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Showing posts with label CapEx. Show all posts

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Oceanlane Enterprises (CAPX) SPO Has Started!

**You can now fund your account via PayPal!**  Use this link to fund your CapEx account:

Dear Capital Exchange Members:

The Oceanlane Enterprises (CAPX) Secondary Public Offering (SPO) of stock has started. Here are the SPO details for CAPX:

Existing CAPX Shares: 2,500,000
SPO Shares: 250,000
SPO Price CD$9.00
New Total CAPX Shares (if SPO sells out): 2,750,000
Value of SPO Shares Available: CD$2,250,000
Days for SPO: 30 Days

For more information on CAPX, use this link:

To buy SPO shares of CAPX, use this link:

Any questions, contact CAPX CEO Skip Oceanlane (myself) via IM within Second Life, or e-mail at Thank you for being a part of Capital Exchange.

Skip Oceanlane, CEO
Capital Exchange

Saturday, May 16, 2015

SL Capital Exchange Comments on Skill Gaming Application Process- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

SL Capital Exchange was established in 2007 and is a stock market simulation game of skill. It was purchased by Skip Oceanlane in January of 2011 and served the Second Life community for three years until LL’s new skill gaming policy halted CapEx’s operations on November 1, 2014.  The SL Enquirer was able to get an exclusive candid interview with Skip Oceanlane about Capex’s current status and what’s to expect from this lucrative stock market simulation game.

Interview with Skip Oceanlane
Lanai Jarrico: Skip can you give a brief description of what Capex is and how long it has been in SL?
Skip Oceanlane: Capital Exchange has existed within Second Life since 2007.  I bought the exchange in January, 2011, and turned it into what it is today - a stock market simulation game of skill.

Lanai Jarrico: Second Life is strict on gaming. How has this affected CapEx operations?

Skip Oceanlane: The new skill gaming policy has in effect halted Capital Exchange's operations since November 1, 2014.  Furthermore, since the initial announcement of the new skill gaming policy in July 2014, activity decreased significantly due to uncertainty.

Lanai Jarrico: Yes I have noticed your hiatus. It is very unfortunate how this has affected Capex.  Can you explain the gaming application process?

Skip Oceanlane: Linden Lab instituted a skill gaming application process where you pay an initial fee to apply, and then completed some general questions about your game.  Creators and Operators both had to apply. After a wait of 2-3 months, a legal representative of Linden Lab made contact, and then the applicant would give specific information about their game.

Lanai Jarrico: So you have applied? If so what has been the outcome so far?

Skip Oceanlane: Yes, I sent in my application the first day the policy was announced. As of today, I still do not have a yes or no answer from Linden Lab on my skill gaming application.

Lanai Jarrico: What do you think is causing the delay in this process?

Skip Oceanlane: It's my personal opinion that Linden Lab is doing all it can to dissuade anyone from getting approval through this process.  The law firm representing me has submitted tons of specific information to the attorney representing Linden Lab, as well as e-mails and phone calls back and forth.  Each time we submit information, Linden Lab requests new information, or says the information we submitted needs to be in more detail.

Lanai Jarrico: Do you think this has to do with taxes and that sort of legal thing since this is a global platform anyone can have access to? It seems fishy that they are conducting themselves this way.

Skip Oceanlane: I believe Linden Lab is trying to protect themselves legally.  I even agree with them that they must do due diligence to ensure that all operations inside their game meet the letter of the law. However, I think they are going too far, and hurting their own business.  As you know, Second Life has been declining for years.  This new restrictive skill gaming policy meant to shut down most skill gaming related businesses will only further help their decline.

Lanai Jarrico: I agree the way they have been making decisions is a direct result of our community’s decline.  It sounds like you are doing everything they asked of you and being compliant is there anything else you would like to point out about this problem? Will you continue to try for the sake of Capex and its members?

