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Showing posts with label Loveless Estates. Show all posts

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Welcome To Loveless Estates

All of our Islands/Regions are None Zoned. 
This means you are free to build whatever you wish

 (that is not intended to grief other residents on the Island or cause lag.)

You have 100% control over your land and the terraform-ability. You also can restrict access to your parcel if you wish, by using the land access options. You can also set music and movies from the media tab in the land options, and all the other land option goodies.
Commercial or Residential you pick.

Larger spaces can be readily made available!
all lands are new non grandfathered lands

------30k Full Sim------
1/16 - 4096 sqm - 1875 prims - 1250 L's per week
1/8 - 8,192 sqm - 3,750 prims - 2,500 L's Per week
1/4 - 16,384 sqm - 7.5k prims - 5000 L per week
1/2 - 32,768 sqm - 15k prims - 10000 L per week
full - 65,536 sqm - 30k prims - 18050\ L per week 

full homestead 65,536 sqm - 5000 prims - 7600L per week

------Sailing Homestead sims ------
ask about details 

If you have any questions or need help please contact

Pink Haven, Miseria Beaumont or Kitila Cortes