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Showing posts with label Dragonmaster Mistwalker. Show all posts

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

AVIE POLL: Cheating in SL- Keep Them Or Lose them?- Dragonmaster Mistwalker Reporting...

I have seen many discussions started by a simple Truthball question.  Is sex in SL considered cheating if you are married in RL or does it count because it`s just an avatar? Also,  should you dump the person or forgive them? 

The way I see it is if both parties know what the other is doing in SL, they have rules, boundaries and they are adhered that is not cheating.

 However, if one side of the couple is doing it behind the others back or lying to either their partner or the person they are doing things with in second life that is cheating. 

So. that being said I`m heading out to get opinions from Sl residents about how they would handle lying and cheating.

Dragon Mistwalker (dragonmaster.mistwalker): if you partner cheats on you would you forgive them or would you dump them?

finn Somerset: hmmm, I would dump him...nods.

Dragon Mistwalker (dragonmaster.mistwalker): if your partner cheats on you would you forgive them or  dump them?

LYN (littlelyn.claremont): dump them.

Dragon Mistwalker (dragonmaster.mistwalker): if your partner cheats on you would you forgive them or would you dump them?

MoRgaine ( It's hard to say... depends on the bond, how long you've been together, your history as a couple... SL can provide a lot of temptation.  Once trust is broken, it's extremely difficult to gain it back.  I guess it really depends on how worth it you feel the relationship is worth fighting for... but that's just me, I'm a romantic at heart. :-).


Dragon Mistwalker (dragonmaster.mistwalker): if your partner cheated on you would you forgive them or dump them?

 Olivia (oliviadoolittle): dump them but it depends if I was married to them for 3 years or something I might forgive them.

Dragon Mistwalker (dragonmaster.mistwalker): if your partner cheated on you would you forgive them or dump them?

mustang Silvershade: depends if i can be big enough and forgive.

Dragon Mistwalker (dragonmaster.mistwalker): if your partner cheated on you would you forgive them or dump them?

Dessario: it depends how the relationship was defined... I do not believe monogamy is healthy in the long run, so if we were open I would be okay with it.

For most of the people I talked to they would dump their partner. I would agree that it depends on the relationship and the people involved, how strong the relationship is, and whether you can get past the cheating.

 For some i`m sure forgiving makes for a stronger relationship while for others they can`t deal with the hurt and choose to leave the other person.

What are your thoughts on this topics?

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Have You Ever Experienced Discrimination in SL?- Dragonmaster Mistwalker Reporting

We all know that discrimination exists in real life. Be it sex, age, racial, gender or religious discrimination a lot of people have faced discrimination in real life. based on this fact i thought id delve in and find out if discrimination exists in our virtual world.

Ðragon Mistwalker (dragonmaster.mistwalker): have you ever experienced discrimination in second life?

  Mistress Sex Kitten Mistwalker (becca.drascol): Yes I have. Once I went to a club and had my "escort" tag on from my own club. Without warning and without time to take the tag off I was ejected and banned. Also as a club co owner I have a hard time finding work, most all places automatically judge, without knowing me that I am out to poach staff.

Ðragon Mistwalker (dragonmaster.mistwalker): how does this effect you?

Mistress Sex Kitten Mistwalker (becca.drascol): The tag thing made me feel like people don't take time they have their finger on the eject and don't care about lag, or a person like me simply forgetting. I almost always go to no tag or a neutral one when i hop around SL to respect other venues. Assuming that as a co owner of a club I am out to poach staff, used to hurt. I felt like I was placed in a category of "everyone else," and that I am uncaring and cold. When in truth I like to see venues of all kinds survive and like to help others.

Ðragon Mistwalker (dragonmaster.mistwalker): have you ever experienced discrimination in second life?

 Hell's Jester (damnedfool): I've found a few that don't like my furry form but I don't let that bother me.

Ðragon Mistwalker (dragonmaster.mistwalker): ty for your time

Hell's Jester (damnedfool): No problem.

Dragon Mistwalker (dragonmaster.mistwalker): have you ever experienced discrimination in second life?

Ferarri Canucci ™ (ferarri.carissa):  yes i have once or twice.

Ðragon Mistwalker (dragonmaster.mistwalker): how did it affect you?

Ferarri Canucci ™ (ferarri.carissa): well it did hurt a little but they are nothing to me so i don't let it affect me.

Ðragon Mistwalker (dragonmaster.mistwalker): thank you for your time
Ferarri Canucci ™ (ferarri.carissa): no worries

Dragon Mistwalker (dragonmaster.mistwalker): have you ever experienced discrimination in second life?

Petra Amare (petravoorst): Yes I have unfortunately. You know my profile is open about who I am. And that does trigger some people to nasty comments.

Ðragon Mistwalker (dragonmaster.mistwalker): how does that affect you?

