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Showing posts with label Sunny Love Holiday. Show all posts

Saturday, February 13, 2016

What Colors are in for Mid Winter Fashion? -Sunny Love Holiday Reporting

We have about a month and a half left in the strange winter season. The weather has been abnormal in most places and personally I have enjoyed the warmer temps here in Michigan. The Fashion world has been heating up the fashion junky atmospheres, as well, with some great pieces and colors. Since I do not want to see anyone fashion sense as out of control as recent weather, I am going to provide my fashion lovers with  colors which are popping for the winter fashion season. There are many Winter colors trends for the 2015/2016 season so I am going to provided my favorites.

First up is Cashmere Rose. Most would think that this vibrant and colorful pink would be more of a spring color but Cashmere Rose found its way into the fall/winter 2015 trend to my delight. This color is definitely for the women who wants to remain colorful at all time yet fit in with the current trends. It gives off the composed feeling while being very chic in style. Wicca's Wardrobe has a very nice cocktail dress that has a bit of an edge. The following link will take you right to it:

Next is Stormy Weather. ThIs Gray color will remind you of a overcast day the is serious in mood yet warm enough to handle business.  It is strong, bold, and downright boss lady worthy. I found a gorgeous gown by .::MARIPOSA House of Couture::. that completely fits the bill. Perfect for that elegant evening out for any boss chick. You can find this gown on marketplace here:

Marsala might be my favorite color of them all and was also named the Pantone color of the year 2015. It brings confidence and stability into fashion with a subtly seductive nature as stated by the director of Pantone.  I am a big fan of earthy things, so this bold and rich wine like color tickles my earthy senses. F I N E S M I T H has a sexy yet conservative jumpsuit that is a tab bit lighter than other Marsala outfits I seen. However, I have noticed that this color has been showcased in a few different shades. Check out the following link to see if this shade fits you:

Of course, you can never go wrong with Timeless Black. What season doesn’t have black in it in one way or another? I don’t think I will ever see a time where black is not in. I wear it often and it never fails me. :: PM :: PurpleMoon Creations has a great business suit the represents that powerful color. When you wear this suit everyone comes in your presence will know you handle yours with the utmost efficiency. Begin your powerful fashion sense by clicking this link to grab your suit:

Last but not least is Amethyst Orchid. Bringing a calming sensation like a freshly blossom spring flower, Amethyst Orchid is a great addition to the normally deep and darker color trends of the season. Creative and royal fashion goers will love this jewel color and appreciate the excitement this color brings to the season. ♠lYZ brings you a fabulous gown that has matching shoes with it. This gown will surely make you stand out in a crowd of evening partiers. I highly recommend this gown and it can be found here:

All of these colors will keep you in style and help you express yourself. I hope this guide is helpful and I would love to see what the readers of the SL Enquirer put together using this. Please feel free to drop a link to your winter photos in the comments below.

Store Marketplace Links:
.::MARIPOSA House of Couture::.
:: PM :: PurpleMoon Creations:

Monday, February 1, 2016

Sexy Valentine: Tips for buying Lingerie for your Valentine. Sunny Love Holiday Reporting

After the dinner, wine, flowers and gifts received by you from your valentine, it is only natural for you to want to wine down, and give him/her a special gift that only he/she would enjoy. There is nothing like giving your mate a little eye candy before the real magic of the evening happens. No matter what you body size is your partner will appreciate you dressing up in something sexy and showing off what your momma gave you. However, shopping for that perfect lingerie set can be a bit difficult. As always, I am here to give you some tips on how to shop for that perfect ensemble.

The most important thing you must know is what style your partner likes. If this is a new relationship, do some fishing to see what he or she likes. Sit down with your mate and pull out a lingerie magazine or pull up a website. Point out a few things and see what reaction they give. Try to do this months or weeks ahead of time so there will be no clue as to what you are up too. For those of you that are in long term relationship you already know what makes your partner tick. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong in checking to see if something new would add some extra spice to an already steamy bedroom experience.

Now, there are many places to shop in second life for lingerie. With this being a special occasion, you don't want to pick up just any ol thing. So, after doing some research with the help of my good friend Chocolate Wingtips I am going to list the top 4 places with high quality items in my view.

