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Monday, August 10, 2020


OK.  So..You are in a slump.  You find that doing the regular circuit of clubs, night after night, week after week, year after year is becoming a bit repetitive.  Surrounding yourself with the same music...same people…same entertainment.  It is bound to become perhaps a bit “overly familiar”.  Now days, during a worldwide pandemic when your favorite sports teams, outdoor concert venues, movie theaters, and in many places even the familiarity and distraction of the workplace has been replaced by teleworking or worse…disbanded altogether…we may seek to engage with others in one of the only remaining “safe” avenues to do so.  SecondLife.  But after a while, even that can seem a bit tired if you let it.
So, with that thought in mind, I put on my intrepid SL Enquirer tag and hit the road, determined to learn the secrets to longevity here in the Virtual World’s most phenomenal platform – SecondLife.  The folks chatted with have established some serious creds here,  They have seen the best of times, and the worst  times.  They lived thru seeing many of their favorite clubs and venues rise to fame...and then disappear just as swiftly.  Places like Greenies, or Toby;s Blues and other favs were here and gone from our lives.  These folks have seen the advent of Mesh…they flirted with Sansar, and now are dealing with the challenges of Baked on Mesh as this most wonderful, most intriguing of social platforms continues to evolve.

So I set out to learn advice from 8+ year old avies about what keeps SecondLife interesting. The first person I met was Amy.  First rezzed on October 12, 2009, Amy has been here 10 years, 9 months
Josh Bellic (JB):  So tell me Amy.  What do you do to keep SL interesting after all these years?
Aɱɣ (amylee.zane): Well my activities in SL is a very busy schedule. I start my mornings with taking care of my SIM which is a motorcycle riding SIM, Then I am part of the SL Coast Guard and I am kept busy with water patrols for now and whatever they offer. Sometimes I go diving, sometimes sky diving and I just completed a medical first aid training. Then I role play as an Attorney on various SIM's. After a complete day I come to relax in a club like Fogbound, where I love to just unwind at the at the end of  my day, kick back and enjoy the people and music.

As I was perving profiles, the next guy just kinda jumped out at me, as having possibly one of the oldest Avis I have ever seen. This Gentleman prefers to remain anonymous, and requested I identify him only by his initials. DZ was rezzed on 21 November, 2004, and has been a SL resident for 15 years and 8 months.

JB: Greetings Sir.  I am a reporter for the SL Enquirer.  This week we are polling long-term residents of SL and asking about their experiences here. Would you be willing to participate?
DZ:  "Well...honestly...I would prefer to decline....I am not one for publicity...The paparazzi can become quite an invasive experience.  The next thing you know my girlfriend is harassed...then the drones over the backyard...Then when I am out on my yacht...they just pull up.
JB:  I understand. Sir. Although I am sure our readers would enjoy hearing a response from one as senior as yourself. 
DZ:  It really has not been so interesting lately. I am just not a very public person. You can blank my name...use my initials…and a shadowed version of a likeness of my face. And, the answer is simple....I find that to keep it interesting I need to want to make it interesting...and to surround myself with interesting people.....The real trick to it is to let your creativity flow and do that in a way that encompasses all the resource here you have available....And, I do not mean by standing around in clubs watching the people dance....You need to create a source of involvement. If you can do can shape everything.

The next person I approached was a gent by the name of OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul).  Oldsoul was rezzed on May 19, 2012, and in 8 years, 2 months old.
JB:  Tell me please.  What do you do to keep SL interesting after all these years?
OldeSoul Eldemar:  Do you want a short answer or long?  I joined my RL wife in  SL, while caregiving as a way for us to stay together, thinking it would be much better than phone calls.  It was! It took a little exploring to find my "place" but working with Relay For Life as a Captain and fundraiser is very rewarding,  I have found that working as an event coordinator for events across the grid is a great way to meet folks and discover new worlds.

The next person to answer my question was the lovely Augi (augustlilac.luckstone).  Rezzed on February 4, 2010, Augi has been here for 10 years, 6 months.
Augi:  Can I say that I like having pixel sex with my BF? Can you print that? OK…let me restate “I like how creative some people can be with the animations - especially the adult furniture” How’s that?  I have been here over ten years and in that time I have made some GREAT friends. Some I may never hear from again and others I have had many years. One such friend I have is someone I met the first week 
I logged onto sl. We are still friends. I like the fact that I meet people from all over the world. People whom I would never even known existed being thousands of miles away. I occasionally hostess at a club and I model for HUSH magazine.  This is my fantasy world where I come to relax and get away from RL pressure

JB:  Thanks, Augi. And if I may add, your BF is one Lucky Bastard.

BellaRose (belladarkside) hails from Canada.  She was rezzed on October 10, 2011 and has been a resident for 8 years and 9 months.
JB:  Tell me please, Bella.  You have been here for more than 8 years.  What is it that keeps you coming back?
BellaRose (belladarkside): Well, I enjoy listening to good music.  That is my most interesting use of my time, and there is plenty pf good music here.  I am also very curious about the intricacies of avatar design.  I have followed with great interest the evolution to mesh, and now even the new Baked On Mesh – BOM.  I am an artist myself, so I can say absolutely that there are many really GREAT designers here in SL  I am really impressed.  One of the things I often like to do is go to designer-hosted events here.

Our final comments today come from Mr. Austin Welles.   This 13 year, 7 month resident was rezzed on Christmas Day, 2006
JB:  Austin, you have certainly see a lot in your 13+ years here.  What advise could you give to newer residents here who may be getting bored with their SL experience? How would you advise newer residents who are getting bored?
Austin Welles: I try not to take things too seriously. This is a place to imagine and experience. Live the moments of SL.  One never knows what might be around the next corner.
JB:  Anything else? 
AW: Oh yes.  You should take a break once in a while
JB: A Break?
AW: Yes…well…like a week here or there.  When you return you will find that the colors are always more vivid and the feelings renewed

So there you have it folks.  Feeling bored?  Then change things up.  Explore a new passion. Develop a new skill.  Live long...Love deeply…Laugh often.  These are the true keys to keeping your SL interesting.  Come to think of it, you might try these same things to kick up your RL as well.

Until next time, this is Josh Bellic…Signing off.  Aloha!


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