulf.  

You can find some of Ulf's horses at his shop here:
He also gave me links to a sim to ride and a racetrack: and

            Violette Ravinelli is a Dj at the MaddHouse and Technoir.  She is also a fashion blogger:   She was more than happy to explain kitty cats to me.

Ccoursey:  Violette, what is your favorite kind of breedable?

Violette:  My favorite would be the KittyCats.

Ccoursey:  Are they any different than other breedable pets in SL (other than the type of animal)?

Violette:  I think they are.  I've tried to raise the dogs, and they aren't as fun to raise.  KittyCats has it so the cats will actually interact with you by talking to you every now and then in local.  Plus, they move more like real cats where as the dogs are very static movements.

Ccoursey:  Do you get attached as you would a real life pet or are they more of another facet of the game to you?

Violette:  Oh I've gotten attached.  When one goes missing (sometimes SL does that to you), I immediately get on the KittyCats website and send a support ticket and practically beg and plead for them to return my cat ASAP. LOL

Ccoursey: Do you sell them?

Violette: I'm debating on that at the moment as I have about fifty kittens that I have not unpacked yet.  They breed like rabbits... lol

Ccoursey:  Is there money to be mad, after factoring in the cost of upkeep?

Violette:  To be honest, I'm not sure.  Some breeds of cats go for more because of their characteristics, but there's a whole science to that and I haven't quite figured that out yet.
Thank you Violette.

            Naughty Darkwood-Inaka is part of Sensu, K&S.  She breeds KittyCats and... wait for it... Lions.  Yes, you can breed lions in SL.

Ccoursey:  First, I gotta ask... How did you get into breeding lions?

Naughty:  My son, Andy, bought them for me as a gift.  Two of them.

Ccoursey:  Do they interact the way cats do?  Or are they totally different?

Naughty:  No, they're different, don't really interact.  Just make a lot of noise and have a lot of babies.
She had two kittens born in the last two days sitting out, teeny tiny little animals.  She leads me outside her home and there sat two lions and a cub outside.  Big cats. Big. 

Ccoursey: The kittens are itty bitty compared to those.

Naughty:  Beauty and Beast and their baby.  Yeah, they will grow some more.  Beast still has a mane to grow and Beauty is preggers again, lol.

Ccoursey: Are they more expensive than the kitties?

Naughty:  No, not really, about 300 L each and the kittens were 250 and the tea cup kitten was a bit more.

Ccoursey:  Are there L's to be made breeding the lions or is it more for fun?

Naughty:  Yes, you can sell their eggs and make lindens from them and food isn't much.  I paid that mushroom 200L about two weeks ago and still have loads left.  We'll be opening a store here at K&S where we will sell them.

Ccoursey:  Do you get attached or is another facet of the game for you?

Naughty:  No, I love my lions.  The first ones I had were returned to me and ended up dying.  I was really upset cause they were a gift.
Thank you Naughty. 

You can find her club and eventually lions here:

            Then we come to the fennux.  Even I had one of these cute little fox/cat/mouse like creatures.  Dream has been breeding fennuxes for a year and a half.  She runs ProDreams where she sells them.  

Ccoursey: Have you bred other animals or just fennuxes?

Dream: I did the Wk Cats

Ccoursey: Why fennexes?  What drew you to them?

Dream:  I was helping my SL daughter, who lost her internet.  She had some that needed watching over.  So when we were taking care of hers, we realized that maybe they were not breeding correctly and worked on fixing them.  I started going to auctions and learning.

Ccoursey:  Are they different from cats?  The interactions and the amount of L's it takes for upkeep?

Dream:  Yes, somewhat.  The cats are more prim and take longer to breed.  They both have pros and cons, but above all the fennux are just put together better all around.

Ccoursey:  Do you get attached to them, like you would a real pet or is it another facet of the game for you?

Dream:  Some I get attached too, ones that were hard to get.
She pulls out a beautiful fennux, that looks almost like a fox with huge blue eyes that lays across her shoulders.  Her favorite.

Ccoursey:  Cute, do they all let you hold them like that or only certain ones?

Dream:  Size 2 and smaller you can wear like this.  You can hold them all in your right hand and size 10 to 12 you can ride.

Ccoursey:  Is there a guide or standard for pricing fennuxes?

Dream:  No, it's market prices.  New coats will always be worth more.

Ccoursey:  Do you have a link on marketplace?

Dream:  No one really uses marketplace, but the creator Daemon Blackflag created a web market.  We all use that.

Thank you Dream.  

You can find Dream's shop ProDream here:


  1. Correction: Dream's shop on land is ProDream, and the shop where she sells her breedable is Paws and Claws.