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Showing posts with label Brique Topaz. Show all posts

Monday, September 22, 2014

Feed a Smile News- About Feed a Smile and Lavender Field in Second Life

About Lavender Field and the impact it makes

Lavender Field hosts Live music events, art shows and a place to come and meet people and relax .The special thing that makes a difference at the Lavender Field is that it is purely a charity sim. It exists in order to feed over 400 poverty stricken children living in the slums of Nakuru, Kenya on a daily basis with the proceeds and donations.  100 Linden pays for a warm meal for a child,  additional donations provide health care, education and school supplies for these children in need. The entire sim - and everything on it has been donated.

Lavender Field has some of SL's finest musicians performing on a charity basis and many of SL's leading venues and clubs organize Feed a Smile events. Many venues and shops have Feed a Smile donation boards set up  in order to support the cause.

Donations can be viewed on the donation site, which has been set up by G&N Quality Design: 

Talented Supporters
Names like Marky Helstein, Russell Eponym, Lisa Brune, Shannon Oherlihy, Xander Nichting, Tamra Sands, FunkyFreddy, Voodoo Shilton, James Coracheo, Aminius, Dragonfly, TwinGhost, Samm Qendra, Thera D, Anek Fuchs, Viviana Houston, Seamore Wildehart , TwoStep Spiritweaver, Bat Masters - and many, many more super talents are constantly on the event boards at the Lavender Field.

What is Feed a Smile?
Feed a Smile is a project that is a real world registered non-profit organization - Live and Learn in Kenya Int'l. (LLK Int'l) For more information visit
Who brought it to Second Life?

 Brique Topaz - (Zeiner) is the RL Chairwoman of the organization in Kenya and in Germany.  

 What is Leben und Lernen in Kenia?
 LLK Int’l is in its 13th year and has sent hundreds of children to school. That is what LLK Int'l is all about - providing needy children with an education so that they can find their way out of the vicious circle of poverty.

 Our motto

 'Education is the key to the future'

This explains exactly what is important. We help the children find a way to be all that they can be - and we provide everything necessary for them to go to school  - including daily warm meals, medical and dental care, school materials, uniforms, fees, extracurricular activities, etc.

We also have a sponsorship program
 Many SL residents have decided to sponsor one of our 400 LLK Int'l children in RL.  A sponsor provides everything that a child needs to go to school for only US$30 per month. The child writes letters to the sponsor, send photos and report cards to the sponsor as well.

Donation impact from Second Life
The donations from Second Life provide about 1/3 of the daily meals for the children. We are able to take in between US$ 1000 - to 1700 monthly - depending on the amount of events and the performers.

4th Anniversary in Second Life
Feed a Smile celebrated its 3rd anniversary in Second Life on July 13th. Lavender Field is hosting  other events on September 27th & 30th.

Our goal is to become a household name in Second Life -  We want to grow and become a name that people know and trust. It would be a huge help if an ever-growing number of venue owners and store owners decide to support Feed a Smile by having donation boards set up and/or having fund-raising events. Another goal is to have more direct support from Linden Lab. We must pay large transfer fees - and although the sim rent is being donated - those funds could be used to feed the children if LL were to donate a sim to Feed a Smile for example.

Getting Useful Information
Brique Topaz will provide all necessary information, photos and promotional materials to the venue owners for Feed a Smile events.

Take part in this fundraiser
Brique Topaz is always looking for musicians, performers, and artists and we have shops for rent . The rent money goes solely to feed the children. It is also possible to donated objects - especially clothing - at our charity shop - all proceeds go towards the children.

Next Big Events are September 27th and September 30th at Lavender Field.
Check out the calendar

  These events will help raise funds to build a school and feed children in Kenya.
If you need any other information, contact Brique Topaz. 

Important links
SL Group
Join Live and Learn in Kenya Int. NGO Group and make a difference.
 SL group link:  secondlife:///app/group/c64ccfe7-bae1-6fef-39f7-45be27b2b42d/about 

Interview with Brique Topaz on The Drax Files

Calendar of Events

Feed a Smile Website*
* Any photos on the website photo gallery can be used for promotional reasons - as well as photos of the Lavender Field.    

Friday, August 1, 2014

Spotlight on Brique Topaz- Helping Feed Real Life Children from a Virtual World- Sunny Love Holiday Reporting.

There are many things to do in Second life, but you may not know that you can actually change someone’s real life through this virtual world too. 

Brique Topaz, founder and chairwoman of "Live and Learn in Kenya Int'l" came to second life with just that in mind, arriving 4 years ago and establishing the great Feed a Smile project.

The Feed a Smile project allows second life avatars to sponsor a child in Kenya. This sponsorship provides enough money to support a child’s everyday needs to attend schools, including meals. Also, this project holds concerts at The Lavender Field for Feed a Smile in which all performers give 100% of their tips to the cause. I was delighted to sit down with Brique and get to find out more information.

Interview with Brique Topaz