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Showing posts with label Dandilyon Jinx. Show all posts

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Adventures in Education: Dandilyon Jinx Reports on Woodcrest University

While many of the educational institutions sit idle during the summer months, this is not the case at Woodcrest University. A residential and role play sim, the university sits in the middle of a bustling town with active coffee shops, workout gyms, and sports bars. While Woodcrest has no real world accreditations, the education there is authentic.

This reporter had an opportunity to experience this first hand by attending Professor Daragan Cabeza·de·Vaca’s Art & Design class. "Originally from Spain, I emigrated from there when I was a teenager," said Cabeza·de·Vaca. “Fast-forward to today… I'm 23 years old and aside from teaching, I'm a grad student in our MBA program, active in our Greek System, and throw the Javelin for our Angry Beavers Track Team.” Despite having a full plate of activities, the Professor still makes herself available to her students if they need extra help.

The class filled up with students quickly, and after everyone signed in for attendance, the professor began. "Tonight we're continuing on with the genre of Art Nouveau,” she said. She commenced by teaching a full class on the topic, centering on Art Nouveau through Austrian painter, Gustav Klimt. As students, we watched short films, listened as the professor explained the slides, and answered questions. 

After an engaging and highly informative lesson, Cabeza·de·Vaca concluded class in her usual way. "Thank you for your time and the desire to experience our world in an expressive, Artistic way. Until next Monday, Stay Safe out there, Practice your Art, and be Extra-kind to one another. Class dismissed."

After experiencing a class at Woodcrest University, I went to have a look around campus. Everywhere were clear signs of school pride. A list of classes included psychology, astronomy, and performing arts. As I explored, I found fully equipped classroom laboratories and music rooms. A library, cafeteria, and student council meeting rooms were all in use. A sports program at the university has a full stadium and gymnasium. The school sports teams include basketball, boxing, football, track and field, swimming, wrestling, and a cheerleading squad.

The students were friendly as well. Pεᴛεя Áηdяεw Pαяᴋεя was happy to give me a brief tour of the campus on his way up to Professor Cabeza·de·Vaca’s class. A typical student, Pαяᴋεя struggles to balance a busy life. “Sadly I don't always make it to classes due to work but the ones I do, I enjoy a lot.” Pαяᴋεя’s name appears on the school honor rolls, so his balancing act is working.

A packed school calendar is a good indication of how involved life at Woodcrest can be, but the overall message seems to be one of kindness and excellence. A Dean’s List and Honor Roll inspire students to excel, but as Dean Steven Lovecraft III says in his welcome, “Woodcrest is a place to find belonging---a place to engage in the dialectic of finding and expressing yourself while building up and not tearing down one another. Welcome to this special place.”

A large and dedicated staff help to make the university a great experience. Teachers must apply to lead classes. While role-playing is part of the experience, real educational content is the focus. That was certainly true of the class I attended.  Attendance is taken by the instructors and sent to the University Coordinator. At the end of each half-semester, Instructors can recommend students for Honors or High Honors.

To complete the student life experience, fraternity and sorority chapters self-govern and maintain houses on Greek Row. The Council of the Woodcrest University Student Union represents both the undergraduate council and the graduate assembly and connects the administration with the students. The council sponsors student clubs and school spirit. 

The town of Woodcrest welcomes new residents that would like to be positive and active participants in the culture. Their website describes the town as “a vibrant college town” where local residents and the university's students work side by side. From interning with the police department and emergency services to working in the local businesses, interaction and cooperation is encouraged. The town founders have even established a fund supporting entrepreneurial students to start businesses of their own.

Residents looking for a full university experience with a diverse student body and a focus on academics and positivity need look no farther than Woodcrest University.

Go Beavers!

Additional Information:



Woodcrest University secondlife:///app/group/d23a87bc-9043-2251-2228-9630791e8ca2/about




Preferred contact: Bliss Fairchild (blissful.loon)

Images credit: Dandilyon Jinx

Woodcrest University.jpg

Woodcrest Stadium.jpg

Professor Daragan Cabeza·de·Vaca.jpg

Professor Daragan Cabeza·de·Vaca 2.jpg

Woodcrest University Admissions.jpg

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

When Worlds Collide: Dandilyon Jinx Reports on Balticon 2021

For the second year in a row, Balticon Station hosted the virtual platform for Balticon, the Maryland Regional Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention presented by the Baltimore Science Fiction Society. Owned by Melita and her partner, the creation of Balticon Station was in response to the pandemic situation in 2020.

Last year with the pandemic raging and people afraid or unable to attend conventions in person, we requested and received non-profit pricing from Linden lab,” said Melita. “Balticon and the Baltimore Science Fiction Society (BSFS) are non-profit, educational organizations.”

For many of the attendees, Second Life was a new experience. Last year the Balticon website presented the concept to members as “...a huge, diverse, and extremely eclectic virtual world that was inspired by the Metaverse as described in Neal Stephenson’s novel Snow Crash.” The response was enthusiastic and BSFS members and more had the chance to explore role play in the content-rich environment SL residents have become familiar with.