Skip Oceanlane: Yes, I have done everything asked by Linden Lab's legal representative, and I believe the legal information submitted was more than enough to allow me to continue operations within Second Life.  I do question why no one has been approved after October 2014. I wasn't even contacted by a legal representative until after then. I suspect that they favored certain people and their games, and everyone else wasn't given the same fair consideration. I believe at this point, only those that threaten legal action will get approval. I am in the process of hiring a new law firm in the hopes that perhaps they can obtain the information Linden Lab is requesting, which is a 40-state breakdown of their laws and how Capital Exchange meets the "predominance test" in each jurisdiction.

Lanai Jarrico: That's interesting.  I wonder if it has to do with their interest in starting the new grid.

Skip Oceanlane: I think it has everything to do with that.

Lanai Jarrico: If that turns out to be the case would you take Capex there and try the application process again?

Skip Oceanlane: No, I have no plans to relocate to any new grid owned by Linden Lab.  I want to state to your readers that I have been a loyal player of Second Life since 2007.  I have paid tier fees since then in excess of US$100,000 on all the sims I have owned. In addition, the game activity created about US$250,000 a year in Linden Dollar activity - some years even higher.

Lanai Jarrico: Impressive. Those are high numbers for LL to be delaying you and treating your money as if it was just  game credits.

Skip Oceanlane: I am tremendously disappointed at how poorly I have been treated during this process, and even comments from Linden Lab's legal department have been disingenuous.

Lanai Jarrico: If they aren’t taking members like you seriously, I can only imagine how easily it would be for them to pull the plug on the rest of us.

Skip Oceanlane: I don’t think they are close to “pulling the plug” however they certainly aren’t providing enough electricity and causing us brownouts, so to speak.  Lanai, all I am asking is to be treated fairly.  Their request for a 40-state breakdown of each of their laws and how they pertain to Capital Exchange's legality is impossible unless I had a few hundred thousand US$ hanging around. 

Lanai Jarrico: Understood. So where do you go from here?

Skip Oceanlane: I am in the process of seeking new counsel to see if it's possible for me to give Linden Lab what they are asking for. As to where do I go from here?  Forward.  I have made the decision to stop using the Linden Dollar, and operate on the website independently of Second Life.  It was a tough decision to make because I still love the game of Second Life, but Linden Lab and their legal people left me no alternative. CapEx players will still be able to check their balances, and reset their passwords in-world of Second Life, however I am switching to my own currency, the CapEx Dollar (CD$).  Furthermore, I will be allowing non-Second Life players to join Capital Exchange, which will increase our potential membership by the millions.

Lanai Jarrico: How will they be able to exchange their CapEx  Dollars into real cash?

Skip Oceanlane: I will be using PayPal for people to cash in and out. My exchange fee will only be .99%, as opposed to Linden Lab who charges 3.5%.  Also for now I will be keeping my in-world sim of Capital Exchange, and my avatar Skip Oceanlane will be sitting in the usual chair behind the Information Desk.  I want to keep the "virtual" part of the game, but 99% of everything occurred on our website anyways, so other than the currency change, not much will be different – except for a soon to be done overhaul of the website for a new modern look.
Lanai Jarrico: That sounds like a safe option and quite lucrative for Capex.
Skip Oceanlane: Yes.  People will fund their accounts via credit card or debit card, then buy CapEx Dollars.  They then can cash out their earnings, pay the .99% fee, and receive the US$ to their PayPal accounts. No real difference than what they do with Linden Dollars and Second Life.
Lanai Jarrico: You are basically cutting out the middle man (LL) and doing it legally in the real world using a virtual world target audience.

Skip Oceanlane: Yes, that is correct.

Lanai Jarrico: Any final thoughts?

Skip Oceanlane: Yes.  I wanted to thank everyone who has played Capital Exchange over the years, especially those who have hung in there during this recent period of adversity caused by Linden Lab.  As promised, I have found a way to keep the game alive, and now it will grow to new levels and be better than ever before.  I have made a substantial investment in the software, so look for an entirely new look with new features soon – and even a new website address of  If “LL” doesn’t want me anymore, then time to drop the “SL” and move forward.  Thanks Lanai for helping me tell my side of the story.

