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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Top 5 tips on how to keep romance alive in Second Life-Becca Drascol Reporting

Just like nurturing a child or a pet, a relationship needs nurturing. And for a romantic relationship it is a bond that can be just as delicate as it can be strong. One needs to think of a good, healthy relationship as a work in progress, where there is definitely a beginning, middle but no foreseeable end. So here we top 5 tips for keeping the romance alive.

1.    Respect-Have you ever blocked and or unfriended someone in SL because they had no respect for or even towards you? We all have. So why then would you be in any type of romantic relationship virtual or real, if there was no respect? Any type of relationship needs respect on both sides.

2.     Honesty-Being honest is another must. While some people can work through and beyond lies, but for most sometimes even one lie can fully change a relationship. Just as trust is a huge issue in relationships, honesty goes hand in hand with that. And afterall, no one likes being lied to.

3.    Making sure to make time for your partner-Like any type of relationship be it romantic, friendship or family, for a bond to stay or grow stronger you must make time for one another. For couples it could be as simple as choosing one night a week and declare it date night. Pick a location in SL you both would enjoy and perhaps have fun and romantic things to do together. The most important part is to take time that is a couples only thing for you and your special someone to enjoy and connect or reconnect even.

4.    Keep it hot-Romance equals intimacy. All people crave intimacy of some form, which is of course human nature. So if that means in SL your idea of keeping it hot is a nice time dancing slow sexy dances, so be it. Cuddling with your partner can be so rewarding. For most of us in SL there is a certain attachment to not only our own avatar but to the avatar of our partner. Sometimes it can be so nice to sit back and just cuddle, be close or hug even. And lastly sex, yes make time for sex. While sex isn't the most important part of intimacy it too is something as humans we crave. For some it may be silly to have sex in a virtual world, but as one half of a couple who plays SL with her RL husband of six years, even sex in SL can be fun and hot.

5.    Show your love-Rather your SL relationship is strictly SL or is a part of your RL as well, for a long lasting, growing relationship to survive, show your love. Give gifts, something small and just sweet you thought your partner would adore, or if you’re so inclined expensive and you felt they just had to have. Show small gestures of love, even if that gesture is simply saying "You know, you make me smile." Request a song that means something to you and your partner. A song request can make the guy or girl in your life at the least smile, and who knows maybe even tear up with joy. Again as well as cuddling for the sake of keeping it hot, cuddle, hug and do whatever shows your love to your SL sweetie.

What’s the trick?

Keeping romance alive is a bit of fun, sometimes hard work, and of course intimacy and love. But most importantly it’s doing whatever betters the relationship you have with that special someone. So what is the trick? Simply put maybe there isn’t one. I don’t know...but what I do know is hopefully these top 5 help you SL’ers in keeping your SL romance alive.


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