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Showing posts with label Lilly Lacewing. Show all posts

Monday, February 8, 2016

Avie Poll: Is Second Life just a game, or an extension of your life?- Lilly Lacewing Reporting.

For many people, Second Life is a great recreation, for others, life would be very lonely, boring, and painful without it. First, let me introduce you to our cast of characters for this poll.

Polly*: 45. Mother of three, divorced, on disability for Multiple Sclerosis as well as the host of secondary problems MS can cause.

John*: 37. Suffers from crippling social anxiety, works in IT. No kids, not married. Recently was fired because they discovered he’d been using Cannabis to treat his anxiety (in a legal state no less,) but has been a prolific SL builder for years, which is now his source of income completely.

Letty*: 24. Lives with her parents due to a car accident that left her a paraplegic with an as yet undiagnosed neurological issue that causes occasional bouts of black-out amniesia, headaches daily, and problems with memory.

 Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Lilly: How has Second Life helped you? (In ANY ways relevant.)

John: Well, I don’t have that same overwhelming anxiety meeting new people on SL like I do in RL. Luckily, working in IT means my contact with others is minimal, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still crave a social life, friends, girlfriends, etc.

Letty: For me, Second Life has been a blessing because it’s always a task for me to have to go anywhere. My accident left me with some weakness on my right side, add that to paralysis and you can see how hard getting out in RL can be. I have to have my mom help me into her van, that she had to pay thousands of dollars to have a wheelchair lift installed, not to mention she has to lift me into the van, and she has back problems. My dad helps where he can, but he has early onset Alzhiemers’, and often needs more help than I do. Second Life is a way me to go make new friends, go to movies with them (SL is riddled with movie theatres,), and do any number of things I can’t with my body. You have no idea how therapeutic that is.

Polly: For me, I just can’t AFFORD to have a social life, with such a limited income, and three kids to try to care for too. If it wasn’t for my mother in law, who cares about her grandkids more than their own father, taking us in to her home, we never would have made it! But in Second Life? If I have even so little as 5 dollars left at the end of the month, I can change that over into Lindens and buy beautiful dresses, jewelry…basically, I dress her like I would dress me if I could afford, only about 15 years younger! (laughs)

Lilly: So then, would you say that Second Life is just a game, or an extension of your real life?

Letty (laughing): This IS my real life! So yeah, way more than just a dinky game!

John: Well, I DO love gaming, so I can see how it could honestly be both. It is a game, or it starts out that way, then for some people, it becomes an extension of their lives, for me, it’s definitely an extension of my life, because on the rare occasions I do try to go out with friends, it’s a tense, chaotic experience of nerves and insecurities overwhelming you. In Second Life, I can go to a nightclub, full of beautiful people and not be self conscious because on here, even though we look different, you cannot argue we aren’t made out of all the same parts. So yeah, that’s something SL could teach RL at this point!

Polly: I really don’t know how to not repeat myself from the last question, but for me, it’s definitely an extension of my real life. I’ve even talked a couple of my girlfriends into creating accounts so when we’re all swamped with RL obligations and can’t see each other, at least by the end of the day, and when everything is done, then we can all get on together, and go clubbing! I’m not about to try that in RL, I know everyone still tries to tell me 45 is young, but it’s not young enough to go to the places I can go in SL, or wear the things I want to wear in SL in RL, it just wouldn’t work. Please don’t take this as low self esteem, I’m just being a realist. Who wants to dance with the spastic 45 year old woman when there are a bunch of young, healthy things flitting in and out of reach like so many perfect butterflies? No thanks, I’ll go to a club here and fit in with the butterflies, thanks!

*Names have been changed, not because of request of anonymity, but because I wanted them to retain their privacy in the light of such revealing testimonies, and because in SL especially, no one wants to wear a label that holds them back in RL.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Avie Poll: Dating Tips in SL, Lilly Lacewing Reporting.

