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Showing posts with label products. Show all posts

Thursday, October 14, 2021

SLDomina Exploration


Products, photographers tools, club stuff, and Tourist destination

SLDomina Photo Studio provides lights, poses, backgrounds, equipment, and gadgets for novice and professional photographers - to use freely and also to buy.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

GeekSpeak – ethical shopping, how important is it? Join the discussion August 3rd at 12pm SLT

We in the west buy questionable products like palm oil or hardwood from the Amazon.  We buy products that may have been produced by slave labour, or at the expense of local people.  Should we all be forced or nudged into ethical buying?

Is the problem one of information?  Should all products carry enough information so that we can make an ethical choice?  Is that even possible?

How do we know what information we can rely on?  How can we see through all the tricks used by industries?  How do we decide between competing claims?  If a product is unethical because it damages the environment, maybe the only alternative is unethical because it relies on slave labour.  Is it even possible for everyone to agree about what is unethical?

Perhaps you think we should all buy whatever we want, and the market will sort it out.

Come and discuss ethics in the world markets.  Bring your 50-country-lunch.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have ideas for new subjects.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Explore your dark side with the Suicide Dollz event from 1PM SLT July 17th to 1PM SLT July 29th

You are cordially invited to the latest round of the Suicide Dollz event. We cater to the darker side of SL. As Second Life's longest running alternative themed shopping event, established in 2013, we continuously strive to bring you the best products by some of the grid's most recognized designers. There's less then a week left for this round, so stop by Suicide Dollz today to check out all the items available before we close at 1PM SLT on July 29th. For any questions, please send a NC in-world to Selene Starflare or email to

For all the latest updates about Suicide Dollz:
Blog & Full Shopping Guide:
In-World Group: secondlife:///app/group/5c537602-0696-9400-4c0f-ed6c90cb3078/

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

-RC- Cluster Sells Weird!

If there was a place that spawned all that was bizarre, all the outlandish and strangely mundane things in SL, it would be -RC- Cluster in the legendary Tableau sim. Established in 2008 by Redd Columbia, -RC- Cluster is a seasoned procurer of the eccentric arts.

Almost all items are animated or interactive. You can find AOs, role play items and toys, and everyday objects from real life you didn’t even realize you needed in SL - think lint rollers or back-scratchers. Don’t forget about your personal hygiene! When was the last time you stopped to take a shower in SL and used proper soap and shampoo? At the very least, pick up some hand sanitizer. Get sharp for that next SL date with animated makeup, hair spray and razors for all sorts of body parts!

Redd Columbia doesn’t just sell weird, she also celebrates it! The -RC- Cluster Main store has a history of fun events happening in and around it, such as charity causes, Thanksgiving day dinners, games of musical chairs, and coloring contests! Everybody can attend, so don’t miss out on any of the fun.

There is something for everyone here. SL role players will find something for the whole family. A Fart Button for little cousin Roger, an Electric Shaver for Dad, a Sweaty-Spy Bomb for secret agent spy Aunty Mindy, and a servant’s fan to give to your Gorean role playing half-brother Joe! No matter who you are or what gift you’re looking for, you’re sure to find something new and exciting at -RC- Cluster.

While you’re there, try your luck at one of the gacha machines! Featured in events such as Arcade, there are lots of fun items to win - sit and spins, frosting to eat out of the jar, stabby murder utensils, glow in the dark wall decals and playable Gacha Pets to match your Giga Pet in real life!

You can find Redd Columbia on plurk (she will always add new friends), Flickr, or at the Main Store in Tableau.

Main Store SLURL:

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lastat Productions Offers Affordable and Effective Solutions for Businesses in Second Life

Since 2009, Lastat Productions has been providing you, the customer, with affordable, efficient, and easy to use gadgets that aid you in your Second Life. Our products are designed around usability and productivity, while eliminating unnecessary lag and lengthy set-up procedures.

Lastat Productions is here to assist you in promoting your business so it may grow and flourish, stopping at nothing to provide the best customer service and experience while using our products.

We also provide a free support group upon purchasing an item. This closed support group consists of over 1000 active members for peer to peer assistance when a CSR or myself is unavailable.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Avatar Social Network Opens it's Souvenir Store!

As Avatar Social Network (ASN) has became the largest social media website for avatars around the virtual world a new souvenir store has opened offering unique, collectible trade mark protected products and tools for members or anyone that just likes high quality merchandise.

Currently the items are only available for Second Life residents but stores will open for other grids as well.

ASN souvenirs contain items for different purposes, like social media tools, avatar accessories, clothing and so on. It's selection is growing every week as members and enthusiasts of Avatar Social Network offer their skills to make these collectible souvenirs. Some are free, some are with an affordable price.

You can find the store currently on the Second Life Marketplace. More items are added every week so visit it often, browse and get all the exclusive products. Visit the store here:

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Quick Guide to Creating a Press Release for Promoting Charities, Events, Business & Services in The SL Enquirer

A press release is a vital part of a marketing plan in Second life. It provides important information about events, products and services as well as where the target audience can find what is being promoted as well as who to contact for additional information.

