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Showing posts with label live musicians. Show all posts

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Grand Opening of The Whisky a Go Go SL on Wednesday June 9 2021


The Whisky a Go Go is a RL live music venue located on the Sunset Strip in LA. This famous club is known for launching the careers of musicians of every genre since the 1960s. The Second Life version was built & inspired by this historical landmark. Lots of details and historical information was added to give the SL club the most authenticity and provide you with the best experience. We are aware it is not exactly the same but there is enough there for you to truly appreciate this amazing club. There is a list of over 2.4K names on the outside walls that represent every artist that performed at the RL Whisky a Go Go. Come for a visit & enjoy an amazing club atmosphere!


Wednesday June 9th

Space is limited, come early!  

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

TAO Summer 2021


Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Terry's Bloch Party March 20th


Join us on Saturday, March 20th beginning at 12-noon SLT for the first EVER Terry's Bloch Party! Four fun-filled hours of live music from some of the hottest entertainers on the grid!

Starting it all off at 12pm SLT is a special LIVE debut performance from Shagpile Spyker, AKA Jason Vare, an independent singer-songwriter from Bedlington, a small town north of Newcastle in Northumberland UK. He was particularly influenced by artists such as Bob Dylan; The Beatles; Neil Young and many more. In more recent times Shaggy has been drawn to the sound of Joe Purdy, Ray Lamontagne, James Morrison, Paulo Nutini, and upcoming artists like Paul Liddell.

As a songwriter, Shaggy draws inspiration from the trials of life, and from the lives of those around him. These inspirations translate into music that is smooth and sincere. He has a creativity that detours from the ordinary!! Lyrically this music takes you to wherever you want to be and is full of emotion.

Following Shaggy at 1pm SLT, Terry's is proud to welcome spiritLed back for a special LIVE performance on our outdoor stage! spiritLed is not new to SL but relatively new to performing live music around the grid. Coming to you from the East Coast, spiritLed has been playing the guitar since his 20's and is now learning and enjoying playing the keyboard.

You will immediately fall in love with spiritLed's covers of songs from artists like Coldplay, Harry Styles, Train, The Beatles, and more. Join us and hear why he is beloved by fellow musicians around the grid.

Next up at 2pm SLT, get ready for another magnificent performance from Skye Galaxy!  Taking a variety of different songs and artists, Skye translates each tune and places them gently beside a soothing, sensual line of vocal and simplistic piano arrangements. Nineteen years ago, he was brought into this world by his mother, whom resided in Smolensk (Смоленск), Russia and a father who moved to the States from Berlin. From the first moments of which he could mutter a sound, singing had become nothing short of a passion.

His influences include the vocals and production talents of Imogen Heap, the emotion often found in the likes of Coldplay, Keane, and Death Cab for Cutie, and in the other artists that continue to fill his favorites list; Above & Beyond, Frou Frou, Rufus Wainwright, Kate Havnevik, Yann Tiersen, and many more.

Skye is a musician, performer, and vocalist professionally in his first life, but likes to keep his two lives well apart. He joined Second Life in order to pursue the feeling of growth in his abilities, once more, and those numerous chains of events leading to one better opportunity to the next until you are stumbling for the top.

Last but certainly not At least, at 3pm SLT Terry's is proud to welcome back THE FUNKALICIOUS ONE, Dexter Moore, as he performs LIVE on our outdoor stage!! He is a Troubadour kind of guy who plays nylon string acoustic guitar like no-one else.

Dexter weaves romantic lyrics and melodies around his guitar grooves with a cool mix of soul, funk, Latin and jazz.

Come support live music with friends, laughter, and a whole lot of fun...ONLY at Terry's Place!!!


Welcome to Terry's Place, your friendly neighborhood pub where everyone knows your name! Home to some of the hottest DJs and live singers on the grid, there's a little something for everyone here at Terry's when you just need to get away from it all. Dance as we spin tunes for all walks of life, show off your talents at Open Mic every Friday, or enjoy a live concert out in the park at our Terry's Sunday Showcase!  With events happening five nights a week, be yourself and escape the chains of real-life with friends, laughter, and a whole lot of fun...ONLY at Terry's Place!


