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Showing posts with label resolutions. Show all posts

Wednesday, January 4, 2023



With the holidays winding down and coming to an end, aside from the final wrap-up of the 12 days of Christmas ending on Jan 6th. Also known as 3 Kings Day AKA The Epiphany.   Oddly enough it parallels the intuitive grasp of virtual reality across the grid. Many SL residents are getting back into their routines of creating, concert hopping, shopping, dating, hooking up, and slaying Karens amongst the rest of the beautiful chaos only Second Life can cultivate. I set out to find some new years resolutions ideas from my friend list. I just have to say I am grateful for each and everyone that offered their friendship or accepted mine. They are my Tribe in SL and always respond. Including the Karen or two that wigged out and asked to be removed from my friend list. I got love for you too but I can't speak for others. 

The biggest message I took away from everyone’s responses is motivation, positivity, renewal, strength, courage, and self-care. Be kind to yourself and to others and let 2023 be a better year than the last.

“I'm planning on a New Year new me, starting mid-December, but working on changing all of me for the better from head to toe and inside and out!”- Varda

“My SL new year's resolution is to successfully organize my inventory, and keep it that way!”- Elowyn

“lol Elowyn would for me a neverending story” - Nita

“getting a goose avi for Ghostie to wear around Ninja” - Guardian

“lmfao Guardian you bastard” - Ninja

 “Staying positive and trying to stay in better health” - Delcinea

“Quitting Dr. Pepper and vaping are my resolutions for this year, Ms. Lanai! So I can get ready for next year's resolution of working on my body!” - Tabitha

“Continuing to report the news in SL, and get the novel I've been working on published”. -Bixyl

“trying to be a better version of myself” -Rocky

“taking more pictures is one of mine!” - Angi

“Getting my latest business venture successfully off the ground!”- Dresi

“Staying away from SL men!!” - Barbie

“working on my real goals and dreams, staying positive, and trying to stay in better health” - Delcinea

“Just to be able to lay my head down at night knowing I was true to me in both worlds, and not to beat me up about resolutions/goals/priorities. - Lady J

“Lanai I had the thought to lose 20 kg...but I know wouldn't happen anyway”- Nita

“I lose that just by logging into SL” -Lanai

“My resolution is not to forget to pay my advertisements at SLEnquirer”- Alpha

“you all are my tribe thanks again for being kind and accepting my random mass Imz. I only had one Karen screaming at me out of 159 tonight  xoxo” -Lanai

“My resolution is to smack that Karen” - Ninja

“BLEEP Karen.. she can kiss my BLEEP” - Alpha

“Oh oh, My resolution is to start to bang all these Karens!!!! hahahahahhah I need a list” - Onehempcat

 "I want to get a Karen to clean my garage" - Josh

“Random acts of loving Karens” - Dreamingen

“#KarensNeedLoveToo” - Ninja

“What a beautiful group of positive people you've found on your list Lanai! Lucky lady ♥- Elowyn

“It truly is a blessing to have you all as friends. You crack me up! I will let you all get back to your regularly scheduled programs now.  Happy New Year! *group hug* - Lanai

“I need to speak to the manager” - Karen

Friday, December 30, 2016

We found this -- now what do we DO with it? --- "Right -- Edit and POST IT".......said Lanai, our fearless leader.

