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Sunday, May 28, 2017


Many men are interested in joining the mesh revolution and investing in one of the bodies that the market offers. If you are one of those people who have not yet invested in a mesh body, but want to buy one, we hope to help you with that decision, with basic information about Second Life's most popular mesh bodies.

SLink Physique – Male
The Body Slink is much appreciated by men who want a slim shape. This body fits pattern knit very well and it is not necessary to make many adjustments, not form for a decent look. The body sliders are very good, which means that it is possible to increase the muscles, etc, without deforming the body. The body is compatible with Omega, which expands as possibilities of applicators for skins and tattoos.

It is necessary to buy hands (which have already been updated for Bento) and slink feet separately, which can discourage the laziest. The body comes with "male parts" (not functional), this facilitates to undress the clothes without worrying about putting an attachment. The Alpha cuts are detailed enough to allow wearing most knit clothing. The body also fits with most knit heads, perfectly.

Resuming, Slink is a practical body if you plan to use your existing, well-constructed mesh closet, for your applier, and nice looking needs.

Cost - L$1.250,00

Includes – Fitmesh Body, applier shorts, fitmesh boxer shorts and fitmesh tank top and jeans

TMP – Men’s Body
The TMP body is shapely, sexy is ideal for those who like a sturdier body with more muscles. I see a lot of this body, circling SL beaches. This body is sold in the versions: free, starter, basic and deluxe. I recommend starting with the free version and playing around with it for a while before deciding to go for other versions. All versions feature 32 well-detailed skin tones to choose from, but you need to purchase Deluxe Body to get Alpha HUD, and you'll need that HUD to wear clothes, believe me! This body is built with its skeleton somewhat different from the system skeleton, which makes it difficult to adjust standard knit trousers. The body is not compatible with slink hands and there is no update forecast for Bento hands.
TMP provides a developer kit for other designers, so, more and more, you will find fitmesh in the market for this article. Clothing layers are available in the Basic and Deluxe bodies, but are not compatible with the OMEGA system. The body has trouble adjusting mesh heads from other stores and you will have to struggle to adjust the neck line unless you purchase the TMP mesh head. The body does not come with the "male parts" but the aeros men's set perfectly.

And why "The Shops" set up their shopping system like they did, I have no idea ... it's a bit daunting but do not give up if this is the body you want!
TMP Mesh Body

Cost – L$ 5.000,00 ( Deluxe body)

Includes – Fitmesh Body, hands, feet and fitmesh boxer shorts.

Signature – Gianni
Men are loving this body muscularly, but not excessively. This body is compatible with standard size clothing and classic fitmesh, and there is plenty of fitmesh available in the market for this body. The body comes with some great skintones and there are signature applicators available in some stores to help you find the perfect skin. The body was upgraded to bento hands. The feet have alpha cuts on them to hide the feet and there is a medium foot, very useful for unmanned shoes and some men's boots. The alpha HUD is a bit difficult to see with tiny slices. HUD has the ability to send you updates, which is a great time saver.
Signature – Gianni
Cost – L$3.500,00
Includes – Fitmesh Body, hands, feet & HUD

Niramyth – Aesthetic
This is the ideal body for those who want a muscular avatar. The body and the skins are really detailed, with hairs, eyebrows and other detailed options. The body includes Fitmesh Body, Mesh Head, 5 shapes and an AO. In the last update, Bento mesh head and Bento mesh hands with 18 hand poses were added.
The Body will not fit in most standard size clothing but Designer kits are available and there are different designers currently working on knit garments and footwear for this body.
The Body has a Alpha Hud friendly and HUD RGB that helps adjust the skin tone. To look different, you can invest a little more and buy one of the various skin applicators that are already available in the market for this body.
Cost – L$2.799,00
includes – Fitmesh Body, Mesh Head, 5 shapes and an AO

Tellaq – Broderick
This is another muscular body, much appreciated by men in SL. This body includes: Mesh Head, Body (fitted and normal mesh versions), HUD, Shapes, Fitted Mesh outfits, Eyes and a variety of skin tones. Body hair is optional and can be easily removed and placed.
This body is easy to use and understand and the package comes with some clothes including two knit jeans, two knit cardigans, boxer, etc, all with HUDS color. Having clothes in the hud is a great plus for those who are lazy to shop.
This body does not have an alpha HUD and available alpha selections are designed to suit the clothing included with the body. This makes it difficult to find normal-knit clothing that fits this body.

Cost – L$2.400,00
Includes –  Mesh Head, Body (fitted and normal mesh versions), HUD, Shapes, Fitted Mesh outfits, Eyes and skin tones.

Remember to pick up the DEMO before you choose!


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