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Thursday, April 6, 2017

PROM NIGHT AT The mOBSCENE -Grand Opening April 7th at 7pm SLT- Bring a Date and Don't be Late!

The mOBSCENE: a nite club you wanna make home. We explore
 the wicked, perverse, dark desires that lye dormant in a mundane society.  Fear of being thought of as a "freak"?  We are proud to announce our grand opening April 7th 2017 @ 7-11pm slt.  

Bring a date and don't be late. It will be a night to dismember.

We are a goth/rock/alternative/punk/metal nite club on a Adult  sim. Our grand opening will feature Prom Night with Marilyn Manson Live! The event will be a night to dismember..haha. 
We will have mud wrestling, beer pong, and a dunk tank.We will also announce prom king an queen. Smile pretty when u get your picture and for your sake DO NOT get stuck in the cage!
       Who's out there?..can your friends come and play too? We dont care if they have fur or clothes we're not judgmental. We try to corrupt everyone the same. All are Welcome!!!!!


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