If you are the type that don't really like to get out in the crowds and shop at inworld stores, Big Beautiful Doll has a large selection of lingerie on marketplace. Most sets come with all the mesh appliers and standard layers. I was really impressed with the quality of these appliers. As you can see from this photo, the Dahlia Lingerie set looks real. This set is available in 6 color and is price at 275L. If your partner likes the body suit look…...this is a perfect pick.

Some people like just the bra and panties look. Blacklace has a wonder set called Briony that is available in 9 colors and is priced at 298L. This is a mesh set and looks great on. I am sure this will be a hit with your special someone. Blacklace is a great place to shop for any look. Their whole store is dedicated to lingerie.

I know a lot of people who simple like the tee shirt and panties look. Erratic carries a great set that is both sexy and simple. Coming in five sets of three colors you can make sure you have your mates favorite color along with their favorite look. Tee shirt sets cost 379L and the panties sets cost 3 colors 399L.

Now say your partner likes the corset look. Vision brings you the very sexy Lingerie Set Madeline. This will define every curve and show off your sexiness. It includes all you need to transform into a vixen. The set comes in 9 colors and is priced at 355l. There is no way you can miss with this choice.

Well there you have it. All store mention have many selections to choose from. Hopefully this article will help you have the best Valentine's day possible. Feel free to let us know how your valentine's day went in the comments below.

Check out these stores!

Big Beautiful Doll:

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Best places to Shop for Mesh Body Clothing and Accessories-Sunny Love Holiday Reporting...

There are many places in second life that carry clothing for avatars with all types of mesh bodies. Whether it be appliers or mesh style clothing, the possibilities are endless. The whole mesh body take over has pushed designers to be more flexible and creative with their work...which I am all for!! However, for someone who has just join the mesh body movement, shopping could be a bit overwhelming. Never fear, the shopaholic Sunny Love is here with a list of the best places to shop to keep the new sexy body in style!   

Now, my list is based off the fact that I am currently using the Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara. Even though the Maitreya body comes with feet and hands, I still use my slink feet and hands. Moreover, this list is based off the fact    that although there are many well made appliers out there, I am more of a mesh wearer.  I like the realistic look of mesh, and find the mesh clothing comes out better when being photographed. Without further adieu, here are the top places to shop for your mesh body.


Blueberry was one of the 1st stores I noticed that started to make fitted mesh clothing specifically for mesh bodies.  This casual clothing and hair store is known for it high in detail and high quality items. I remember that 1st time I put on a pair of their Maitreya fitted jeans. I couldn't believe how well they fit, how there was little to no adjustments that needed to be made, and how real they looked. I was already a fan of this store, but after that jean experienced blueberry jumped up to one of my top 3 stores of all time. When they release an item, not only does it come with standard, fitted mess, s – xl mess, and mesh body compatibility, but it come in many styles and colors to fit everyone personality. Their last release is to die for! Check it out here:



I just recently ran across this store during one of the many sale events. They put out some very cute shorts for the summer, and I couldn't walk pass them without picking them up. I was overjoyed when I found out that the shorts came with the Maitreya size, and was even more excited by the way they fit perfectly.  There was no need for adjustment and the quality was top notch. This store also carries men items that are equally well designed. As soon as I get a chance I will be going to demo their new release which is amazing. Here is a preview:

Weib & Formanails

Wieb & Formanails
If you are looking for nice accessories for your mesh hands then Formanails is the place to be. They have a wide variety of rings, bracelets, anklets, and now nails to fit everyone style.   No matter if you have casual or elegant slink hands, Maitreya hands or even if you rock the classic avatar hands they have you covered. My always shopping self   owns almost all of their items, and have never had an issue with them fitting perfectly. They just release some very cute nails that will only be out for a limited time. Want to check them out? Well, here you go:

This is just a short list of my favorite places to shop. Soon, I will give the SLE readers my top store for mesh appliers. So stay tunes and until then…..Happy shopping!!

SLURL, Facebook, Flickr, and Website Link:



Saturday, September 26, 2015

Female Wrestling of Second life……The Sexy, The Tough, and the Brave! Sunny Love Holiday Reporting

I have been a fan of wrestling in Rl since the days of the late, great dusty Rhodes, Rick Flare and the Four Horseman, and the late great Rowdy Roddy Piper. I can remember being especially intrigued with the females of wrestling.  I enjoyed The Fabulous Moolah dominate prominent reign of the women's championship in what is now known as The WWE for 30 years as well as the evolution of the female present in wrestling from Miss Elizabeth to the Bella twins. Once I found out there was a group of ladies in SL that brought the strength of wrestling to the grid, I was eager to dive off the top rope right into their world and find out as much information as I could.

