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Friday, August 2, 2013

To Bare or not to Bare- Thoughts & A Peek at The Dare2Bare Hunt in SL©- August 1- August 31st- Orchids Zenovka Reports…

Nudity is said to be wrong. What embarrasses us about being nude? Why has nudity has become a perverted concept in a most non-sexy way? 

The body has become taboo. We've got so many hang-ups with nudity; Baby photos are getting censored.  Cultural conditioning created the idea that nudity / nudism is sin. The media made nudity a perverted concept. A gown can be classy or indecent in the hands of a wearer. 

Classy is being able to wear the skimpiest outfit you have in your closet but you carry it like a lady/gentleman.
Trashy is wearing whatever you find in  the closet , spreading your legs open and sitting waiting for whatever comes your way; drinking from a bottle.

I’m a gown and fantasy girl myself. But I do not like it when someone jumps on someone in RL or SL for not being “attired properly”. Let's not forget just how traumatized we all were when Janet Jackson's nipple made an appearance during the Super Bowl. It’s a nipple. Breasts are beautiful. They are a part of a very human body.

What our children grow up to be, depends on the strength of confidence and self belief we ourselves give them. Sometimes they manage very well without us. Protecting them from “nudity” and attiring them in sexualized clothes for fashion or dance shows is hypocrisy. Perverts existed during grandma’s time and will exist forever. Give strength and self-belief not lectures and censors.

French fashion historian Olivier Saillard said, the bikini is perhaps the most popular type of female beachwear around the globe because of "the power of women, and not the power of fashion". As he explains, "The emancipation of swimwear has always been linked to the emancipation of women."

 In this mode, I decided to search the grid for those who are celebrating nudity. I looked mainly for high quality bits of SL clothing made to look classy, yet sexy and fun.

SL abounds with skimpy clothing now compared to the very beginning. Some well done…others… not so much. Today we have come a long way in mature acceptance of nudity. Whore Couture is a great example. I went further back in time to find SLers who celebrated nudity without being any less sure of themselves.

And I found the 80-store-long Dare2bare, a Second Life grid-wide hunt for the sexier side of fashion without being crass. Julya Lykin the founder developed this hunt for those that are interested in the more decadent side of fashion in second-life.  It is encouraged to show off a little bit more skin in second life without fear and invites those that dare to bare! Don't miss out on the Sexy!

It was to come out in the summer of July which is a great time for baring activities. But as always, RL has its way from which there is no escape…  Julya wrote: “The Dare2Bare 5 hunt is being postponed.  I am facing a heart surgery around April or May.  So it will take all my efforts and need no stress between now and when I recover.  I hope to be able to have it in June sometimes, but the date is not firm.  I am not deserting Dare2Bare.  It is my baby and I LOVE doing it.  Although, right now it’s just not the time.”

And then it came back in August with “We're back bitches, and we're taking the lock off the c*cks!!”…Err that was a bit too much for me too… but for heaven's sake! I’m letting it all out today! Dare2Bare is definitely for those not ashamed of the skin they are in.

The idea was developed...
“Because back then before Dare2Bare started there were NO slutty type hunts.  It was before Whore Couture, before seeing how skimpy of clothing you can wear was popular & WELL before boobies were main stream.  I ran around freely, showing what I wanted. Of course I was bashed, (like I cared), the others started to stop me and ask where I would find my clothing.  So I thought wth why don't I just make a hunt.”

Now it has grown into...
“Its own machine.  The first one was done with me & a friend Elease Graves.  She did the technical blog side & logo (I didn't know how to blog @ the time.)  And I handpicked each store.  I still do that to this day.  I do not accept application, yet welcome suggestions.  Once I announce I am starting to pick stores for the next hunt, I get flooded with notecards.  Dare2Bare started with 69 stores into 80 stores.  Although I like to stay @ 77 but since I found some great store, this round went to 80.  I think that 77 is a nice comfortable number, it’s not tiny, but also does not drag on FOREVER!”

Her inspiration comes from...
“Her rebel spirit.  Not doing what people consider normal & going off her own path.  I saw all those hunts out there. That had all the same designers participating.  Seeing that really inspired me to make my own.  To handpick stores, and invite the small stores no one knows about along with the bigger names.  To mash it up a bit & show that our SL Universe is humongous.  I work very hard to give diversity in the stores, from boobies, girly, urban, gothic & everything in between. Because SL is a crock pot & we're all sittin' in it. I wanted my hunt to hit everyone’s needs.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm not knocking ANY other organizer out there.  This is just the way I like to do things.  I praise them.  What we do is hard work. It takes long hours; we do not get anything out of it, other than making kick ass friends along the way & doing what we love.”