Lanai Jarrico: You heard it here first.   CapEx lives on!

For more information visit:

Sunday, November 2, 2014


STUDIO 777 (FUN) Creates Unprecedented Partnership, Adds Land, Joins Pi Games Tournament System


NEW YORK AND SECOND LIFE -- October 27, 2014 — STUDIO 777™ (CAPEX: FUN), the #1 Skill Gaming Nightclub, Mall and Resort in the Second Life® virtual world since 2009, today announced that Linden Lab®, a division of Linden Research, Inc., has approved STUDIO 777 as an official Second Life Skill Gaming Program Operator ("SLSGO") and Sol Hermosa is an official Skill Gaming Region ("SGR"). In addition, the Company has joined the new Pi Games Tournament System and has added a Homestead simulator called STUDIO 777 which will be the home base for JOBSTAR Job Center, Ads-O-Matic Advertising and the STUDIO 777 Mall.

Linden Lab affirmed on October 27, 2014: "Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that your application to become an Operator through the Second Life Skill Gaming Program has been approved."

“This is an incredibly exciting time for STUDIO 777,” Luke Slingshot, CEO of STUDIO 777, commented. "We're grateful to Linden Lab for today's approval and continuing help and support, and to Stevan Lieberman, our Players, Team, Shareholders, Partners and Friends. In the four months since our IPO, in addition to expansion, the acquisition of Ads-O-Matic and our conversion to a Skill Gaming Region and Operator approval, we've also paid L$1,715,185 in dividends to our Shareholders. The Skill Gaming industry is one of the internet's fastest growing segments and with this announcement, STUDIO 777 continues forward as a leader in this dynamic area."

The U.S. Skill Based Gaming industry saw revenue of $2.5 billion in 2013 alone, and is projected to surpass $9.0 Billion in annual revenue by 2017, according to a national consumer study conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates. Skill Based Gaming is becoming so common and popular that Venture Capital firms are buying in:

STUDIO 777 created an unprecedented partnership to create and submit Reasoned Legal Opinions ("RLOs") to Linden Lab. Included in the partnership are Raziel Foggarty, Creator of 4Play, Wizard, Stomp The Fox and R&A Core products , Aargle Zymurgy, legendary Creator of Zyngo and scores of games and Ocean View Gamers . Together, with their attorney, Stevan Lieberman of Greenberg and Lieberman ( , ), RLOs have been created and submitted for 10 sets of Second Life's most popular games.

In addition, STUDIO 777 is honored to announce it was the first partner accepted into the Pi Games Tournament System. Pi Games, known for many of the most popular games in Second Life, unveiled an unparalleled system including Reel Wild Progressive Tournament, Bugz Progressive Tournament, Pot-o-Gold Tournament, Fire Ball Tournament, Devil Hunt Tournament, Enchanted Tournament, Party Crasher Tournament, Doggie Style Tournament, Royal Gems Tournament and Ice Cream Tournament. The Tournament System will only be available on 10 regions in Second Life.

Pi Games CEO FoxyFurman Kumaki commented, "STUDIO 777 has been a great partner since nearly the inception of Pi Games in Second Life, and as we were developing the Pi Games Tournament System, Luke and his team were enthusiastic and professional about supporting and joining the project. We're delighted to have STUDIO 777 join us as we develop new games and continue offering some of the most successful games on the grid."

"We deeply respect and admire Fox and Pi Games, and congratulate Pi Games on Linden Lab's approval of the Tournament System," said KariAnne Starsmith, President of STUDIO 777. "Pi Games has created some of Second Life's most fun and popular Skill Games, and we're honored to be part of this historic system. To celebrate, we've donated to Fox Woods Animal Rescue, Inc and encourage everyone to support this great charity."

