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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Spotlight on The mOBSCENE- A New Gothic Grunge Playground for Adults- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

The Gothic and Grunge era began in the mid 90’s with bands like Nirvana, Marilyn Mansion,  Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots. Not only did the music influence the era so did fashion trends.  Today the toned down version of Grunge can still be seen in “Emo” and even steampunk. For many adults today, Gothic & Grundge brings back nostalgic memories of youth in a time when going against the norm was the norm.

The MOBSCENE is a new adult rated club on the grid that celebrates Goth Grundge music.  Even if you arent a fan , you are welcome to request whatever you’d like to hear. You will be amonst new and old friends who accept you as you are.  This venue is a furry and MC club friendly. Everyone is welcome.

The entertainment doesn’t end at the various types of music played or live concerts. There are dancers, games, friendly staff and lots of naughty fun to be had.
The SL Enquirer sat down with owner William Scott (wheelz52583) and Manager Steph (irenehurst)  to learn more about The Mobscene.

What inspired The Mobscene Club?   The owner Halen (schminke) had a dream about Marilyn Mansion  and  that is how  mOBSCENE was born.

What type of activities and events can guests expect to see? Diffent things from  concerts to great DJs to partys as well as what our event manger/asst manger  Avina come up with

Is there a dress code?  No unless we have a themed event.

What are the rules? No major Drama
What group can guest join to learn about upcoming events & parties?

Are you hiring? Yes we are curently hiring  Djs, Hosts and Dancers you can find applications  on the desk as you enter the  club

Is there anything else you’d like to share with ou readers about The Mobscene Club? The mOBSCENE is on a role play sim that is suranded by a  MC  with a riding track and a horse riding area.

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