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Showing posts with label Celebrities. Show all posts

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

La Gallery, in connection with Soiree Events, proudly presents “ALSO PAINTERS…”- Friday, March 25, from 3:30 – 5:30 PM SLT


Question:  What do Sylvester Stallone, Paul McCartney, Frank Sinatra, and George Bush have in common?

Answer:  In addition to their contributions to their various fields of Acting, Songwriting, Performance Arts, and Politics, they were also painters. For this Grand Opening, La Gallery has assembled some 113 paintings, landscapes, and Self-Portraits from the world’s most prominent celebrities and sports figures.

Not just the opening of La Gallery - a new public art gallery dedicated to all kinds of exhibitions and events: painting, sculpture, photography, design, performances, and soon to become known as the Gallery of Galleries in SecondLife - but also the Grid Premier of “Also Painters…”, the finest and most comprehensive collection of celebrity art to be found anywhere on the Grid

Lalle Vanbeeck and La Gallery have scoured the internet to bring you the collected works of some of your all-time favorite personalities. When why she created La Gallery, Vanbeeck responded:

“I read some time ago an article presenting some celebrities who were also painters. Hence the idea of this exhibition showing the works of these “unknown” painters such as Bob Dylan, David Bowie…and many others”

  • WHO: La Gallery presents “Also Painters”

  • WHAT: SL’s premier collection of paintings done by multi-disciplinary celebrities, in this exclusive exhibit of the collected works of RL celebrity artists

  • WHY:  To inform the public of the multi-dimensional characteristics of some of your favorite stars.

  • WHEN:  Grande Opening Friday, March 25, from 3:30 – 5:30 PM SLT.  The exhibit runs from 25 Mar - 25 May 2022

  • WHERE:  La Gallery,

Chirico (172,179,2504) 

So, take a break from the usual Friday night scene of club-hopping, and come check us out.  See how many of YOUR favorite celebrities were also painters and illustrators.  Come nosh on Brie cheese and crackers, and sip champagne from the open Bar while you peruse the exhibit.  Come alone, or with that special someone at your side.  Come experience this lively evening with music brought to you directly from that prominent DJ, Norma Ricci.  Come see the “artist within” as you view the expressions of art, and angst, from celebrities you have known about for years.  You’ll be talking about this for years to come.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Celebrities that love casinos

Celebrities that love casinos 
It certainly isn’t untrue to say that the amount of people that love going to the casino directly correlates with how wealthy they are, because it is inherently more fun to gamble when you know your bankroll is fairly unlimited. Why do you think casinos these days are so decadent anyway? Of course, it’s the rich members of society that end up gambling to play Fluffy Favourites at Wizard Slots
And who are some of the de facto richest people in society? Why, it’s celebrities, of course, a group of people that are proven to absolutely love gambling in casinos. You cannot blame them either – if we had as much money as some of the people we are going to mention in this article we would be gambling 24/7! Here are a few celebrities that love casinos:

Ben Affleck 

Ben Affleck has been a Hollywood hotshot for several decades now, appearing in seminal films such as Good Will Hunting and the more recent Gone Girl. It, therefore, follows that he has a lot of cultural capital, as well as a personal fortune well into the millions. It is no surprise that he is a massive lover of gambling, something that winnings he has made over his career will testify too. 
Ben Affleck has proved himself to be a masterful gambler on many occasions, winning quite a few poker and blackjack jackpots in his time. The great thing about this actor is that he regularly donates all of his winnings to casino staff and charities – what a great guy! 

Pamela Anderson 

The blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson rose to fame due to the iconic TV series Baywatch, something that subsequently allowed her to gamble away to her heart's content. Just like many of us she has been seen to play slots in Las Vegas quite extensively, which is funny because there are more than a few Baywatch themed slot games available in the city. 
This means she may well have encountered herself on a video slot screen, an icon that was almost definitely of high value! Not every day you get a slot payout from yourself, is it… 

Charlie Sheen 

Charlie Sheen has struggled with gambling and alcohol addictions for his whole life and is therefore somewhat of a casino expert. The Two And A Half Men star has long been known to enjoy gambling in casinos, and it isn’t really surprising when you consider his reported salary of more than 2 million dollars per episode. 
Unfortunately for Charlie Sheen a lot of the money he spent in casinos he never got back, as he had a reputation for some pretty daring (and stupid) bets. 

Derren Brown 

If you had the powers of mind-reading, illusion, and persuasion that Derren Brown had surely you would love gambling? It turns out he does, however unlike other celebrities, Derren Brown is in it out of sheer curiosity for the world of mathematics and probability, not really the search for more cash. 
For more interesting facts, check out this infographic which illustrates the most interesting ups and downs of celebrities gambling life.