Several of STUDIO 777's initiatives, including JOBSTAR Job Center, the STUDIO 777 Mall, and ADS-O-MATIC will soon move to their new homes on the new STUDIO 777 Homestead Sim. The Homestead, which will be STUDIO 777's new Landing Point, is not a Skill Gaming Region, thereby making the areas available to non payment verified avatars. Information and frequently asked questions about Skill Gaming Regions are at

As previously noted by Linden Lab, “Second Life is the most successful user-created virtual world ever,” said Ebbe Altberg, Linden Lab CEO. “Eleven years after first opening, it continues to thrive with more than a petabyte of 3D content created by users, a strong economy of user-to-user transactions in which tens of millions of dollars are paid out to creators every year, and an active community that spans the globe. There is a massive opportunity ahead to carry on the spirit of Second Life while leveraging the significant technological advancements that have occurred since its creation, and no company is better positioned to create this than we are.”

Since 2009, STUDIO 777™, an Official Skill Gaming Operator, has welcomed over 1 million Guest visits with over 50 million minutes spent at 777 in the Second Life virtual world. With 30,000 Group Members, 1,400 Live Events with international DJs & L$ prizes, 50 Mall Stores, and L$250 Million Linden won by Players and Guests, STUDIO 777 has gained a reputation for trust, integrity and fun. 777 has been ranked third highest in traffic in Second Life and honored to be named Second Life’s #1 Skill Gaming Nightclub & Resort. Visit STUDIO 777 in Second Life at Twitter @Studio777Club and on the web at

Capital Exchange ( is Second Life's largest stock market simulation game. In the last 12 months over L$120,000,000 of virtual stock within the game has been traded. Skip Oceanlane has been the Capital Exchange CEO since January, 2011.

ABOUT LINDEN LAB: Founded in 1999 and headquartered in San Francisco, Linden Lab makes shared creative spaces that inspire and empower users to explore and share their creativity with others. For more about Linden Lab, its products, and career opportunities please visit

Safe Harbor Statement:

This press release contains statements which may constitute forward-looking statements. Those statements include statements regarding the intent, belief or current expectations of STUDIO 777, members of management, and assumptions on which such statements are based. Prospective investors are cautioned that any such forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve risks and uncertainties, and that actual results may differ materially from those contemplated by such forward-looking statements. Capital Exchange is a fictional stock market simulation game operating for entertainment and educational purposes only. All activity regarding Capital Exchange is governed by CapEx's disclosure statement at and full rules for CapEx participation are at

Copyright © STUDIO 777 Partners. All worldwide rights reserved. Second Life and Linden Lab are registered trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. All trademarks, product data, logos and copyrights are the property of their respective Companies and no endorsement is implied. STUDIO 777 is proud to be equal opportunity and welcomes all applicants.

For STUDIO 777: Luke Slingshot, KariAnne Starsmith
In world: Luke Slingshot, KariAnne Starsmith
Email: Mr. Slingshot:, Ms. Starsmith:

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

STUDIO 777 Q3 Results: L$504,314 September Dividend, L$1,361,993 Q3

STUDIO 777 Reports Q3 Results, 4th Consecutive Dividend Increase: L$504,314 for September,
L$1,361,993 for Q3 on revenue of $54,248,888

NEW YORK, NY and Second Life – October 7, 2014 -- STUDIO 777 (CAPEX: FUN) today reported results for the Third Quarter of 2014, with Shareholder dividends for the month of September increasing 11.87% to L$504,314, and dividends for Q3 totaling L$1,361,993 on revenue of $54,248,888. FUN experienced continuing growth in traffic and revenue in Q3, traditionally a slower period, as well as a challenging phase for the Skill Gaming sector.

Monday, July 7, 2014


STUDIO 777™ (CAPEX: FUN), Capital Exchange's largest IPO ever, sold out and joined the #1 Stock Market Simulation Game in Second Life®. The Company announced that higher sales and margins generated strong earnings growth and raised Shareholder dividends. 

