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Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I have observed a burgeoning trend in Second Life with mesh bodies. Women can choose from a variety of shops, styles, shapes, and models. Not only can women choose, but there is also a variety of mesh bodies for men. Men are also joining the mesh trend at a higher rate
What is the “best mesh body” out there? There is not one mesh body on the market which is the best because there are pros and cons to all of them.  On the contrary, mesh bodies must be right for the person who buys them, depending on personal taste.

The most important thing to know is that body shape is also changing in the mesh revolution. Even my shape has changed a little bit after I started using mesh items.

Some people insist on keeping the shape of his or her original body. However, for a perfect look, some changes are needed. People need to experiment in order to find the perfect look for them. Therefore, a few adjustments are always required to achieve the perfect look.  These are some small adjustments that can make an incredible difference.

In order to have the right look that fits your style, one should have a medium-sized mesh body with the following specifications:

Female Avatar
Height – 60 (6’5″ using the avatar ruler)
Body Fat: 15
Head size: 59
Torso Muscle: 41
Breast Size: 47
Arm length: 99
Hand size: 33
Torso length: 49
Love Handles: 35
Belly Size: 5
Leg Muscle: 54
Leg length: 50
Hip width: 65
Butt Size: 60
Saddle Bags: 25
Head: adjust the size with the note card instructions that came with your hair
Male Avatar
Height – 82 (6’5″ using the avatar ruler)
Body Fat: 5
Head size: 71
Torso Muscle: 49
Pectorals: 11
Arm length: 75
Hand size: 50
Torso length: 60
Love Handles: 25
Belly Size: 1
Leg Muscle: 61
Leg length: 54
Hip width: 60
Butt Size: 55
Saddle Bags: 22
Head: adjust the size with the note card instructions that came with your hair
These measurements can be altered a little, of course, if you want a personalized look. After all, we are all unique, right?

Moreover, at the market you can find a little device called ‘The Avatar Ruler.’ It will help you to measure your avatar’s height and the ruler is also a freebie. The creator even says: “Everybody knows the typical children’s illness of newbies: the ‘Ogre Stature Disease,’ so I have decided to give this away as a freebie to help everyone making nice and more realistic avatars. Please feel free to take our gift. Use it, or even throw it away and write a bad review if you woke up in a bad mood.” A nice attitude, isn’t it?

Anyway, if you do not want to look like an ogre, the body will need to be changed, depending on the mesh clothes which you are using.
Although the stores have improved the huds to adjustments of Alpha layers, it is always necessary to adjust to body shape to add mesh clothing for a perfect look.  Just as girls always say: You have to suffer a little to look good. :)

When exploring some sims, it is possible to see how people can be creative when they edit their shape. Some may look like ogres, but they are fun at their own way. Yes, you must feel good about your body and your shape. You can even adjust it according to your personality.
Additional Information:
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