My journey begins at The Jungle Gym at inhibitions. A place designed for Cave-girl Cat-fighting. As I walked around amazed by the scenery, I ran into AleenaZon Resident. Ms. Aleena has done some RL wrestling in her younger days and has many years of cyber wresting steaming back over 5 years, starting with an online chat room "cyber fighting”. Once she learns of SL wrestling, her friend got her started and she has been wrestling on the grid ever since. After learning this I felt she would be a perfect person to learn the history of female wrestling and began asking questions. I was grateful that she was cheerfully willing to speak with me.

“There are two types of wrestling styles in Sl”, Aleena explained. “One is Pose ball wrestling which is more for the Cat-fighting style. This can be kind of some catty stuff...and even erotic.  Normally, what you do in these types of matches...whether public at an event...or in private one on you emote as you do the moves. Pose ball also have some Pro-style matches, which has more of the power moves in them.  Would you like to climb in the ring and give it a try? Afterwards I can explain the other style a bit more.” I stood there and thought for a moment about whether or not I was willing to get in the ring with such an experienced wrestler. I don’t have a scary bone in my body so I smiled and said “sure” and quickly changed into my bikini and climbed in the ring.

Being in the ring was a huge thrill for me. I channeled my favorite female wrestler of all time, Lita and really did good at 1st. However, just like anyone’s 1st time in the ring, I made a rookie mistake and ended up getting my butt handed to me. After laughing a bit at my loss, Aleena continued to drop knowledge. “So, this is a Diva's mat...they are one of the original companies that made wrestling mats. They do mainly pro-style rings ....but also have a catfight mat...and a catfight sofa. There are many events across the grid featuring these types of matches as well as the second style of wrestling……Hud Style Wrestling.”

It was explained to me by Aleena and a few girls I met at the pose style Divas after Dark event I attended the next evening that HUD Style wresting is formatted more like Real Life wresting shows. Wrestlers follow a story line, Have heels and Faces, posters and tee shirts for fans to buy, ring announcers and commentators. I was completely interested is learning a bit more about HUD style, but 1st grabbed a seat and totally immersed myself is a great pose style match featuring  Chiyokotoi Resident vs JoJo Poliatevska with JoJo being the victor.

After the match I was able to grab JoJo Poliatevska for a few questions. Beaming off her victory, explained what she liked most about being a Sl Female wrestler. “For me it is a community event. Everyone gathers at the matches, and it is like a big festival at times. There may be a DJ , there may be a band or something else going on. I will say, it has changed a lot since I first arrived 7 years ago. Back then there was only like 2 or 3 places to fight and the mats and menus were not that complicated.”  Now there are many fighting sims with hundreds of wrestler from all over the world. Both JoJo and Chiyokotoi suggested that if I wanted to know more about HUD style wrestling I should attend the WPWF the next evening and speak to the owner Tyress Serevi.

Walking into the WPWF arena was a surreal experience. I have been to many WWE house and Pay Per View Live shows and entering the arena felt very close to the real thing. Tyress Serevi greeted me with a friendly smile and escorted me to the middle of the ring to discuss her style. “I’ve been in SL wrestling for 6 years + now. There used to be another all females wrestling federation that was HUD based, however they didn’t focus on training the newer Talents. So, I decided to create WPWF as a development federation kind of like an Indy federation that focus on training the new and old talents to refine them into better wrestlers.” Even though I love the fact that this was an all-female federation, I could help but to ask why she decide to focus solely on females. “When you look at the HUD Based Wrestling community, you pretty much only see intergender federations. However, most of the federations out there got really good male talents, and some sadly tends to go easy on their females instead of trying to unlock their potential. I felt the women could use a place to get trained, and get the help they want and need from the ring skills to character. Also highlight them since the males often get the main spotlight on their shows.”

