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Wednesday, January 4, 2023



With the holidays winding down and coming to an end, aside from the final wrap-up of the 12 days of Christmas ending on Jan 6th. Also known as 3 Kings Day AKA The Epiphany.   Oddly enough it parallels the intuitive grasp of virtual reality across the grid. Many SL residents are getting back into their routines of creating, concert hopping, shopping, dating, hooking up, and slaying Karens amongst the rest of the beautiful chaos only Second Life can cultivate. I set out to find some new years resolutions ideas from my friend list. I just have to say I am grateful for each and everyone that offered their friendship or accepted mine. They are my Tribe in SL and always respond. Including the Karen or two that wigged out and asked to be removed from my friend list. I got love for you too but I can't speak for others. 

The biggest message I took away from everyone’s responses is motivation, positivity, renewal, strength, courage, and self-care. Be kind to yourself and to others and let 2023 be a better year than the last.

“I'm planning on a New Year new me, starting mid-December, but working on changing all of me for the better from head to toe and inside and out!”- Varda

“My SL new year's resolution is to successfully organize my inventory, and keep it that way!”- Elowyn

“lol Elowyn would for me a neverending story” - Nita

“getting a goose avi for Ghostie to wear around Ninja” - Guardian

“lmfao Guardian you bastard” - Ninja

 “Staying positive and trying to stay in better health” - Delcinea

“Quitting Dr. Pepper and vaping are my resolutions for this year, Ms. Lanai! So I can get ready for next year's resolution of working on my body!” - Tabitha

“Continuing to report the news in SL, and get the novel I've been working on published”. -Bixyl

“trying to be a better version of myself” -Rocky

“taking more pictures is one of mine!” - Angi

“Getting my latest business venture successfully off the ground!”- Dresi

“Staying away from SL men!!” - Barbie

“working on my real goals and dreams, staying positive, and trying to stay in better health” - Delcinea

“Just to be able to lay my head down at night knowing I was true to me in both worlds, and not to beat me up about resolutions/goals/priorities. - Lady J

“Lanai I had the thought to lose 20 kg...but I know wouldn't happen anyway”- Nita

“I lose that just by logging into SL” -Lanai

“My resolution is not to forget to pay my advertisements at SLEnquirer”- Alpha

“you all are my tribe thanks again for being kind and accepting my random mass Imz. I only had one Karen screaming at me out of 159 tonight  xoxo” -Lanai

“My resolution is to smack that Karen” - Ninja

“BLEEP Karen.. she can kiss my BLEEP” - Alpha

“Oh oh, My resolution is to start to bang all these Karens!!!! hahahahahhah I need a list” - Onehempcat

 "I want to get a Karen to clean my garage" - Josh

“Random acts of loving Karens” - Dreamingen

“#KarensNeedLoveToo” - Ninja

“What a beautiful group of positive people you've found on your list Lanai! Lucky lady ♥- Elowyn

“It truly is a blessing to have you all as friends. You crack me up! I will let you all get back to your regularly scheduled programs now.  Happy New Year! *group hug* - Lanai

“I need to speak to the manager” - Karen


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