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Showing posts with label Amoche Noel. Show all posts

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spotlight on Angeldust: A Rare Gem -sarahelisebeth Brenham Reporting...

   There are many stores in Second Life, but how often do you find one that sells everything a woman needs to look her best? Let me introduce you to Angeldust.

 Angeldust is owned by Amoche Noel and started its humble beginnings in 2011. The idea for the store was birthed from Ms. Noel’s passion for beauty and fashion with products to make our avatars look gorgeous, without burning a hole in your wallet. Wanting a way for women to be able to purchase things that will make them feel beautiful and not have to take out a second mortgage on their home in doing so, Ms. Noel decided to dedicate herself in learning how to design footwear, accessories, clothes and skins. The journey in creating things for female characters was not easy for Ms. Noel, but like most things in life, practice is all that is needed to achieve your goals. Knowing this, Ms. Noel did not give up on her dream and made enough merchandise to open her long awaited shop.