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Showing posts with label commercial. Show all posts

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Welcome To Loveless Estates

All of our Islands/Regions are None Zoned. 
This means you are free to build whatever you wish

 (that is not intended to grief other residents on the Island or cause lag.)

You have 100% control over your land and the terraform-ability. You also can restrict access to your parcel if you wish, by using the land access options. You can also set music and movies from the media tab in the land options, and all the other land option goodies.
Commercial or Residential you pick.

Larger spaces can be readily made available!
all lands are new non grandfathered lands

------30k Full Sim------
1/16 - 4096 sqm - 1875 prims - 1250 L's per week
1/8 - 8,192 sqm - 3,750 prims - 2,500 L's Per week
1/4 - 16,384 sqm - 7.5k prims - 5000 L per week
1/2 - 32,768 sqm - 15k prims - 10000 L per week
full - 65,536 sqm - 30k prims - 18050\ L per week 

full homestead 65,536 sqm - 5000 prims - 7600L per week

------Sailing Homestead sims ------
ask about details 

If you have any questions or need help please contact

Pink Haven, Miseria Beaumont or Kitila Cortes

Sunday, October 7, 2018

BOSL Cruise to Monaco Fashion Weekend 2018! Coming October 26-28th

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Finding and listing a commercial venue just got easier!

A new venture has started and it will help businesses and residents spend less time searching the vast array of options for shopping, entertainment and business rentals and more time focusing on their business at hand.  Due to a vast amount of unorganized information, more and more people are spending far too much time searching for available commercial locations to rent.  These commercial locations include shops, stores, parks, non profit, education and celebrations including weddings and parties.  No land sales or rental advertising.

This is where Space for Rent comes in.  We help by providing the avenue to list commercial locations available to rent.  

When you list with Space for Rent, your get the following benefits for your hard earned time and money:

1.  ability to add a company landmark, logo and notecard
2.  include social media links including a company website, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter links
3.  take a hud from the menu options, add it to yourself and connect to your ad directly so you can update, turn availability on/off and extend or terminate your ad from the comfort of your home or where ever you are at.
4.  have your logo and slurl posted on the Space for Rent website

An extra membership availability is for those that wish to post rental lists to Space for Rent Group Members.  Three (3) posts for day and must not contain information on land sales or rentals or adult material, of any kind.  Please contact Angelina Solano for further information.

Come by today and gain some peace of mind.  Save your time, your money and get back to Second Life.

Angelina Solano
Space for Rent

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Cocoa Bay Estates - The Newest Residential & Commercial Community Opens!

Cocoa Bay Estates is celebrating it's opening. Welcome to New York - over the Tappan Zee Bridge in the state of New York is Rockland County home of Cocoa Bay Estates, where you will find a great place to live. A growing community for a couple or a family to settle down in. Spacious living, open yards and each luxury home individually landscaped.
We have many different high quality home styles to choose from, great landscaping, shops, games, camping on the lake, a coffee shop "hangout", and more. Composed of two sims and growing, we're looking for YOU to join our family. 

For more information please contact Leo (leo1978x) or stop by the sims and check it out, your Cadillac awaits at

Monday, May 25, 2015

The 13 Crystal Skulls Hunt Brought to you by The SL Enquirer

About the 13 Crystal Skulls Hunt

Lanai Jarrico & Max
Inspired by a real world experience with a real 10,000 year old ancient crystal skull named Max, Lanai Jarrico created an educational and unique hunt which features a history book that is used to learn about the real crystal skulls as well as help explorers unlock the treasure chests hidden throughout the island.  Each chest contains one of the skulls. Answer the question correctly and the chest will open giving you a skull. 
 Each skull contains its real history as well as a unique artifact to add to your collection or decorate your home with. Everything from the detailed history book, ancient ruins and hidden cave to the beautifully designed island will mesmerize and enlighten you.

Join the hunt today!

Special thanks to Kirk Lancaster for this promotional video

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Seychelles Isles Commercial Debut- Created by Rysan Fall/ Fall Films

Teleport to Seychelles Isles Yacht Club and Greeting Entertainment Center