How couples make it work through distance and time…

I was tasked with finding out how to make a relationship successful in SL, since I’m happily married in RL, I sought out a few friends who had strong, healthy SL relationships. The thing about relationships in SL is that often times, the people involved have a partner at home, as well, despite a successful relationship with an SL partner. In the honor of my opinion that true love should also be completely loyal, I’ve given the most space to Hoot Wittles, and MysticallDream, a couple who are very in love, and without RL partners, quite the opposite in fact, it’s obvious to any that know them that they’re very much in love. In honor of fairness, I also included tales from those who DO have partners in RL in the interest of unbiased journalism. Here are their stories, enjoy, learn, or just savor the endorphin rush!

LillyLacewing: Would you LIKE to meet in person?

Hoot Wittels: Yes, I would very much!

mysticalldream11: Would like to one day, yes!

Hoot Wittels: We had agreed initially to give it 1 year from our relationship to do so

 LillyLacewing: Wow, that's a long commitment. Good job. :)

 Hoot Wittels: That what I thought, has been more than worth it for our growth!

LillyLacewing: How do you handle the distance, and do you ever have any problems with jealousy? I imagine it must be hard to feel so strongly for someone you can't have in the same room with you?

 Hoot Wittels: Initially, I was pretty overwhelmed and had some feeling of jealousy I guess, and wanted to meet as soon as possible - we live in the same time zone, only 5 hours away from each other.  Speaking for myself, that was soon quashed when the relationship grew so fast. We are what is called ‘Twin Flames’ that were destined to meet again, we both feel that we have been together before in other incarnations on the earth plane so to be apart now is not so different really.

mysticalldream11: It is hard sometimes but we have such a soul connection that enables me to feel him with me even when we are not together.  I so trust our love for each other that I do not often feel jealous and if it does come up I talk to Hoot about it and we will work it through by exploring ourselves, and the circumstances together on a deeper level. We both believe that life is experience, and we are both so open to really listening to each other without defensiveness, and that is a huge key.

  LillyLacewing: Wow, you both have a very mature way of approaching this. Ok, so now what I would like to hear, from each of you, is a bit of advice! What would you tell couples who feel strongly for each other, but are struggling with the strain of distance/fears/jealousy?

  Hoot Wittels: To answer your question. Advice is something that has to be asked for to be received well.  I guess if someone was to ask me I would say that one should not lean into any relationship, feel it in your heart first. What I mean when I say leaning into ones partner is to be demanding, unkind or without compassionate about their time, RL , or other needs.  I have met a few successful SL relationships that have RL partners, and SL partners, and keep it very separate. We are not that way. We are very close, closer than I have ever been with anyone in my life.

 mysticalldream11: I think every life experience is a lesson and an opportunity.  It is difficult to give advice when I do not know the life perspective that one has.  We all look at life so differently.  Sometimes people are stuck in "being right" and not keeping open to the other persons’ point of view.  I’d say “What do you want, to be right, or to love? Think of the moments you love that person, what draws you to that person.  Focus on more of the yes's than the no's. Really put yourself in the other persons’ shoes and try to feel their point of view.  These are all things that I have had to learn and with Hoot he helps keep me on track.  It is amazing to resolve issues together with him, and each time we do we grow closer.

Bliss and Rod.

Lilly: How did you two meet? 

Bliss: We met at Franks Jazz Club...Rod asked me to dance.  I had just come out of a relationship & was so not wanting another one.  I was feeling bad at the time & he was so patient with me. We chatted & sailed for the first month before we ever became romantic lol

Lilly: How long have you been together? 

Bliss: We have been together for 1 yr & 4 months

Lilly: Any advice for serious couple who want to make it in SL?

Bliss: Yes for sure... take time to get to know each other...don't rush into partnering... keep a drama free zone...SL should be fun, loving & peaceful...accept what your partner can give here, don't try to control him/her & demand more... let go of unreasonable expectations...ask for what you want & then let it go...keep things fresh & exciting, keep things fun whenever possible... spend time with friends when your partner can't be here...keeping a life of your own going in addition to the life you share with your partner helps one maintain independence even here on sl... & above all communicate your feelings, trust, respect & love one could be absolutely blissful here !! :o)

Advice from ‘Granny.’ Granny is a lady who found true love on SL, and while she didn’t have time to answer all of the questions from above, she take time to sprinkle me with the following advice, on condition of anonymity of course.

Granny: “Honey, SL can only be taken as seriously as you want it to be, so my advice, find someone who’s as into you as you are into them, and don’t tell your husband!”

