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Showing posts with label prizes. Show all posts

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Egg Smashing Madness From MadPea!


Hop on over to the MadPea Easter Egg Farm for thirteen days of egg smashing madness! Each day you'll break, smash, and pulverize eggs for a fantastic prize! By visiting daily, you'll be able to collect 13 seasonal prizes and be awarded MadPea achievements! The Easter Egg Farm runs from April 6th through April 18th. Join the fun now!

Check out the How to Play for more info!

Friday, October 15, 2021

SQUID GAME IN SECOND LIFE! First Tournament October 23rd, 2021 beginning at 12 pm SLT. 50L to Enter, winner takes all.

SQUID GAME IN SECOND LIFE! October 23rd, 2021 beginning at 12 pm SLT. 50L to Enter, winner takes all.

SQUID GAME is the latest Netflix survival drama series that is breaking the internet right now. For those of you who have not watched it, you are truly missing out on a twisted series based on Korean childhood games.  Written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, the storyline is centered around 456 participants who are in major debt. In desperation, participants signed a contract and were given a card with a phone number on the back. They agreed to the terms and made the call to arrange for pick up. Participants are gassed to sleep so they do not know the location of the games. Once there, they are placed in a warehouse with beds and all wearing the same green tracksuits with numbers ranging from 1- 456. The first game is “Red Light, Green Light”...where they find out how the game really works. The prize to one winner is a whopping 45.6 billion.

We are excited to announce Squid Game is in Second Life! The SL Enquirer met with Jim Kirk, creator of Squid Game in Second Life for a sneak preview of this new interactive venue and the upcoming first tournament details on October 23rd, 2021. We hope to see you there!

Interview with Jim Kirk (jimbobkirk))

SLE: We are excited to see Squid Game in Second Life! Can you tell our readers what inspired you to create it in Second Life?

Jim: This all came about when I watched the whole squid game series and it just looked like so much fun to play! It was the talk of the town! Seemed as though no one had done an SL version yet, and I love building and scripting so I got started. Within a day or 2, we already had many visitors showing up. Though only the first 2 games were made by then. We've had amazing support from all of the SL community and we are so grateful so many of you are as passionate about this as I am!


SLE: We found you in SL search and knew we had to check it out. The Red light Green light set looks exactly like the one on the show.  I’m sure it was a lot of work getting it just right.



Jim: After a couple of days of working on it, I realized that with all the fuss about it, I needed some help! So my very good friend Bam (PrincessBamb1) came to help out. I worked on creating the games (coding and designing the games) where she worked on making the areas look the part! She's done an amazing job! Though watch out, she might be the one that shoots you ;)


SLE: Well you did a fantastic job creating replicas of the games. We have our tracks suits ready! What can you tell us about the games for those who have not seen the series?




Jim: All of the games except the tug of war (marketplace bought) were coded by myself. Though I do believe I will spend a long time improving them all ;) I gave myself the goal of completing (coding) one game per day, and somehow managed to stick to that plan.


SLE: I bet the traffic is starting to pick up in SL since this show went viral in real life!


Jim: We were so shocked to see that even on day 4 we were getting so many visitors. I spent no time advertising the place at all, I was just there building/coding every day. But every day more and more people showed up. With no advertising, it was amazing to see that on day 4 we already had over 20 group members.



SLE: We are proud to be sponsoring your version of Squid Games in Second Life and can’t wait to see it in full action. Can you reveal to our readers when the first tournament starts?


Jim: With our first tournament being on 23rd October 2021 beginning at 12 pm SLT. 50L to Enter, winner takes all.  we already feel like the place will be packed out on the day. Might even have to put a limit on entrants so we don't crash the sim!


So far we have all games completed, however, we will be working on visual improvements and giving it a more realistic feel for a long time to come.


SLE: Anything else would you like our readers to know about your version of Squid Games?


Jim: We even added the ability for our "Guards" or "Enforcers" to shoot players ;) Feel free to ask for a tour if you see one of our Enforcers around. They'll give you tips on the games and even shoot you if you break a honeycomb! We're really looking forward to this first tournament of ours, and we hope to see you there! 



It is 50L to Enter. The winner takes all and an exclusive interview with The SL Enquirer.

