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Showing posts with label Dare2Bare Hunt. Show all posts

Friday, August 2, 2013

To Bare or not to Bare- Thoughts & A Peek at The Dare2Bare Hunt in SL©- August 1- August 31st- Orchids Zenovka Reports…

Nudity is said to be wrong. What embarrasses us about being nude? Why has nudity has become a perverted concept in a most non-sexy way? 

The body has become taboo. We've got so many hang-ups with nudity; Baby photos are getting censored.  Cultural conditioning created the idea that nudity / nudism is sin. The media made nudity a perverted concept. A gown can be classy or indecent in the hands of a wearer. 

Classy is being able to wear the skimpiest outfit you have in your closet but you carry it like a lady/gentleman.
Trashy is wearing whatever you find in  the closet , spreading your legs open and sitting waiting for whatever comes your way; drinking from a bottle.