Petra Amare (petravoorst):  Well...mostly not ...since SL has a capable mute list..but deep does hurt. Weird enough..the worst hurt.. Was when I was "done"....and I planned to be a full girl in SL Kitty's. Dancing there as girl..with 5 or 6 others..all shemale avatars.

Me being only girl..and there were 2 guests tipping them over and over again...none to me. It wasn't the money...but the meaning going out from that. Finally being myself..and then not be accepted. Hurt enough to quit SL for a few months. SL is largely occupied with Americans. Nothing wrong with that..smiles..don't get me wrong. But large parts of USA being like I am is just not accepted. Looked upon as crazy...dirty. Lot of them take that attitude in here. Europeans are way more open about it And FOR it. Has to do with religion...upbringing..all that And FOR it.

Ðragon Mistwalker (dragonmaster.mistwalker): do you think people judged more before or after you changed to playing as a female?

Petra Amare (petravoorst): After. In my previous life I was posing as full female. and was convincing obviously. But anyways..people now can read about me..and if they ask about it..whatever what..I answer openly. I wish more people in SL would come out for their true feelings, whatever they are..and more would accept that. That is the main reason behind my profile. I want people to ask...and maybe..just maybe..grow a bit more understanding.

Ðragon Mistwalker (dragonmaster.mistwalker): have you ever experienced discrimination in second life?

Rayne Meisha Howe (vividdreamz): I have, for the way I live the lifestyles I live. Multiple times actually.

Ðragon Mistwalker (dragonmaster.mistwalker): how did that affect you?

Rayne Meisha Howe (vividdreamz): It shut me out mostly of a lifestyle I once lived on here... I no longer live it, and if I do I keep it very secrecy.. And I feel ashamed of the lifestyle to live it.

Ðragon Mistwalker (dragonmaster.mistwalker): thank you for your time

Rayne Meisha Howe (vividdreamz): You're very welcome

So in closing yes Second Life just the same as our real life discrimination exists. Just in putting together this article one of the people I approached asked what they could do for me a better wardrobe or a better looking wife. This is not the first time I myself have encountered discrimination. 

My wish for this article is it gives people pause to think. If we put aside petty closed minds and prejudices not just in sl but rl too our virtual world and the rl would be better places.

If you have experienced discrimination in Second Life, share your story in the comment box below.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Top 5 Boot Stores in SL- Dragonmaster Mistwalker Reporting…

Drakke Designs

In our virtual world we have many options for clothes, accessories, footwear and more. I love the variety of footwear in SL and I must admit I`m a sucker for a nice pair of boots. I like when women wear boots too.  I own quite a few pairs of boots in SL and know just where to shop for them. Here are the top five stores I like most.

Drakke Designs opened its doors in 2009 and has a wide variety of boots, some of which have  unique designs you won’t find anywhere else. Starting in the ladies section they have ankle boots, knee high boots, fetish, and thigh high boots. Moving over to the men`s section they have cowboy boots, biker boots, and some knee high boots as well. Drakke Designs has a sister store Shade Design and they provide boots that match some of that store`s outfits. Alongside the boots Drakke also sells chopper motorcycles and its sister store Shade designs. Each store has a raffle for a 500L gift cards. It only takes a pick and group membership which costs 25L for each store but they also have group gifts as well.
Drakke also has Midnight Mania boards, and every weekend they have a board where they sell some of their designs for only 60L. Make sure you are in the group because they send a notice out showing what items are on that sale.


Bootgasm has a range of great boots. Their boots run the gambit from casual to fancy as well as winter boots. They have ankle, knee high, and thigh high boots for the ladies. For the men they have cowboy boots and biker styles. They also have midnight Mania boards and a monthly group gift that you pay 1L and it gets reimbursed. Bootgasm also has lucky chairs with boots on them which you need to join the group for.

Mesh Head

Mesh Head brings a unique style that is all their own for the biker or Goth style seekers. They have ankle boots and over the knee boots for ladies that have skulls and other Gothic type images. Some of their outfits are complete with the boots or shoes. Some styles of his boots and shoes come with slink appliers. On the men’s side they have combat and biker boots some with skull designs as well.

Shey Couture

Shey Couture which I was introduced to when my wife went there for freebie heels and boots. They have ankle, mid calf, knee high, and thigh high boots done couture style. Most of their boots feature a color change hud. This feature is perfect if you want more bang for your buck. The new releases are found right at the landing point of the store. There are a lot of trendy styles at Shey Couture are 99L. Shey also features new releases often and if you subscribe to the group you will receive note cards with the textures and links to marketplace.


Blackburns boots are mostly ankle boots and some knee high boots. Their style is kind of Goth,yet kind of old school saloon girl style ankle boots, also some gothic style knee high boots. They have a lot of freebies on marketplace and in the entrance to their in-world store. If you're looking for Goth, cheap but fairly well done then this is the place for you.

Happy Boot Shopping!