Sign up for the tournament here!

Join the Group Squid Games! 


We are hiring Guards in Red Suits! 

Apply here:


Preferred Contact: 

Jim Kirk (jimbobkirk)

Saturday, May 22, 2021



'RAFFLES' situated at Ashcan Consortium offers unique raffle boards and machines for your venue, club, or event. Fancy a mobile phone or Christmas tree instead of the usual generic board then RAFFLES has the machine for you. Machines are ideal for around 320 entries and most can host daily weekly or monthly draws. Basic machines start from L$99 with limited functionality up to L$299/399 for machines with full features. Fully featured boards can also offer an L$ prize along with one of your physical items.

The store also offers Neons at great prices, with commissions starting at just L$99 for a basic neon.

Contact Yoofaloof Pacer in-world for details.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Out Shop Cancer - More than 100 stores participating including the Wythburn Art Walk


Raffles ending at 7pm SLT on October 15:
Shopping Spree Raffle #1 - valued at over L$15,000 - tickets L$100 each
Animesh baby girl from Suki baby - valued at L$4,500 - tickets L$100 each
1968 Custom Nova from Taz's Customs - valued at approximately L$1,900 - tickets L$65 each

Next round of raffles will start Friday, October 16

Shopping Spree Raffle #2 - valued at over L$15,000 - tickets L$100 each, drawing held on Oct 31st at 7pm SLT
Animesh baby boy from Suki Baby - valued at L$4,500 - tickets L$100 each, drawing will be held Oct 31st at 7pm SLT

Other raffles that will start on or around Oct 16 are:
2019 Demon SRT from Bad Bunny's Custom
2 sets of KittyCat pairs
For Bloodlines - a Lumen tank and a blood cask

Special events:

Meet the Artists
Saturday, Oct 17 &  Oct 24
Wythburn Art Walk
Music provided by DJ Filo Tani
10am - 12pm slt
Out Shop Cancer @ Heathens Court Event
October 15 - 31
Heathens Court Event is partnering with Out Shop Cancer for their October 2020 round There are more than 30 participating merchants (some are also regular Out Shop Cancer merchants who are also participating at their main store or marketplace stores)

Grand opening party on Thursday, October 15 from 12pm - 8pm slt
Entertainment schedule:

12pm DJ Jennylynn
3pm DJ Anubis
5pm DJ Gem
6pm DJ Clark Kent

Also, make sure to check out the raffles that will be going on at Heathens Court as well, including:

~ OOAK Custom Truck
~ L$1,000 Stychwytch Designs Gift Card
~ L$1,100 Blueberry Gift Card
~ L$1,000 KC Couture Gift Card

Plus random prizes throughout the grand opening party.

Heathens Court SLurl

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

SL Enquirer teamed up with Synergy Island for a TWISTED PAPARAZZI PHOTO CONTEST 2020! April 17th to May 7th!


Calling everyone who sees the perfection, or yes, the imperfection within the world of SL.

The SL Enquirer is looking for the best money shots in Second Life. Think you need to channel that inner runway photographer or even your inner Jimmy Olsen? For those of you non-comic geeks, he’s the guy who takes photographs of Superman for the Daily Planet. (And if you don’t know who Superman is, well. I just can’t with you, I just can’t…….:) )
It doesn’t matter. You don't have to be a professional photographer or even know how to use photoshop for that matter! We are looking for natural snapshots taken in Second Life using the natural  environment and even high profile avatars! Just get to snapping some pics and have fun with it!

What is SL Enquirer LOOKING FOR?

CREATIVITY! Snapshots will be Judged for best angles, use of environmental settings, creativity and TWISTED HUMOR. No  nudity please!

Entry Fee: 20L 

*1 Entry per contestant.
*NO TEXTURE IMAGES. All Snapshots must be unaltered by paint programs or photoshop / again No Nudity! 
*Use of Alts or posting advertisements in this photo contest will be immediately disqualified with no refund. So let’s play fair.


*FIRST PLACE- Spotlight Feature published on the front page of The SL Enquirer including a month Banner on our site! (3k Value) or cash prize of 3,000L

*SECOND PLACE- 1 week Ad Banner & link on the Front Page of the SL Enquirer (1k Value) or a cash prize of 1000L



Additional Prize! 