The worst New Year Resolutions Ever – SL Anonymous
Every year people insist on coming up with new year resolutions that get shelved for the following year just to fit in with other morons who have goals they never accomplish. Let’s start from the top.
  1. Lose Weight
Ok unless your doctor tells you that they will need to transport you to a truck yard to get your true cargo weight, you are borderline diabetic, full blown diabetic, or a heart attack waiting to happen… don’t bother putting this on your to do list.
Ladies if you are trying to fit in with all those airbrushed celebrities on the cover of magazines, Here is a simpler solution to achieving your goal. 1. take a pic and photoshop the hell out of it or raise your  selfie stick way up in the air and do an aerial shot to avoid any evidence of a double chin, run it through a couple PS filters and booom! Instant beauty queen for your profile pic.
Guys, if you are a little round in the middle move your selfie stick up above your sternum if you can find it and tilt the camera to catch a glimpse of a chiseled jawline, crack a smile and snap, or you can sift through old high school varsity photos and pass it off as recent OR just use someone else’s photo, just make sure it's not a celebrity. You want to at least be believable. Most people in Second Life believe a photo even if your voice sounds like you smoke 50 packs a day with bronchitis.
  1. Make More Money
You can do this in a variety of ways without actually leaving your low paying job or the comfort of your couch on public assistance. If you are bleeding the government, simply have one child per year for a raise. Use whatever is left after buying your alcohol and cigarettes on tiers for a bigger parcel and some super kick ass mesh gear!
  1. Break up with your gold digging significant other, time it right around the holidays and save a few bucks.
  2. Move back in with your parents or random family members who won't notice you there.
  3. Find the best ramen soup recipes on the internet. You could totally eat like a king on a 45 cent daily budget.
  4. Start up your own webcam porno. Hey….there is something freaky for everyone, charge extra to smear yourself with condiments. Just don’t buy them. You can totally get them for free at your local Mcdonald's.

  1. Apologize to the people you upset
That doesn’t go for all the people you pissed off in 2016, give them an advance apologize and go on being a total douche for 2017. Nothing is more satisfying them being your shameless self until someone knocks you out and you find Jesus.
  1. Quit Smoking
Do away with cigarettes. Those are old school. Get a vape, fill it with marijuana and kick the nicotine. If it is crack you smoke… yea maybe switch back to bumming cigarettes from random smokers until you’ve exhausted everyone’s  generosity. But really this one usually doesn’t happen until you die a terrible death from lung, throat and mouth cancer. Stick it out until then, you mobile chimney.
  1. Get Organized
Listen here, if this wasn’t acquired at a young age when your momma told you to do chores and keep your room clean then you are one hot mess. Who are you kidding. Just kick all the trash you have laying around your house into the nearest closet and spray some Febreeze.  You are only fooling yourself and maybe you just need a well needed, long time coming ass whooping from an organized person who gets anxiety standing in your mess.
  1. Be Happy.
Well you don’t need much for little spurts of happiness if you follow this plan step by step.
Go to the local gas station, buy a lighter and some EZ widers. Visit your local ghetto, approach a thug who smells like pot, wave 10 bucks, do an illegal drug exchange and go find the nearest dumpster to stand behind and smoke a nice joint.** Summary -----

These are prolly the WORST ways to go into 2017 --- but nowhere will you find more honesty in reporting and opinion that what ends up on the cutting floor of the SL Enquirer.

From the owners and staff of we want to wish you and yours the BEST in 2017 and beyond.
Set out your plan -- see it through and say hi to us out in the grid, we’d love to hear from you.
--- Menacier Fiertze for Lanai Jarrico - SL Enquirer -- taking a long hard toke…….ahhhhhhh
** for entertainment (reading) purposes only

Thursday, January 1, 2015

What Are Your New Year's Resolutions? Bimala Tagore reporting

Did you know New Year Celebrations started in pre- Christian times and was observed by the Babylonians in March?  The Romans are responsible for changing the celebrations to January and beginning the tradition of New Year resolutions. Another interesting fact is that January is derived from the name Janus; a two-faced pagan god who was the protector of gates. One face looks backwards at the old year and the other face looks forward into the New Year. 

Image from

We still practice this tradition today as the end of a year approaches and the beginning of a new one begins. It is a good time to evaluate your life situations; both the good and the bad. It is time to say goodbye to the past and look forward into the future.
So many memories are created and awareness grows with time. Many people are touched, loved and cared about. December is the last month of the year to remind ourselves of the need to affirm, begin again, find meaning and purpose as well as demonstrate our true selves with trust and confidence.
What are your New Year's Resolutions? What are you going to do or change in your first and second life? That is the crucial question to be posed here. All of these resolutions are laden with consequences and concern the meaning of life itself.
Some of our friends have already expressed their purposes and they will make present to our readers their projects and goals for this coming year.
Let me introduce you to Teer Latzo. He is a writer of elegant and fluid language. On the road, he looks at profound attitude of his writing and his goals reflect on how far he has come and where he hopes to go next.

