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Sunday, June 4, 2017


While some are in search of the perfect body, others are just evolving into the era of Second Life mesh body. So with that in mind, we'll talk a little about the bodies that most women are wearing, which may help you in your choice!

Maitreya, certainly is the most popular body of Second Life. This is an Omega compatible body which opens up a world of skin, tattoo and clothing options. You will find in the stores many offers of items for this body. The alpha layers have excellent cuts, which makes it easy to wear different styles of clothing.
There are also many gifts being offered for this body, which is great for anyone who wants to save some lindens. This body is also compatible with Slink feet.
Bento's hands were included in the new version which comes with Bento & Non-Bento hand options. The Hud is friendly and has also been updated to include additional nail options and 14 hand holds for Bento hands.
Cost – 2750L
Includes –Fitmesh Body, 2 sets of hands (bento/non bento), HUD, pair of feet with three heights, 1 Fitmesh and 1 applier pair of underwear with HUD.

Slink Physique & Hourglass
If you are looking for an athletic build body, Slink is the ideal body for you. This is a very shapely body and much sought after by those who already own Slink hands and feet. If you like big breasts and a more curvy body, prefer the Hourglass option. This body is Omega compatible and you will find plenty of applier and fitmesh clothing available.
Cost – 1250L
Includes –Fitmesh body, Applier with underwear (3 colours), fitmesh dress.

Belleza – Freya, Isis & Venus
This body is really very beautiful to look at. It comes in 3 different versions that can be purchased together or separately. This body is compatible with Omega and Slink hands and feet. The bodies offer 3 chest option (natural / perky / push-up) plus knitted nipples that you can turn on / off.
Cost & Inclusions – Three options for purchase - all include HUD, 3 feet heights &fitmesh lingerie & shoes.
Purchase 1 of the 3 bodies in a ‘lite’ version for 1,799L: Which contains all 4 feet options, but only 1 hand option and 1 layer (tattoo), 1 breast option (natural) & the new HUD system.
Purchase 1 of the 3 bodies in a ‘full’ version for 2,499L: Which contains all 4 feet options, all 16 hand options & all 3 layers with the new HUD system.
Purchase a Fatpack of all 3 bodies for 4,499L: Which contains all the lite versions and all the full versions for each body.

The Mesh Project
TMP is a beautiful body with elegant and natural curves. The breasts have a beautiful shape and you can adjust to the size you prefer while maintaining the perfect shape. This body comes with a variety of skin tones to choose from. This body provides a free version, very useful so that you can enjoy the product, before buying. The fitmesh items sold by TheBoutique have a perfect fit and great textures.
Cost & Inclusions
Free: 0 L
(Includes: hand Poses, Feet, Skins)
Starter 1000 L (Includes: hand Poses, Feet, Skins,clothing & tattoo compatibility)
Basic: 2.500 L (Includes: hand Poses, Feet, Skins, clothing & tattoo compatibility, Alpha Hud, clothing layer, tattoo layer)
Deluxe: 5.000 L (Includes: hand Poses, Feet, Skins, clothing & tattoo compatibility, Alpha Hud, clothing layers (2), tattoo layers (2), 5 heights feet).

Eve Slim and Pulpy
Eve is an Omega compatible body, which means you will find many furs and clothes in the stores to apply. You can purchase two types of Slim or Pulpy body or purchase the complete package. The breasts can be adjusted to a smaller or larger size maintaining the perfect shape. This body comes with a powerful HUD system with ability to color all aspects of the body, including nails, using RGB panel. There are many fitmesh garments available for this body and the designer regularly releases fitmesh clothing for this body in store.
Cost – 1690L (for starter pack – includes one body, slim or pulpy version) or 3000L for full pack (includes Slim and Pulpy body)
Includes – Starter pack – 1 Fitmesh body, HUD. Full Pack – 2 Fitmesh Bodies (Slim and Pulpy), Shoes, Dress, Underwear, HUD with 3 skins, shape). All bodies include hands/feet.

Do not forget to get DEMO before you buy!


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