Enter The SL Enquirer’s Monthly drawing at the media center

BONUS PHOTOBOMB! Catch a SLebrity by surprise!  You never know when you might see! one sporting a baldie or manboobs or even worse.  Your snapshot might be worth $500L from The SL Enquirer!

Who is a SLebrity target?

Mark Ussy- CEO of Synergy Island
Theon Ruby, DJ Extraordinaire

Contest is located on the second floor.

  1. Pay the box below the poster that does not have an entry in it
           The pay box will turn black "in use"
  1. Click the Available box and then press ctrl and drag drop contest entry picture into it. Make sure it is full perms before dragging it in. 


This contest is Sponsored by Synergy Island & The SL Enquirer

Friday, April 10, 2020

.Be Fashion Look Of The Year 2020! The Search will start in June!

Are you a male avatar? Do you love Dot.Be Fashion? Do you like style ad have fun? Do you like to win cash and prizes?

We are looking for an elegant and a stylish man who will represent our brand with grace and character.
With $30000L  and other prizes!

The Search will start in June 2020!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Copacabana Country Campground Grand Opening!

Copacabana Country Campground are officially opening our doors!
Come join us on Saturday, September 8th for a fun filled, family friendly day of live music, contests and cookouts. The fun starts at 2pm SLT with a free cook-out and a chance to meet the owners and Park Rangers. From there we have a Bull Riding Competition, 7seas fishing contest, a Ghost hunt, a live performance by AMFORTE at 6p and a fireworks display to end the day! We have a lot of prizes to give away as well! Including a 2000L for KiX Creations, a 2000L gift card to Rebel Outfitters, a free week campsite rental and more! You won’t want to miss out!

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’ll love our bungee jumping platform, skydiving rocket and zipline. For a more relaxing day we have 7seas fishing, horseback riding and swimming. We have movie nights and campfire stories that the whole family will enjoy as well. For the sportsman in you we have archery, clay pigeon shooting and paintball games. There’s always something happening at Copacabana Country!

Copacabana Country Campground is a beautifully landscaped, perfect place to bring the whole family for a get-away in the great outdoors! There’s so much to do and see we have something for everyone. It’s even been said that Bigfoot wanders our forest! Our very reasonable rental prices and friendly staff make it even easier to feel at home. With over 20 sites available, including some luxury cabins, you're sure to find just what you and your family need! Stop by, say Hi and spend some family time at Copacabana Country!


Thursday, April 26, 2018

LOST & FOUND IS BACK! Can you FIND our LOST prizes?!

 Lost & Found is back with a bang!
The vintage event you love is reopening its doors, and you will find an endless amount of flea market treasures, from vintage decor and antiquities to precious glittering goods!
There's MORE! Our clumsy designers have LOST a stash of 15 valuables hidden in bottles, all over the L&F sim!! It's up to you to FIND them and crack the ancient code in order to gain access to all the pretty prizes!

Ready to shop vintage, and find our long lost treasures?! 

Exclusives and hunt prizes galleries on our FB page

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Whisper of Silk Presents An Arabian Nights Extravaganza Monday May 18th 2017 6PM SL - 8PM SL


You're invited to be part of our Magical Arabian Nights - a spectacular NOT to be missed!!
Our show features the 'Whisperers' travelling the Desert sands - dancing their way through Exotic lands joined by our talented Belly dancers to showcase this fabulous performance.

Plenty of dancing, prizes, FREE Gifts, and FUN!!
Follow the Landmark to our Club - RUB our Magical Lamp to travel mystically into a Genie Bottle and begin your adventures!

Our FREE Lottery with over $L5000 in prizes will be drawn during the evening.

Hope to see you and your friends join us for a fabulous evening.

                                                                Your Hosts
                                                             Deb Aristocarnas
                                                         Cruisecontrol Resident

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Come celebrate your favorite comic characters at this fun event. The Riddler will be giving out dozens of riddles in chat and the first guest to answer them will win a cash prize.  Also free Batman signals and bat rings.  Dress as your favorite comic hero or villain or come as you are.  Don't hang out alone in your bat cave, join us for this exciting party.  We will also have some photo op boards set up that create action packed scenes and great tunes by DJ Ned.  Use the link below and see you all there!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

GeekSpeak - what new prize would you award? Join the Discussion Saturday November 26th at 12pm SLT

There are six Nobel prizes awarded every year to people throughout the world and of course various other prizes are awarded nationally.  Can you think of any other prize category?  What would you like to honour people for?  A prize for the most inventive idea?  The oddest theory?  The most progress towards extra-terrestrial colonies?  A prize for music, not just literature?  A prize for the best virtual world?