NEW YORK, NY and Second Life – July 7, 2014 -- STUDIO 777 (CAPEX: FUN) today reported results for the month ended June 30, 2014. Since the Company's IPO application projections, FUN revenue surged over 50% from L$10,000,000 to L$15,148,396, and dividends increased 76% to L$353,192. This does not include the IPO proceeds of L$5,760,600; these funds have been allocated as restricted. Management reports that due to IPO marketing and press coverage, there was an unprecedented increase of new players including new Second Life residents coming from all over the grid. Our Board of Directors has directed these profits be disbursed to Shareholders immediately because of the Company's dividend policy (see footnote 6 below). Management expects increased revenue and profit going forward.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

STUDIO 777 (FUN) Announces Shareholder Dividends and Financial Results July 7th

STUDIO 777 (FUN) Announces Shareholder Dividends
and Financial Results July 7th

NEW YORK, NY and Second Life – July 2, 2014 - STUDIO 777 (CAPEX: FUN) today announced that its Board of Directors accelerated and approved the initiation of monthly Linden dividends to its Shareholders on Capital Exchange. The first monthly dividend will be paid on July 7, 2014 to all Shareholders of record, and it is intended dividends will be paid on the 7th of the month thereafter. Financial results, including dividend amounts, will be released synchronously on dividend days of record.

Also check the story out at:

Monday, June 23, 2014

STUDIO 777™ in Second Life® Closes Initial Public Offering On Capital Exchange

Largest IPO Ever Sells Out and Joins #1 Stock Market Simulation Game!

NEW YORK AND SECOND LIFE -- June 23, 2014 — STUDIO 777™ (CAPEX: FUN), the #1 Skill Gaming Nightclub, Mall and Resort in the Second Life® virtual world since 2009, announced today that it has closed its previously announced initial public offering of shares of its common stock. STUDIO 777 sold 4,000,000 shares in the offering, representing 20% of the Company, resulting in net proceeds of approximately L$5,760,600 Linden Dollars after deducting the underwriting commissions.

The shares are expected to begin trading under the symbol “FUN" on the Capital Exchange Stock Market Simulation Game on June 23, 2014 at

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Studio 777 Goes Public- Interview with Luke Slingshot - Piers Diesel Reporting

 Studio 777 is like the Vegas of Second Life. It is an institution in SL business which offers the residents not only the option of skill gaming and winning money but also entertainment. Studio 777 also offer residents the chance to find virtual employment not only with the company but with other companies in Second Life as well.

It is not surprising when Studio 777 announced that they were going public allowing residents in Second Life to be shareholders. Finally residents were able to buy shares.  60% of shares were sold out within an hour on that first day. The owner of Studio 777 Luke Slingshot and his team surprised but also knew that residents who were buying shares could see that this was a business to invest in now and for the future.

I was able to chat with Luke about the success of going public and also about Studio 777.

Interview with Luke Slingshot

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Looking to Invest in Second Life? Check out the #1 Stock Market Simulation Game in SL- CapEx

April 2, 2013 stats

If you are a first-time visitor, please take some time to thoroughly familiarize yourself with our policies and Terms of Service as contained in our website before continuing further.

Our Disclosure Statement as posted at contains important information that you should also consider before commencing trading on our platform. 

Collectively, the policies contained herein describe our rules and Code of Conduct for all participants and shall be used as the primary and authoritative resource and guideline for all administrative decisions, dispute resolution and any other issues that may arise in the course of CapEx's operation. 

In the absence of a definitive rule, the decisions of the Management of CapEx shall prevail at its sole discretion. Your use of the software loaded at in any manner whatsover shall constitute unconditional acceptance of our various rules and Code of Conduct as posted here. We do monitor and review our policies regularly and may amend them from time-to-time without prior notice.

Thank you for visiting Capital Exchange - we greatly appreciate your business and trust.

Skip Oceanlane
CEO and Majority Shareholder
Capital Exchange