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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Interview with SL Photographer Dixmix Souce -Seersha Heart Reporting...

Becoming a resident of Second Life in November of 2006, Dixmix Souce has been active in the SL photography scene for almost ten years.  In 2012, he was one of the artists who provided tours for the Virtual Ability Tour group and in that same year was part of GIFT [GA International Fine Arts Tour].  This year he has curated Escape In Landscapes in July and has recently opened Dixmix Gallery.  Dixmix Gallery is a new venue for 2D and 3D artists in world.

 Let’s get personal with Dixmix.

Saoirse Heart:  Welcome Dixmix and thank you so much for talking to me today.  I thought I would start off with a basic curiosity question, tell me how you got into Second Life.

Dixmix:  When I rezzed I thought SL was a chat room.  It took me one week to jump over the wall around the house where I was!  Then I met someone who taught me the basics of Second Life.  It did not take me long to discover the camera and take my first pictures.  My first house was a NY loft and of course it was also my first gallery.  I got into the photography scene and got brand new friends.  Some of those friends are still here and have not disappeared.  Others sadly died or maybe they just TP to heaven.

Saoirse Heart:  You have collaborated a lot with well resident Megan Prumier.  She built the new gallery.  She is the creator of the darkly enjoyable builds Crimarizon and Deadpool.  How did you meet her?

Dixmix:  It was in September 2011 at the Blacksilk academy, she went there with a mutual friend for some kind of fun or maybe just to see my exhibition.  Later Megan asked me if I would like to be the curator of the gallery she was building in a strange jungle sim called Crimarizon.  I accepted the job even though I already own my gallery.  Within a few months she had rebuilt it wonderfully.  Since then we have done a lot together and have a strong friendship. We both are Capricorn maybe it helps us to understand each other.

Saoirse Heart:  Let me ask you about something another artist said to me.  He said that "chicks dig artists'.  Do you find that to be a true statement?

Dixmix:  To be an sl artist, and it’s the same in rl too, you need to be alone. In my solitude is where I find my inspiration and my time to shoot.  Yes you can be surrounded by some cute AVI, who is smart and funny but when you’re starting a photo session you don’t have much time to talk.  You have to set the light, select the poses, have a look on every detail of the outfit.  Usually I tell them, sort your messy inventory or get ready for the next outfit.  Otherwise I have close friends, close enough to know the name of our children, talk about life, bitching about the weather, like many others I believe have in world.

Saoirse Heart:  On Saveme Oh’s blog she posted dialog from the one of your gallery openings in September 2016.  You were gracious and polite, yet her behavior earned her an ejection.  What is the most outrageous thing someone has done for your attention?

Dixmix:  I will not talk about about Saveme oh.  For me nothing is outrageous, I respect every kind of second life choices; you can be human, elf, hobbit, monkey, wear strange clothes or even a fashion addict. We are all pixel, but if you talk to me for 10 minutes, you will understand I'm real I'm not role playing as an artist or as a curator. I'm always talking to the person in front the screen.  I save my RP for some places where I always keep my clothes on.

Saoirse Heart:  Many artists and builders use ALTs as part of their creative process.  Do you use an ALT for creating or other purposes?

Dixmix;  Not really.  I’ve an Alt but he’s my banker.  Some years ago, someone stole my money by a script when I didn’t have much L$.  So I have him saving my money, no friend no group no sl just an account. But I know some have for different reasons, last week I spoke with someone who said ‘I’m the alt of my alt’.  I don’t really need to hide myself under another AVI.  I like the light and the darkness I can mix both in one SL.

Saoirse Heart:  Brings me to my next question, what do you do in second life besides your art?

Dixmix:  I wander a lot, shops, galleries, nice sims, thematic lands.  I chat with friends online and discovering new people.  My friends are not only photographers. Some are builders, sculptors, designers, DJs, dancers, Bloggers, famous models even some weak submissives owned by some kind of pixels master.  It’s a network but I’m very busy with photography and curating the gallery. 

Saoirse Heart:  It has been said that 'everyone is an artist in second life' do you believe this to be a true statement?  What do you think of this statement?

Dixmix:  Everything in SL has been created by someone.  Yes everyone is an artist there some are amazing and while some suck.

Saoirse Heart:  Some artists and builders work on multiple platforms.  Have you ventured onto other grids/platforms to create such as the O/S grid or High Fidelity?

Dixmix:  Not yet, I’ve enough with SL.  You know maybe one day SL will be out of date or will get stronger after the next metaverse revolution. 
The Dixmix gallery is a realistic gallery now playing host to SL’s Art, Photography, Sculpture and Music.  Built by Megan Prumier, it celebrates five years of collaboration between she and Dixmix.  Artists now on display are Ariel Brearly [entrance], Grazia Horwitz [first SL exhibition, black and white in Black Gallery], Ziki Quest [Grey Gallery], Megan Premier [pink images behind the Atom] and Dixmix photography [3 shades of monochrome, a selection of B&W].  A great place to hang around and see works from talented artists.



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