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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Get your Halloween Hunt on! – Camury Reporting

We are approaching the end of October and it is still time for you to enjoy the Halloween Hunts that are happening.  Have fun and explore some of the best hunting ground on the grid and find amazing items! Discover the news that the creators of Second Life are bringing for all of your Halloween party needs from food to customs. Take a tour of the scary haunts all over SL and take advantage of free gifts. Get ready for a week of fabulous game that will keep you busy. The best Halloween hunt in Second Life is waiting for you to find absolutely amazing prizes.

Here is a list of  some Halloween hunt  you may be interested in checking out.

Wicked Witchy-Ween Hunt - Oct 10 through Oct 31
All about Halloween, Witches, Pumpkins, Candy, Brooms, Goblins, Vampires, etc. you will find Wicked Witchy-Ween Hunt.
Hunt Object: Broom. This is a 1L hunting.

LUNA Halloween Fair 2016 - Oct 13 through Nov 13
Hunt, Live Music, Live DJs, the Fun Ride, you will find  in the LUNA Halloween Fair 2016 (relay for life fair, let's kill some cancer).
Hunt Object: Ghost Spon

CuCu Clothes Halloween Hunt - Oct 1 through  Nov 5
This is a Hunt event in a spooky themed location – The “13 SeCrets Hunt Valley” All in all 13 Dollarbies if you found the Keys or solved the Riddles Portal (teleporter) at the entry of CuCu Clothes MAINSTORE – all INFO there 6 Gifts from CuCu Clothes, exclusives!  – 6 from TinG home (furnitures) – 1 is an exclusive SeCret!
Hunt Object: 13 hidden Keys & 13 Riddles . This is  Hunt for Group members (20L$ fee only) , this is a L$1 Hunt.

Botanica Haunted Corn Maze

A whole lot of corn await you in the amazing 6th Annual Corn Maze. It is a little spooky with the Lots of photo ops playing with safe avi animations and old fashioned Halloween fun. Trip 20 tricks to collect 20 prizes and a grand prize for finishing the hunt.
Hunt Object: Various. (This is a L$0 Hunt)
Starting point:

Scare Me Silly Great Pumpkin Hunt  Oct 13  thru Oct 31
This hunt is part of the scare me silly event, organized by the diabetes team of Second Life. You will find many fun scary activities, live entertainment and shopping of more than 40 designers. The awards are 5L each with all proceeds going to diabetes team of Second Life.
Hunt Object: Pumpkin. (This is a L$1 Hunt beneficent)
If you don’t like the hunt, or If you really do have a legitimate complaint, write it in a politely worded notecard and send it to the hunt organizer who will take care of it. That’s all you need to do. No matter what, be a polite hunter: Never complain or be rude, never harass the shop owner, and always remember that you do not have a right to anything free in SL.
Have Fun and Happy Hunting!


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