Having a solid PR plan makes it easy to promote to a variety of media sources who can reach out to the masses on your behalf.  The SL Enquirer has put together a quick guide to help get you started on your way to virtual success.

You will need these key components:

*Catchy Headline/announcement

example: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Grand Opening of (event name) on (date & time)

*Promotional Texture
 400x400 (jpg) (SLE Standard)

 The who, what, where, when about the event/service/product/location
(this information should be between  450-  1000 words)

* LM, SLURL(s), Urls, social networks and preferred contact info.
* email a press release / slurls links and send the promo image as an attachment. to

FEE: 300L payable to Lanai Jarrico

Charities in Second Life
Charity events and fund raiser Press releases are free to publish at least once per week per charity event. Submissions are due on Saturdays by 6pm slt.


Email to learn more about getting your press release posted in The SL Enquirer.
-Lanai Jarrico
The SL Enquirer
Press Pass Media

SLE Ad Options Available 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Introducing Discount Roulette- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Everyone loves a great deal when they are out and about shopping in Second Life. With the countless malls and stores across the grid it can become overwhelming trying to look for items that are both quality and match your shopping budget. Here is an interesting solution to your shopping dilemma, how about playing a little bit of Discount Roulette? It is the newest most exciting way for merchants to show off their newest products.

It works in two ways. For merchants, it allows them to put products in the machine and set the price. When customers pay the set price, they will receive a random discount anywhere from 10%, 20% or even 100% off! You may think nothing is free but why not take the chance and have some fun.

To learn more about this unique product, we sat down with creator Julya Lykin to talk more about it.

Interview with Julya Lykin

Lanai: Hi Julya, can you tell me a little bit about Shame Me Designs and what your brand has to offer Second Life residents?

Julya:  Shame Me Designs started off as a shape shop.  It had progressed into other things, dabbling in applier friendly clothing, and now Discount Roulette.  Thus far, Shame Me Designs has also been the home of the hunt Dare2Bare (next one is January 15th – February 15th).

Lanai:  You have an interesting product:  Discount Roulette.  What made you come up with the idea?

Julya:  I’ve always had a passion for marketing.  Being a designer myself, I know the price it takes to put out a freebie.  Designing anything takes time, and time is money.  This way the designers will be able to make their cost back from making the item, and give the customers an exciting reason to come frequently, to see what’s new.  It’s a true win, win!

Lanai:  The features for Discount Roulette seem simple. Can you explain how merchants can add items and set a price? Also, how many items can be put into this machine?

Julya:  Setting up the machine is quite simple.  Edit the machine, and put your price in the “Description” box.  Then click over to the “Contents” Tab, take out the “gift box,” and put your item inside.  While you’re in the “Contents” Tab, double click on the script and simply click the reset button, close everything up and your ready to rock.  One item per machine.

Lanai: Can merchants have multiple Discount Roulette Machines?
Julya:  Yes, the machine is sold as copy, no transfer.  You can set up as many as you like.  As other versions come out, there will be free updates.

Lanai: Do you have to join a group in order to receive discounts?
Julya:  No.  Anyone can play.  It is set up to be completely random.

Lanai: Where can merchants purchase this system?

Julya:  There are two different ways you can purchase the machine.  In-world you can purchase it at Shame Me Designs.  There is a machine set out with an item inside.  Or if you prefer, you can also purchase it on Marketplace.  It is available at both locations for L$350.

Lanai: With products like Discount Roulette available to shoppers, I think it makes shopping a bit more fun. Will you be coming up with other ways to bring merchants and customers together?

Yes, there is a group made called Discount Roulette, in which customers can find all the newest locations and designers can inform customers of their new items.  Once a week there will be an updated list posted in notices of stores with slurls attached for your convenience.  The Discount Roulette blog is now up and running, where the list will be maintained.  Another feature will be designer items blogged.  We have a few more tricks up our sleeves for the future =).

Additional Information
Group: secondlife:///app/group/f864696b-54bc-574c-e62e-7e20d53f97bb/about
Preferred contact: Julya Lykin

Friday, June 14, 2013

Review: A Look At One Shell Shocked Company For Shell Shocked Sims – Margie Zeplin Reporting…

    When one first hears the term Second Life Military Community, or SLMC, they may think of an in world Second Life group that revolves around real life military veterans. This is where the name might be misleading for some. Although there are real life military veterans within the SLMC, the community itself has nothing to do with real military affairs. In actuality, it's far more civilian and gamer friendly.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BOOK Review: No Money Marketing: All You Need Is Like by Author Angela Yuriko Smith Published August 21, 2011

E-Book Descritption

May 2011 saw the entry of another fiction. The only thing different about it was that this book was a test subject for some marketing experiments. The results were staggering. This was done with minimal to no cost using skills easily obtained from online tutorials. This book is a must have tool for today’s indie authors to promote their work to a massive audience for a minimal cost.