Hunt details...
“Since I had such a strong reaction from the hunters I decided to do it twice a year.  Once in February & again in August.  I try to keep it 77 stores, that are handpicked.  Dare2Bare will be here August 1 @ Midnight SLT.  Check the blog to see the kick ass gifts, hints & slurls. Hunt ends August 31 @ 11:59pm SLT.  Dare2Bare will ALWAYS be a free hunt.  Because I do not believe hunters should have to pay for designers’ free advertising.”

You thank...
“The academy sorry... so many people.  Elease for helping me kick start this amazing adventure.  To my sister Annabella for putting up with my grouchy ass when I haven't slept for 3 days, during crunch time before a hunt opening.  To my bad ass husband, that has taught me you can't please everyone & if they don't get you, screw them.  To Lavi, the best prize I found ever in the hunt. She was a hunter I met from day one.  And she's amazing, & she helps me keep my sanity & holds me up when I'm about ready to say screw it lol.  And lastly my Co-Brain, Pixy, it seems like I can't think without talking with her.  I <3 you all.”


Shame Me Designs
Tori's Stylez

No. Of Stores: 80

1. Shame Me Designs                                            2. PixyStix
3. Exposeur                                                               4. Tori's Stylez
5. Blonde&Blonde                                                   6. AngelDust
7. Decadent                                                              8. Paisley Daisy
9. Sup Poses                                                                        10. EBA
11. Drop Dead Gorgeous                                       12. Tattered
13. Thirteenth                                                           14. Naked Flower
15. Babele Fashion                                                 16. Wayward Angels Reunite
17. Asylum                                                                18. Tameless
19. Sasscandilous Mesh                                        20. Nicclas
21. Eyelure                                                                22. CBJ Clothes
23. Panda Punx                                                       24. Rack Poses
25. Custom Inkz                                                       26. Purple Candy
27. PB Designs                                                        28. Kanou
29. Star Shadow                                                      30. Purple Pose
31. CandyMetal                                                        32. Moyet
33. Rotten Apple                                                      34. Shabby Cat
35. Artful Designs                                                    36. Pink Sugah
37. Ellette                                                                  38. Latreia Foot Fashion
39. Latex Station                                                      40. Mood Swings
41. Awear Lingerie                                                  42. MV
43. Brazen Hussie                                                   44. Drama Queen
45. U: Refined                                                          46. Kennedy's
47. HAHA Studios                                                   48. Tekila Candy
49. Pretty N Pink                                                      50. Fantasy Restraints
51. Tits Up                                                                 52. Deadrocker Bettie Crocker
53. Carrie's Lingerie                                                            54. ModaMia
55. Knockers                                                             56. Fucking Ninja's
57. Pink Pearl Designs                                           58. Bitch Barbie
59. AtaMe                                                                  60. Que Bella
61. Ladadayo                                                            62. Beautiful Dangerous
63. Brandy's Boutique                                            64. Dumb Blond
65. Niekra's Dreams                                                66. The Little Bat
67. Pin Me Up                                                           68. Sub Rosa
69. Sassy                                                                   70. Calico Ingramm Creations
71. Together Inc                                                       72. D & G Designs
73. Luckies                                                                74. Patchwork Heart
75. Cheeky                                                                76. Mirror's Enigma
77. Embody                                                               78. Vooh
79. Blue Wave                                                          80. 1Hundred

When: August 1 - August 31

Price: 0L

Hunt Group: secondlife:///app/group/5f6c34db-e9ac-eabc-3ae8-745414a2f2b7/about

Search for item: A blue #2

Orchids says…
·         It does not matter what your style is. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
·         Wear what you are comfortable in.
·         Choose your own rules to follow. The heart will guide you right.
·         Feel fabulous with what you have been gifted.
·         Peace lies within. You just have to find it.  
·         The hunt is on….What are you waiting for?

Disclaimer: This is a lighthearted but mature take on the concept of nudity. It is meant to enjoy and maybe do a bit of soul-searching. I do not condone the exposure of underage children or overage but immature adults to the kind of nudity we have today simply because our systems are simply not strong enough to protect our children as adequately as it should.


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