“Do you have titles, and if so, what are they and who holds them?” I asked eager to hear the answer. “At the moment we got two championship titles, the Mid card title would be the Siren Rising Championship, which is held by Alexa Zlatkis, then we have the main title, which is the WPWF Women's Championship, which is held by Ayane Tamatzui.” Tyress explained. By pure coincidence Ayane enter the arena with the presence of a true heel. Ayane has been the WPWF Women’s Championship for about 5 years. When asked what’s the most was challenging thing being the champ, she said “Oh, especially here in WPWF to stand out... because we got a lot of great talent, so it´s a challenge to really show why you are the top dog in the federation.”  “Do you have any advice for any upcoming talent wanting to get started?” I asked. “Yes, soak in everything you can from whoever you can; don´t let anybody tell you they know the right way to do things... you always got to figure out your own way to have fun with this. The best way is and always was from me to learn from others that do this for ages now. Other than that, find a nice place where you feel comfortable and have fun.”

My suggestion to anyone who wants to become your wrestler or simply want to enjoy a match every now and again is go and experience it all. There are many talented and friendly people involved in female wrestling that will be willing to help guide you in the direction of what suits you most. One thing is for sure……Sunny Love Holiday is now a diehard fan of these hard working ladies. When you attend and event, we can share some popcorn, because more than likely, I will be there!!!

Additional Information:
               Divas After Dark:

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

“Things that makes you think WTF” – Sunny Love Holiday Reporting

Having 10 years of experience in Second life has been both rewarding and problematic. I have seen the good, the bad, and the downright ugly of second life resident’s behavior.   Even though I have the years of seeing a little bit of everything the grid has to offer, there are still some things that leave me in awe or have me shaking my head wondering what the BLEEP (WTF)!

Today I thought I would share a few with the readers of the SL Enquirer my top WTF moments.
Second Life family incest

The phrase “SL is just a game” has taken new meaning when it come to some SL families. I, for one, have never participated in the roleplaying of a family due to all the drama that I have seen other families go through.  Lying, backstabbing, and gossip run rapid in some SL families; however, when one family member decides that they want to date or have sex with another family member takes the cake, and is the ultimate WTF moment.

I was under the understanding that when you create a family in Sl, you are roleplaying with avies as actually family members would live their RL lives. Therefore, if a father has sex or molested a daughter or son in real life he is looked upon as nasty and possibly sent to jail, why should it be different for an SL father?  When did it become acceptable for sisters and brothers to date and make out in either world? I understand that SL is a game, and that families members change like most changes their underwear, but in my opinion, it is not right to change from family member to a spouse or vice versa.

The “Talented coward” believing they are better than everyone else

There are many talented creators, models, and others in SL. The creative styling of the talented always keeps the second life experience new and exciting. However, some of them know this, and it goes to their head. Because of this knowledge, some have a “God complex”.  Being in the fashion world, I have seen some of the most talented behave like they are God’s gift, and most people are beneath them.

WTF? At the end of the day the talented is just like everyone else, using SL as an escape from the real world.  Just because someone does not share the same talent or skill as you do don’t mean you are better than them. They may have some other type of skill that you do not.  Or maybe they are more talented than you, but chose not to work in SL because their RL work is more than enough for them. Regardless of your skill or how you chose to show it, people need to remember that when you log out of SL you are just a regular person like everyone else. You may be talented, but how you treat people always shows your true character.

SLer’s use of Facebook

Facebook is great ways to connect with friends when you are not inworld, promote your business, and share photos of your experiences. Unfortunately, some SLers has also use the great social media as an outlet to share drama, secret sharing, and childish arguments. I have only been on the second life side of Facebook for about 4 years, nonetheless within that 4 years I have seen arguments so bad that real life children were made fun of, relationship was destroyed, and people being shamed to the point that they either left second life all together or created a new avie to start all over.

I find it horrific that people would take anything that happens on the grid that seriously that they would childishly shame a person and/or their real life families in public. Just like in real life people and personalities clash. It is not expected for everyone to get along nor is it expected for everyone to like everyone. In my eyes, however, what is expected is for people to act like adults. If you have an issue with someone, why not pull that person aside (or hop in their private instant message) and have a real conversation about your concerns? Of course that approach will not always be well received, but that is where the block and mute button comes into play. Going to Facebook to air your dirty laundry does nothing but make you look childish. I mean really people……WTF?