Teer Latzo: “2015 is a big year for me. One of the goals I have set years ago will finally come to fruition. My resolution for this is to make the experience as good as possible. I will also continue to write and add to my blog and continue to reach out to other writers and artist, giving mutual positive support. As a writer/artist I see the need for support reaching desperation: I have never seen so many artist and writers so self-absorbed and looking down on those working hard at the very same thing. There is only competition if your work is the same as everyone else’s. My resolution is to continue to show support and talk about ideas and concepts with others. I would also like to utilize SL and offer some of my new works to publication and or use throughout as part of the writing community. This includes any interested parties in the SL writers community such as the SL Enquirer and etc,.. I wish everyone a fantastic New Year, full of fresh ideas and goals”.

Kathryn Audurburgh is like a beautiful flower, full of color.  Her love for blossoms and books was complemented with her interest on poetry. She is a distinguished poet. She won the first prize of “Tagore Poetry Competition in Second Life 2013”

Kathryn Audurburgh : “My New year’s resolution for 2015 would be to build again. I haven't built anything in 2 years so my flower shop has no new products. I bought a lot of building materials before but i lack the inspiration to make anything. Maybe a change of season would do the.  I should do that more often. And I have been planning on documenting some of my sl adventures or make a blog about sl. This might help others trick. I also would like to hear Live Concerts in Second Life. I have only been in three”.

Scarlette Dubrovna is a passionate woman who sings about love, who touches different genres that deal with deep emotions.   The connection with her audience gave her a sense of mission that reflects her feelings.  

Scarlette Dubrovna: “I plan on being my own woman, with my own ideas and voice them all the time. I am the one who sets the limits and goals. In this sense, I work towards my own philosophies and passions. My second resolution for coming year it is to start singing more in venues. I really like singing and that is why I feel that music can help me express myself. Finally, to tell the people in my Second Life that I love them and care for them as you never know when it’s the last”.

Miha Shamen captivated his audience with his unequaled and powerful voice it includes many genres and different styles, which made up Miha´s repertoire preserving this singer´s unique voice.  

Miha Shamen: “I Love My Family. I Love to Entertain and Sing My Music, but most of all, I treat every day as if it was my last, & I treat others how I Like to be treated. Every day is a new day at my age i dont look to the future i look at the present and remember my past. Happiness is not acquired through living for the moment, but through surrendering to a meaningful goal”.

Lyle Lindman and Sedona Bluemood are a charming couple with special training in helping people to learn, grown and solve problems.

Lyle: I need to disappoint you a bit. In general I don't make any resolutions for a new year. Of course I have ideals to which I strive. But I try to evaluate and ponder life whenever I have a few moments in a peaceful surrounding.  Growth is maybe something that happens step by step. And sometimes a long walk in nature can be the right time and place.
Sedona:  My resolutions in SL are related to “Soul Food Lounge”. It is a place where we have a great time with wonderful people and reading selections that help you in the situation that you are in. These lectures are very important. As a matter of fact, as we need physical food in order to live, we also need spiritual food in order to nourish our spiritual grown.

At this time write down your list of resolutions. This list should be in order of importance from the highest resolution to the lowest.  Start the New Year with goals and try to accomplish them. This will help you get a new start on your journey through life.

We wish you much luck and success for 2015 and beyond.


Monday, December 31, 2012

What's Your New Year Resolution? -Coco Lierfatte Reporting...

At the start of every year people set a specific goal, one that they find obtainable within a year. Some of us succeed at obtaining our goals, and some do not. I got to talk to several people about what their goals are for last year and this coming year. There are a lot of great resolutions for the new year, but I only could choose ten.