After Balticon was over last year, it was decided to keep the sim open in case other conventions wanted to use the space. The amenities are built to provide a memorable experience for seasoned and new residents alike. “There are half a dozen or so amazing spaces here,” said Melita. “The underwater science lab, the space station, the elven forest and caves, and the art show.  There's a place where you can ‘borrow’ a horse and go for a trail ride, or you can jump from a sky platform using your newly acquired parachute.”  Keeping to the speculative fiction theme, visitors can also fly a UFO or shuttle-bot or just dance the night away in the Space Bar. “Balticon Station was designed to show the depth of Second Life to those who are new to the platform and to show that Science Fiction and Fantasy transcend Real Life,” says Melita.

The timing couldn’t be better. During the event, this reporter overheard quite a few compliments about the virtual platform. With 2021 still uncertain in some areas, many people are seeing virtual worlds as a viable option for business and entertainment. Melita agrees.

“When I started in 2005, people were saying ‘if you are spending your free time in a virtual world, you need psychological help.’  Since the pandemic, some are admitting that it is keeping people sane.”

Melita sees her work at Balticon Station as a way to bring people together, especially at a time when many are still unable to meet up in person. But it doesn’t take a pandemic to find the benefits to a virtual world. “Second Life has been a way for me to remain in contact with friends and family, meeting "’ face-to-face’ with them in a real and comforting way,” says Melita. “What I love about Second Life is the way it slices through barriers.  I know people from all over the world. Race and color don't matter; physical abilities don't matter; age doesn't matter.  What matters is how each person treats each other, and it's truly amazing.”

While first-time visitors may initially be intimidated by the steep learning curve, once they get familiar with the basics they have access to a new world of possibility. “You can create, build, write and publish; you can see and hear live performances; you can conduct business; plan a building; conduct classes ... the limit is your imagination,” says Melita. 

She is an excellent example of how to make use of this alternate reality. “Personally, in Second Life I am a photographer, graphic artist, gallery owner, writer, editor, layout specialist, and magazine publisher, and I teach basic building skills. I am far more fulfilled than I ever was in RL where I am encumbered by time, distance, and physical ability.”

While real-world events prompted the surge of interest in Second Life, some of the new residents will invariably stay and become a permanent part of the community, adding their own experiences to the mix. 

“I hope Second Life continues for a long time,” says Melita. “I know there's a new venture out there that Linden Lab is working on, but I am too involved here to be looking for the next big ‘thing.’”

At the moment, virtual Balticon seems to be a big enough thing all on its own. This reporter was happy to have experienced it. While the convention itself is over until next year, Balticon Station remains open for exploration.




Group: Balticon and BFSF secondlife:///app/group/f0bc49e1-b3d6-59bb-8da8-cc5b104217b0/about



Preferred contact: Melita (taylor.schroeder)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Calling Models of all Levels of Experience!

Playboy has bunnies, Victoria has angels and Song & Silver Jinx has Dolls, do you have what it takes to be a Song & Silver Jinx Doll?  

What is a Song & Silver Jinx Doll? 

 A Song & Silver Jinx Doll is a model that exudes the spontaneous spirit of our line; sexy, empowered and full of play.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BOOK Review: No Money Marketing: All You Need Is Like by Author Angela Yuriko Smith Published August 21, 2011

E-Book Descritption

May 2011 saw the entry of another fiction. The only thing different about it was that this book was a test subject for some marketing experiments. The results were staggering. This was done with minimal to no cost using skills easily obtained from online tutorials. This book is a must have tool for today’s indie authors to promote their work to a massive audience for a minimal cost.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

It’s an Indie Party and you are all cordially invited! Sunday, July 31, 2011 1pm SLT

Come join us  Sunday, July 31st @ 1:00pm SLT at The Home of End of Mae Welcome Center/House of Silverjinx as we celebrate Indie Artists, Musicians and Authors.  Festivities will include live music performance by “SL’s Super Playboy” Eric (DirtyDee) Sweetwater. After breaking a sweat on the dance floor, take a step back and catch your breath because there are more great things in store on this schedule!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spotlight on Dandilyon Jinx, Owner & Designer of House of Silverjinx and Author of “End of Mae”, Available now on Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

For years, Second Life has been trying to shake off the unfortunate stigma of being just another virtual world game by people who have never experienced the many paths Second Life can take Avatars. Being immersed in virtual world Media since 2004, I have seen what these platforms can do to help people discover talents they never knew they had, to building and expanding their businesses on a global scale.

The possibilities are endless. Now is the time for those who continue to devalue the continued virtual  support and effort of true professionals, such as Musicians, Fashion Designers, Artists, Architects, Business Owners and even Authors like Dandilyon Jinx, to finally realize it is much more then leisure time spent.

People who want to learn the developing skills necessary to possibly
develop a program as successful as Second Life can find info at
In the Internet age, programs such as Second Life will be popular for many
years to come.