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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Ex-FEAR-ience 2014 - LadyLoveDr Reporting...

Every October, haunted houses and other spooky attractions begin to pop up all over Second Life. There's no shortage of frightening things to do for all ages. In addition to the traditional haunted houses, there are plenty of unique events to keep you entertained throughout the month. Here is a short list to get you started, in no particular order: 

 SL Enquirer - Scary Movie Viewings
Grab some refreshments on your way in, sit back into one of our nice comfy chairs, and prepare to be frightened!  Here on the SL Enquirer grounds we have lots of things to do.  One of those things is our 24/7 movie theater.  The best part is that there is no admission price!  That's right folks, movies are always on us.  So bring some friends with you and let the free movies keep on rolling!

When:  Movies 24/7 all day every day!

 Fright Fest - Pumpkin Up Hunt
This spooky experience based on a pumpkin hunt, will have your inventory full of free tricks and treats.  There are 14 pumpkins to keep your eye out for, each with its own goodie to grab onto. Stop in and check out all the festivities at Fright Fest 2014, but keep your eyes out for the killer clown! Listen to ghost stories around a campfire, make s'mores, or just warm your piggies.  There's something for all ages here.

When: October 16th through November 1st.

Don't Panic! - Interactive Fear Experience
Participate in this legendary game starring you as the new paranormal investigator of The Spectre Collectors. Investigate this mansion and find out if it was evil spirits that convinced a man to carve up his family with a dull axe. The house's past events are vividly brought to life as you investigate each room.  There are 22 designers that have donated free gifts to all those who dare enter the mansion.  The gifts are found during gameplay by clicking on the dead black rats along the way.  Keep those eyes open!

When: October 17th through November 17th

Halloween Town 2014

This spooktacular town is recognized as one of the best places in SL to shop for all your Halloween needs. The kid-friendly exhibit takes visitors down a creepy spiral roadway, allowing them to visit each shop in search for treats and scares of all kinds.  Make sure to enter their Pumpkin Contest with a prize pot of 7,000 L$!!!  The end of the road features a haunted house where you can relive scenes from all the popular scary movies.

When: Open until November 1st

Forest of Zyn - Crystal Pumpkin Hunt

Ready to be treated? Visit the Forest of Zyn to search for the 5 hidden crystal pumpkins on the ground.  After you find them you bring them back into the store, rez them in the box, then once you click on the box you will receive your gift.

When: October 18th through November 2nd

Halloween @ Little Italy 2014 - $25,000L contest!

Bring your friends in their best Halloween costumes and spend the day having fun. Admission is free as long as you're wearing your costume. There is a costume contest worth $25,000L  but you must be a pre-planner!  All participants are required to be a part of a group before the event starts in order to qualify.  More info can be found at their haunted house.  Visit prior to the contest to be sure you have a fighting chance!

When: October 25th from 7pm - 10pm SLT


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