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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

“Things that makes you think WTF” – Sunny Love Holiday Reporting

Having 10 years of experience in Second life has been both rewarding and problematic. I have seen the good, the bad, and the downright ugly of second life resident’s behavior.   Even though I have the years of seeing a little bit of everything the grid has to offer, there are still some things that leave me in awe or have me shaking my head wondering what the BLEEP (WTF)!

Today I thought I would share a few with the readers of the SL Enquirer my top WTF moments.
Second Life family incest

The phrase “SL is just a game” has taken new meaning when it come to some SL families. I, for one, have never participated in the roleplaying of a family due to all the drama that I have seen other families go through.  Lying, backstabbing, and gossip run rapid in some SL families; however, when one family member decides that they want to date or have sex with another family member takes the cake, and is the ultimate WTF moment.

I was under the understanding that when you create a family in Sl, you are roleplaying with avies as actually family members would live their RL lives. Therefore, if a father has sex or molested a daughter or son in real life he is looked upon as nasty and possibly sent to jail, why should it be different for an SL father?  When did it become acceptable for sisters and brothers to date and make out in either world? I understand that SL is a game, and that families members change like most changes their underwear, but in my opinion, it is not right to change from family member to a spouse or vice versa.

The “Talented coward” believing they are better than everyone else

There are many talented creators, models, and others in SL. The creative styling of the talented always keeps the second life experience new and exciting. However, some of them know this, and it goes to their head. Because of this knowledge, some have a “God complex”.  Being in the fashion world, I have seen some of the most talented behave like they are God’s gift, and most people are beneath them.

WTF? At the end of the day the talented is just like everyone else, using SL as an escape from the real world.  Just because someone does not share the same talent or skill as you do don’t mean you are better than them. They may have some other type of skill that you do not.  Or maybe they are more talented than you, but chose not to work in SL because their RL work is more than enough for them. Regardless of your skill or how you chose to show it, people need to remember that when you log out of SL you are just a regular person like everyone else. You may be talented, but how you treat people always shows your true character.

SLer’s use of Facebook

Facebook is great ways to connect with friends when you are not inworld, promote your business, and share photos of your experiences. Unfortunately, some SLers has also use the great social media as an outlet to share drama, secret sharing, and childish arguments. I have only been on the second life side of Facebook for about 4 years, nonetheless within that 4 years I have seen arguments so bad that real life children were made fun of, relationship was destroyed, and people being shamed to the point that they either left second life all together or created a new avie to start all over.

I find it horrific that people would take anything that happens on the grid that seriously that they would childishly shame a person and/or their real life families in public. Just like in real life people and personalities clash. It is not expected for everyone to get along nor is it expected for everyone to like everyone. In my eyes, however, what is expected is for people to act like adults. If you have an issue with someone, why not pull that person aside (or hop in their private instant message) and have a real conversation about your concerns? Of course that approach will not always be well received, but that is where the block and mute button comes into play. Going to Facebook to air your dirty laundry does nothing but make you look childish. I mean really people……WTF?

These are just a few of my WTF moments in second life. If I were to list them all this would be a 30 page article. I am sure there will be some people who agree with me and some who do not. Maybe I might offend and few with my views. Keep in mind that these are my views and not everyone has to agree.  Let’s have a discussion about it. Please feel free to leave a comment below as to whether you agree or not, or on another WTF moment you have experienced.


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