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

5 Beautiful Places to visit in SL-Lilly LaceWing Reporting…

The Trace

Second life is full of beautifully designed sims to explore, find adventure, and to see visions we couldn’t see in RL without the use of some strong, good old fashioned hallucinogens.  Today, I bring you the five most beautiful (to ME, remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder) places currently in SL.

The Trace, The Trace Too

This is a beautiful sim, with autumn trees all over, the ground covered by a thin, brilliant layer of yellow, orange and red leaves. Perfect for fall, and with a rustic, country charm to it, this place is perfect for either a romantic date, taking photos with your sweetheart, or just doing some good old fashioned photography! Especially charming was the barn with the horses around it, and the gazebo behind it on the hill to the left added that special note of home to this lovely autumn landscape. Do check this one out!

Skye Neist Point

Skye Neist Point

  You land in a sun ray dappled meadow, right in front of a beautiful wooden bridge over a stream. Little white flowers pop up by a pond, and this trail is definitely one you want to take in first person view, to get the full experience. This gorgeous sim screams for a picnic basket and a loved one. Or a quick, earthy run with your dog through the woods. Whatever your speed, this a stunning place to come explore. I really love the shafts of sunlight filtering down through the thick trees, so beautiful, and so real!

Makeahla Jungle

 Makeahla Jungle

Ever wanted to go on Safari, but you can’t afford it, and don’t want to accidentally support poachers? Go to Makeahla’s Jungle! I ran into the lions first, then (ahhhh!) running from them, I found a much safer spot, next to the Zebras, who all grazed calmly upwind of the predators that could eat them for lunch. As if knowing this, a vulture rests on one of their backs, just biding his time. White birds fly over head, but I don’t recognize what type they are. Giraffes stretch their long legs out to the side to drink from what looks like seawater (don’t do that, it’ll make you sick!) while others stride through it with heads in the sky. This is a rad, rad, place, I can’t really say more because I need the room for others, but you’ll miss out if you don’t see this sim!

Baja Cove

Baja Cove

You guys didn’t think I wouldn’t include a beach, did you? Of course I’m going to! Baja Cove is a neat, happening little beach where you can surf, check out a towel and get some sun, or just bask in the raw power of the ocean as its waves break the shore. There are even rentals there if you just can’t tear yourself away from salt in the air and the barking of sunbathing seals. The sound of the ocean is well represented here, and you’ll find when you close your eyes you can almost feel the biting sting of ocean wing, and the smell of salt heavy in the air. Go here for peace, and water fun!



This is just, quite simply, a beautiful place to visit. Trees are everywhere, big, leafy, and beautiful. There are waterfalls, and an underwater area to hang out for those of us who prefer to be a mermaid. There are a collection of cottage type houses, almost like you might find in Skyrim. A beautiful fireplace warms the main floor of the house I enter, which has three levels. At the ground level, you find the living space, rustic, and old fashioned, the ambiance somewhat spoiled by the massive white Greedy Greedy lettering to the right of me, the only blemish in an otherwise perfect medieval theme. You can, and I did, spend lots of time here, exploring both above ground, and under water. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend you check it out!

 I love bringing you these compilations of neat places to go in SL, where are some of your favorite places to go? Tell us in the comments below!!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Disabilities, and How SL Helps People blend in with Society, Lilly Lacewing Reporting.

Disabilities, and Second Life, a match made in accessible heaven!

Second Life doesn’t just blur the lines of discrimination when it comes to the disabled, it can completely eliminate the lines altogether. I know this from firsthand experience, which is why I chose to do this long ‘overdue’ assignment.

In RL, I suffer from a rare, genetic connective tissue disorder, which to sum things up (otherwise this would BE the article,) it results in joints that don’t like to stay in place, pain, muscle spasms, and a host of myriad secondary systemic disorders. As a result, there are a lot of things I cannot do anymore in Real Life, but in Second Life? The possibilities are endless! I can ride horses again, climb hills and mountains, ‘walk’ through beautiful and serene landscapes without having to worry about my left hip staying in the socket.
That being said, I’ve experienced people run for the hills when they approach me and strike up conversation, but you’ll be happy to know that those are the exceptions, not the rule. Most people are happy to talk to me, sick or not, because in SL what does it really matter? The beauty of the anonymity of places like Second Life afford those who get stared at in RL grocery stores, to go hiking with their best friends in a totally immersive way. Want to FEEL like you’re actually doing that hike? Go into first person view, and BAM! You’re there, hiking up the side of a pyramid!

