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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Other Holidays for the Month of February

Did you know this month is not only reserved for Valentine’s Day?  Here are a few, some of which are bizarre holidays that share observance this month and deserve a little mention in The SL Enquirer.   Let’s examine what they are.

This Month
  • ·         Creative Romance Month- We get it since Valentine’s Day is a popular day of this month.
  • ·         Black History Month- this month celebrates the achievements of African Americans in U.S History.
  • ·         National Wedding Month- The most popular months for weddings are June, August, September, October and May so why is this month the National Wedding Month? We don’t get it but OK.
  • ·         National Cherry Month- Whoever decided to create this one should known cherry season is in the Summer. Some people are ass backwards but again…OK
  • ·         National Grapefruit Month- Uhhh yea. What is so special about a grapefruit besides the fact it actually curbs hunger . Whoopty dooooo.
  • ·         American Heart Month-  Are you at risk for heart disease? Our hearts are an important part of our very existence. If it doesn’t work…well you know the rest. Use this month to get a check up and make sure your ticking like you should.
  • ·         Great American Pie Month- We don’t recommend celebrating this month by doing something obscene to a pie…
  • ·         Canned Food Month- Participating in a canned goods food drive would be the ideal way to observe this one. Wouldn’t it be great if we all donated to our local food banks?
  • ·         An Affair to Remember – How romantic is this one? Either it means to reflect on a special cheating episode or some kind of Broadway Musical…
  • ·         February 15- Singles Awareness Day- How cruel is this one? As if singles didn’t realize this yesterday?
  • ·         February 17- Random Act of Kindness Day- Do something nice for those you meet this day and hope that they pay it forward to help bring about some kind of world peace contribution.
  • ·         International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day- Did I miss something? WTH?

Don’t forget to Celebrate the 3rd Week of February by observing International Flirting Week! As a word of precaution, you might want to practice using voice verification in Second Life to avoid an awkward situation.


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