Or do you think any system of prizes is absurd and unfair?  Should we stop honouring individuals?  “What’s honour?  Who hath it?  He that died o’Wednesday.”  Is that how you feel?

Come to GeekSpeak to talk about prizes and honour.  Please contact Kathen Ohtobide if you have any difficulty in finding us.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Clam Dig & Clam Bake Party. Saturday, November 19th from 12-2 pm SLT.

 Come join us at Playmates Mansion, Club and Beach Resort for this fun and interactive clam dig. Cash prizes for those who find the most clams. 1st Prize - $250.  2nd Prize - $100.  3rd Prize $50L.
Clam will be hidden all over our beach and when you touch one, it automatically disappears from the beach and announces that you have found a clam for the clam bake in local chat to keep score.  When all the clams have been found, the prizes will be rewarded and the clams steamed in a large kettle right on the beach while we dance to great music by DJ Ned.
Use this link below and see you all there!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Get your Halloween Hunt on! – Camury Reporting

We are approaching the end of October and it is still time for you to enjoy the Halloween Hunts that are happening.  Have fun and explore some of the best hunting ground on the grid and find amazing items! Discover the news that the creators of Second Life are bringing for all of your Halloween party needs from food to customs. Take a tour of the scary haunts all over SL and take advantage of free gifts. Get ready for a week of fabulous game that will keep you busy. The best Halloween hunt in Second Life is waiting for you to find absolutely amazing prizes.

Here is a list of  some Halloween hunt  you may be interested in checking out.

Wicked Witchy-Ween Hunt - Oct 10 through Oct 31
All about Halloween, Witches, Pumpkins, Candy, Brooms, Goblins, Vampires, etc. you will find Wicked Witchy-Ween Hunt.
Hunt Object: Broom. This is a 1L hunting.

LUNA Halloween Fair 2016 - Oct 13 through Nov 13
Hunt, Live Music, Live DJs, the Fun Ride, you will find  in the LUNA Halloween Fair 2016 (relay for life fair, let's kill some cancer).
Hunt Object: Ghost Spon

CuCu Clothes Halloween Hunt - Oct 1 through  Nov 5
This is a Hunt event in a spooky themed location – The “13 SeCrets Hunt Valley” All in all 13 Dollarbies if you found the Keys or solved the Riddles Portal (teleporter) at the entry of CuCu Clothes MAINSTORE – all INFO there 6 Gifts from CuCu Clothes, exclusives!  – 6 from TinG home (furnitures) – 1 is an exclusive SeCret!
Hunt Object: 13 hidden Keys & 13 Riddles . This is  Hunt for Group members (20L$ fee only) , this is a L$1 Hunt.

Botanica Haunted Corn Maze

A whole lot of corn await you in the amazing 6th Annual Corn Maze. It is a little spooky with the Lots of photo ops playing with safe avi animations and old fashioned Halloween fun. Trip 20 tricks to collect 20 prizes and a grand prize for finishing the hunt.
Hunt Object: Various. (This is a L$0 Hunt)
Starting point:

Scare Me Silly Great Pumpkin Hunt  Oct 13  thru Oct 31
This hunt is part of the scare me silly event, organized by the diabetes team of Second Life. You will find many fun scary activities, live entertainment and shopping of more than 40 designers. The awards are 5L each with all proceeds going to diabetes team of Second Life.
Hunt Object: Pumpkin. (This is a L$1 Hunt beneficent)
If you don’t like the hunt, or If you really do have a legitimate complaint, write it in a politely worded notecard and send it to the hunt organizer who will take care of it. That’s all you need to do. No matter what, be a polite hunter: Never complain or be rude, never harass the shop owner, and always remember that you do not have a right to anything free in SL.
Have Fun and Happy Hunting!