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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spotlight on Daddy-O’s – Silky Soulstar Reporting…

The saxophone solo from Gerry Rafferty’s Baker’s Street plays melodically in the background as a Playboy playmate wins the volleyball battle of the sexes against Daddy-O’s owner Mark Ussy.  Everyone is laughing at Ussy because the playmate is hardly attired for volleyball and is actually wearing a dress. But mind you this is no ordinary playmate. She’s SL Playboy Mansion co-owner Jennifer Beverly.

Later, a beautiful sunset graces the boardwalk at the shore, but people are drawn to the party inside the bowling alley and diner where DJ Weeblewolf Pinion spins more music in his own self-deprecating style.  Innuendos, wolf-howls, and silly humor soar as people mock, yet at the same time give into the celestial orb sploder.  It’s as amusing as it is rewarding, and enough to inspire you to get out of your IM’s and into Local Chat.

By itself, Daddy-O’s is a wonderfully creative entertainment destination for Second Lifers. The breathtaking sunset and sunrise views are perfect venues for couples to take in a romantic dance. And besides the aforementioned bowling alley and its monthly high score contest, a working pool table, large boardwalk, and unique shops also offer visitors good ways to socially come together and enjoy their time in SL.  

Even during times when no events are taking place at Daddy-O’s, visitors can click around the SIM and pick the songs they want to hear by using the Wolf Howls jukeboxes.  However, occasional social tie-ins with the SL Playboy Mansion adjacent on the SIM also give Daddy-O’s real entertainment cache from time to time.

Ultimately regardless of what is happening on SIM, fun rules.  And Mark Ussy takes his fun seriously-fun. That is about as serious as we need to be with that statement.  The SL Enquirer sat down with Mr. Ussy to see what the fun at Daddy-O’s is all about.

Enquirer: You have a lot of interactivity on the SIM, things to play with.

Mark Ussy: “I liken it to having a group gathering in RL at a local community park.  Missy and I wanted to develop a place where people can come and interact with each other. Use the SIM as it’s laid out to make their own fun regardless of whether an event is going on or not.”

Enquirer: The SIM’s imagery is kind of fun to browse. It feels a little bit like Mystic Pizza.

Mark Ussy: “I think our approach is pretty unique. We did it in retro to give it that feel-good, feel-at-home ambiance.”

Enquirer: Sort of summer at the Jersey Shore, or Southern California?

Mark Ussy: “Exactly! That is the kind of feeling we were inspired to provide. Heck you can bring your family here and enjoy a night out with no hassles ... just good family fun. Or bring your significant other and enjoy the dance areas, and the incredible sunset views at our Sunset Park as you dance to the songs you pick in the jukebox. It’s all up to you!”

Enquirer: You have a couple of partnerships on the SIM.  It’s a nice sign of collaboration.

Mark Ussy: “Along with our SIM partner the SL Playboy Mansion we get a lot of crossover crowds. They may do the event at the Mansion then come to Daddy-O's to bowl or just hang out. And Weeblewolf Pinion’s The Wolf Howls jukebox allows visitors to choose their music while they enjoy all that we have to offer on the SIM as well. We know that this is a real change in the paradigm of SL entertainment, and we feel it’s time to get the word out to all the grid about what we have to offer.”

Enquirer: That sounds interesting.  Are there any other SL trends you are keeping your eye on?

Mark Ussy: “In all honesty we try to stick to our core beliefs and mission. Sure we have our events, but we felt SL was so "events structured" that we wanted to give people the chance to just come and enjoy themselves in whatever form that takes...within reason of course.”

Enquirer: So it is all about the fun.

Mark Ussy: “As is our tagline … Daddy-O’s is where fun rulez!”

Indeed Daddy-O’s might be the best kept secret in SL. But rest assured that is not for long. Visit the shore, take in the atmosphere, and let your fun rule.


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