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Sunday, October 17, 2021

MEET ROYALESUN LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR Second Runner Up


“Everyone thinks of a cruise ship when they hear my name,” exclaims RoyaleSun, laughing. 
The reality is so much more romantic and so LUXE Paris! The second grand finalist of the prestigious LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR competition was born in Paris to a true French count and a half French, half British mother.

''My father was a count and a decorated pilot of the French Air Force ”, continues Royale, generously sharing much of her real-life with us. '' My mother served with the Red Cross during WWII and she met my father on a blind date in Paris. My parents were always entertaining and their children were included. We had to know how to talk to anyone on any subject and dress appropriately... already whether it was for a prince, a king or a neighbor ''.

"It was an exciting world full of courtesy, something rare these days "

Royale's family moved to America when she was 3, but, it didn't really change their lives she says, because of her father's work.

‘’ I think the look of my avatar comes from this lifestyle and from my mother in particular, who was always elegant, with simplicity and classicism", adds Royale.

Valsnia: Wow! I didn't know I was talking to royalty! Have you met famous personalities?

Royale: I have met quite a few dignitaries from many other countries, many whose names would mean nothing to you. Better known, there are Prince Pierre of Greece and General Charles de Gaulle who come to my mind.

Valsnia: Is there something from this life that you would like to bring to the world today?

Royale: This world was exciting and full of courtesy, which we miss deeply these days. People genuinely cared about others and their well-being. We don't see that much anymore either. Technology is great because that's how we met, Valsnia, but it shapes the world that we are living in today ... One of my favourite sayings is "Anonymity breeds bravado!" We see examples of this several times a day. If I had a magic wand I would restore civility in our society ''.

Valsnia: This piques my curiosity, have you ever considered hosting an event in SL to promote your cause?

Royale: Yes, but it takes an enormous amount of time to organize something like this. I am my mother's caregiver, which takes me a lot of time. She will turn 100 in October, it's amazing! However, this is something I have in mind and maybe I will try to do next year.

‘’In real life, everyone tends to run in jeans and t-shirt while in Second Life you can express yourself ’’

RoyaleSun came to SL because she is interested in art... in all its forms. She was already using DazStudio, Vue, Modo, and other artistic creation programs. So she was about to open an art gallery in SL when she met a girl who was a model and convinced her that she should try that. Quickly became a top model in demand, Royale remains passionate about her virtual profession, nine years later.

Valsnia: What keeps you going?

Royale:  In RL everyone tends to run in jeans and a T-shirt, while in SL you can express yourself with the clothes and the look you wear. What keeps me moving is that passion and I love helping others achieve their passions too.


Valsnia: You own a free modeling academy, Soleil Modelling Academy! What is the story behind this school and why this name?

Royale: There are many in SL who would love to become models, however, modeling schools tend to be out of their financial reach. I remember how hard it was for me 9 years ago so I decided to offer free classes. I don't sugarcoat the life of a model. They have to know up front that they aren't going to make a ton of Lindens, that it is mainly out of pocket, and the hours they will have to spend perfecting their editing and their look and style. It tends to weed out those that are just looking to make money in SL. As to the name, Soleil is French for Sun. Many of my friends call me Sun so it seemed fitting.

Valsnia: Your favourite memory from the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR contest?

Royale: I have several great ones and an embarrassing one. Let's begin with the embarrassing one. Our first meeting was the Brunch with the Judges. Rehearsal was cut short as we ran out of time, so I never saw the tables where we were to sit. Then I was so nervous as Frolic Mills chose to ask me questions that when done with questions, I walked to the right, as directed, right into the water fountain! After that refreshing dip and sodden shoes, I finally found the table and just tp'd to a chair. Not my best ever moment!
As to favourite memories, one has to be the day we accidentally met at Posesion. We were both looking for poses. We struck up a friendship that has carried us through the competition and even to this day.

Valsnia: Awww... It is my favourite memory too! Did I tell you I was really intimidated by you? I still am by your talent but as a person I really love you.


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