I took to the ‘streets’ in SL to see how others with disabilities have fared here in Second Life, and was lucky enough to come in contact with Brenda Brodie, a lady who finds joy in Second Life while dealing with Parkinson’s Disease in Real Life. She is heavily involved with Fran Seranade who, with her daughter Barbie Alchemi, created Creations Park*, to support Team Fox and raise awareness for Parkinson’s.  Here’s what she had to say.

Brenda: I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 30 years ago, at age 37.  I do very well considering the amount of time I have lived with PD.   I live alone, drive a car, locally only.  I cook, clean, etc. It takes me maybe 2 or 3 times longer than others to accomplish a chore, but I get it done and get it done right. (smiling)  Of course, there are days when I cannot do much but I concentrate on the good days. I am told that I do as well as I do because I have a positive attitude and follow my doctor's recommendations for medication schedule.  I also believe that the support from family and my acceptance of whatever comes to me in life helps me.  I started writing poetry after being diagnosed with PD.  Below you will find a sample which is from the heart.

I am member of the SL Creations for Parkinson's Support Group which was started by Barbie Alchemi. We meet every Friday, in SL, to discuss how we are dealing with the disease, our day to day living, emotional support, learning what is going on in research, etc. I hope to find a Speech Recognition program that is compatible with SL.  The one that came with my laptop does not work in SL.  With that in mind, there is a group called Virtual Ability that helps people with all disabilities. I am also a member of the SL Parkinson's support group.  It is comprised with a group of compassionate, caring and loving people.(*See below article for more information about their upcoming events to benefit Team Fox in Second Life!) 

 Brenda used to be a big fan of dancing, and riding her bike through the beauty of nature. When her body took that away from her, Second Life gave it back. She says she’s not personally experienced any actual discrimination, though people who didn’t know her have thought she was ‘drunk, because of all the typos and the slowness’ with which she types.
 At 87, she hasn’t let Parkinson’s win, and continues to fight it tooth and nail with happiness, positivity, and the help of her medications. I’m honored to have been able to meet Brenda, and to have her speak with me about Second Life, and how it can really be a benefit to those of us users who are disabled. People can’t discriminate against something they don’t even know is there, and I’ve found in SL, even when you tell them it’s there, most people don’t change. Only once have I personally experienced anyone walking away, and honestly, I’m glad for it. It was the type of person who hits on you when you have “I love my husband!!” smeared all over my profile, so it was no great loss. All in all, Second Life is a fantastic place for those with disabilities, for the freedom, socialization, and exploration it offers, not to mention all the artistic possibilities. I say, dive in! You won’t be disappointed!!

Creations Park

Poem by Brenda:


NOTE: The Festival area on Creations Park will be left up for you enjoyment through December 31st.

♥ ♥ ♥Here at CREATIONS PARK everything we do comes from the love in our hearts. This event is about people sharing their talents to create something positive in our world   。◕‿◕。VIDEO Please be sure to watch our award winning video about the benefits of SL for our 88 "years young" RL Mom who has Parkinson's. This will touch your heart! Ebbe Linden (CEO of Linden Labs) has called this the most important video ever made about Second Life! 

The Drax File: World Makers- Episode 13 Creations for Parkinson's

Our RL family felt a desire to give meaning and purpose to the hours we spent in-world. Our dad died with Parkinson's and our mother, Fran Seranade, has it now. To quote her "I may have Parkinson's, but it does not have me." At 88 years young, she is active in Second Life and is thrilled to see herself running, and dancing again. Those of us in Second Life can have fun while knowing we are making a difference in the real world. 

100% of all donations go to Team Fox for The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. We believe it is important for you to know how your donations are being spent. Our family covers all tier and expenses so that all donations are given to research.

ღღღ Loving Hugs from our Creations Family
Barbie Alchemi - Founder of Creations for Parkinson's
Fran Seranade - Our loving RL Mom

AlmostThere Inventor - RL brother