These are just a few of my WTF moments in second life. If I were to list them all this would be a 30 page article. I am sure there will be some people who agree with me and some who do not. Maybe I might offend and few with my views. Keep in mind that these are my views and not everyone has to agree.  Let’s have a discussion about it. Please feel free to leave a comment below as to whether you agree or not, or on another WTF moment you have experienced.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August Upcoming Fashion Guide – Sunny Love Holiday Reporting

One of the sweetest joys for me in Second Life is shopping. Nothing can lift my spirits more than bouncing from event to event catching all the sales on the latest and greatest items from my favorite creators. I am sure all of you fashionistas out there can feel me when I say, when I have on a fashion forward outfit I feel like I can concur the world.  With that being said, I feel it is only right to give you all my view on some of the hottest events and fashion shows going on for the month of August, in order to help you take over the world.


Color Me Project

I always keep my eye in this event. They have a unique round theme in having all items one color. Therefore, this event is perfect for party goers attending those parties aimed with all one color themes. Not only do they provide the color you are looking for, but you will be ahead of the game fashion. This round is special because it is featuring two colors, black and white, when normally it only has a one color theme. My trusty side kick, smoky and I, headed out to check it out because black is one of my favorite colors to wear.

As soon as I touched down, two items immediately stood out to me.  Powers Design provided a beautiful lingerie set, complete with a powerful collar and floral wings that is different than lingerie sets. I imaged myself in this set creating a sexy photo that would be Flickr worthy. See how fashion can inspires creativity? This set is priced at 225L which in my eyes is a great price for all it comes with.

Quickly I gravitated to the display from SUPERNATURAL. They graced this event with the Bella & Grace collection. I was intrigued with the details of the collar on the Bella body suit. I have yet to see something quite like this and felt it was a sexy enough to stand only or would be a great addition to a pair of jeans. Prices for the items in this collection range from 90L to 100L.

Of course there are many other great items there for your creative pleasures. This event only last until Aug. 17th so you may want to run on down there, after you finish reading this article…

FAD Fashion Event

This is a fairly new event. FAD is only on their 3rd round and since I am always looking for somewhere new to shop I decided to check it out. I was delighted to land in front of an array of tropical colors. All of that brightness put me in the mood to shop for a hot swimsuit! AMERICAN BAZAAR and TASHI must have had the same feeling as I did, because they brought the fire!

AMERICAN BAZAAR’s Miami Bikini gave me life with its multicolor pattern. The bikini comes with 6 options which is always something I love because I am such a mix and match type of stylist. Each bikini is reasonably priced at 169l.

Looking for a complete look for the beach? TASHI brings you a sexy colorful one piece swimsuit called Jennifer. Pair this with the Tropical night Nail Polish and the Kim Sandals to ensure you turn heads on the beach. Prices range from 75L to 120L.

There are many wonderful tropical themed items at this event. I love the setup of the store and the ease of shopping.  The displays were big, bright and colorful just like I like it! I will keep my eye on FAD from this day forward. This event ends August 25th.


I have my favorite events that I attend every round and FaMESHed is among the top of the list. The top of the line fashion that this event brings every round brings is like a ray of sunshine to me. Lately I have really enjoyed the shoe offering and this round didn’t disappoint. Both of my Favorite Reign and N core Design gave me exactly what I needed for the summers fashion trend.

Reign is known for their trendy style and attention to detail. They really out did themselves with the lace wedges. I am impressed with the high detail and bright colors these wedges have to offer.  I don’t think there is a better wedge out there to add class and style to your best summer short set. Spending 250L for these is a great investment.
If you are like me, you are always looking for the perfect shoes for a summer night out with friends. N Core Design brings you the Enchained heels in many colors. I really like hoe N Core now provides shoes for slink feet, and these are no exceptions. With the metal options, these heels give you two styles in one for 300L. Bravo, N Core.

These great deals and many more will only be around until August 27th.


Amazing Impressions Modeling presents AFI Designs

I love fashion shows. It is a great way to see the latest styles up close and personal.  Amazing Impressions Modeling (AIM) always brings the most organized shows on the grid. On Saturday August 15th AIM will be bringing you the 1st ever AFI designs runway show. I think this is going to be one of the best runway shows this summer. AFI creator DJ A.F.I is a real life Hollywood DJ and I am sure all of that glam will spill over onto the SL catwalk. The show starts at 8pm SLT, but I recommend getting there at least 15 mins early to grab a good seat. I will be in attendance and I hope to see you there too.

Friday, June 26, 2015

A Tour of Second Norway- Sunny Love Holiday Reporting

I enjoy keeping up with the activities of the people and places I do articles on. I truly believe in who and what I write about, and love to see their success. Recently Luciano Liónheart, formally known as Luciano de Prata , informed me that his popular  Luciano Jazz Club & Lounge moved to a new sim named Second Norway. I have heard a lot about this sim, and asked Mr. Liónheart if he would like to meet up and chat a bit about his move and the sim he now resides in. To my delight he was eager to meet, and invited me to his lovely home for tea.

After catching up on some personal things, Luciano explained how much he loved his new beginnings and talked about some of the gems around the 40 sims that makes up Second Norway. “Second Norway is owned by Ey Ren and Mialinn Telling. Gracefully, they have trusted me with most of this sim (the mainland) and a lot of other gems around SN.” Mr. Liónheart, proudly explained.  “Along with my Jazz club, I took over and remodeled the local hotel, Hotel Bryggen along with Bella Bistro, which is SL's oldest restaurant.” 

Of course, I was excited to hear of Mr. Liónheart growing success, but my excitement reached new heights when he offered me a personal tour of the sims. “Sunny, I would actually recommend that you try to stay here as a guest. Our staff is really what makes this amazing!” Needless to say I happily accepted his offer. I was contacted by the Manager of VSN Travel, Kristina Taov, shortly after leaving Luciano’s home and directed to meet her at the Brook Hill Airport for my flight into the Second Norway Airport, the largest one in SL, formed by 8 sims. It is also equipped with a subway/train infrastructure so all the regions in Second Norway can stay interconnected and accessible by train. Despite my fear of heights and planes, I couldn’t wait to get this tour started!

My Fears were quickly put to rest as Kristina guided the luxury aircraft across the clear skies, assuring me all will be fine. Flying was actually perfect because I had a clear view of the sims, and all the wonders it entails. Once we landed, we immediately jumped in a private motorcar and drove to the mainland. I was pleasantly impressed with the landscaping and ocean view. I imaged it looked just as it would in RL Norway.

Our 1st stop was at Hotel Bryggen. The hotel looked like a perfect get away for families and couples alike. “Here tour guests can stay for a weekend, close enough to all the places with weekend activities, such as Bella Bistro Restaurant, Luciano’s Club & Lounge, the Art Galleries, Shopping Mall and Marina.” Kristina explained. “All are accessible from this point. It is possible to sail, ride bicycles or take the train.” We entered the hotel and I must say I instantly started planning in my head when I would have time to return with my group of friends for a weekend of fun.  I fell in love the rustic looking suites they have. It totally made me feel like I was in the RL rustic Norway atmosphere.

Next, we climbed aboard a large sail boat and traveled across the Sailing Sims, passing all the previously mentions activity spots.  I noticed a seafront retreat that I believe would be perfect for lovers to enjoy each other.  Our boat ride ended at Boatel, a hotel for lovers by the water. “A boat is guested during guests stay here so they can sail around all the connected regions. Also there is a small airstrip on top of the mountain if they want to fly as well.” Kristina told me with a bright smile on her face.  Lovers that stay here are truly pampered with all the amenities offered.

Once our boat ride was over, we took a bicycle ride to the top of a mountain. Kristina handed me a glass of champagne and asked me to join her on a hot air balloon ride.  Firecrackers popped off as we enjoyed the cool breeze and spectacular view of all of the sims. I couldn’t believe how well put together the Second Norway sims were put together. Every event, activity, hotels, and venue was so easily accessible with many ways of travel. The balloon ride ended in front of The Bella Bistro Restaurant. I quickly entered to enjoy a hot cup of coffee before I left.

While enjoying my coffee, I asked Kristina what were her thoughts of second life Norway. “This is a place where all your dreams can come true!” she beamed. I couldn’t agree more. There is so much to do, see and enjoy that it is impossible not to have a fun filled vacation. More than one trip would be needed to enjoy all they have to offer, without doing the same thing twice. This is a sim I highly recommend and will return to shortly myself. I could use a vacation and there is nowhere else I would rather be!   

Facebook Link: Second Norway:

Client Preferred Contact:

Luciano Lionheart (GM)
Kara Gelbert (Hotel Manager)
Kristina Taov or Jose Squeegee (VSN Travel Agents)

Meileenprincess Resident (Bistro Manager)