Ninja (ninjaantwoord resident)

Performer Websites:

Shagpile Spyker (Jason Vare) -

SpiritLed -

Skye Galaxy -

Dexter Moore -

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Bringing Real Life music into Second life music scene and succeeding. The Follow - Orion Baral Reporting

The Follow is a Rock band from Columbia, MO consisting of three members; AJ Darkwatch, Powers Avon, and Troy Shoreland. Accidentally forming a band and performing together in real life since 1998, they discovered Second Life from a friend and have been performing for fans ever since. Getting to know these three great people during this interview I can see the true friendship and respect they have for each other. Now please enjoy the interview as much as I had sat down with the three of them.

Orion Baral (OB): Thank you all for taking the time for this interview. Can you tell us about yourselves and what musical background you each have?

AJ Darkwatch: My musical background throughout school was in a much higher register than a bass guitar. I played flute during concert band and marching band through middle and high school. I didn’t dream of playing the bass guitar until Troy’s Mom mentioned that he should just teach me how to play since The Follow had been without a bass player for a time. While Mat was out on the road tour managing another band Troy decided to give me some lessons so we could surprise him at the first Follow rehearsal when he returned. I think I knew 3 songs and could not dare take my eyes off the guitar neck. It reminded me of learning how to drive and not being able to look over and turn the dial on the radio - ha haa! 

Powers Avon: I’m a drummer because of Peter Criss of the band KISS. I bought my first vinyl record at our small-town Walmart. It was KISS Alive II and I bought it simply because of the photos of the band on the back cover. I had never heard their music before.

Troy Shoreland: My musical background started with FM radio and my fascination with the album covers of my brother’s classic rock vinyl collection. I loved listening to all his records and seeing the artwork. My grandfather was also really into music, and he’d whistle nearly everywhere he went, and that put me at ease. Gramps was always very encouraging. My Mom used to play American Top 40 on our drives to the summer lake cabin. This was during the 80s when all the New Wave meets rock stuff was hitting the scene. It was a great time for music and a great time to be a kid.

OB: Love hearing your history, and Powers,  you are talking to a Kiss Army Member here. Seen them in concert 6 times and one of the unmasked tours too. Now, tell me can you define what music means to you?

AJ Darkwatch: Music is a way to share a message and emotional connection with others.  I like the way a song can change your thoughts and evoke memories and create moods.

Powers Avon: Music is memories, a vessel for communication, and magic that stirs the soul.

Troy Shoreland: Music is like a lifelong friend. It’s a rocket ship for the stirrings of the soul and expression for the spirit. Music can, in one instance, you can be drawn in for a quiet personal moment, and in another moment, burst alive in an energetic culture-shaping movement.

OB: I love how no matter how you each describe it, it comes down to the same thing, music is an emotional connection for each of you. Now how we all met tell me how did you discover Second Life? 

AJ Darkwatch: I remember exactly where I was standing in the old rehearsal space when Mat first showed us his computer screen. I didn’t have much exposure to video games growing up so the graphics and navigation mesmerized me. I remember a show early on where I was required to open a door to enter the venue which was terrifying.  I still laugh when I try and change clothes and I  end up wearing a box. 

Powers Avon: I used to work at a radio promotion company and became good friends with the owner. He was DJing in SL and suggested I create an account. Once I went to my first live performance, I was hooked.

Troy Shoreland: One of Powers’ friends, Trick, turned us on to Second Life over a decade ago now. I was skeptical at first but quickly realized what a special and unique community resides in SL.

OB: It had been a debate for a long time and that is that many professionals and gamers using Second life for various reasons. Do you consider SL as just a gaming platform or an extension of your real life?

AJ Darkwatch: I consider SL to be an extension of RL because of the interaction that we have had through the music jams we have gone to across the country. Once you make a RL connection - even if it is just through voice on a sim - your mind can go beyond the imagination of the avatars.  

Powers Avon: It’s a living, breathing piece of art created by some extremely talented people all over the earth. One element that I’m drawn to the most is the live music community. My experiences there are just as real as an experience in my local music venue. I’ve had some deep conversations with friends in Second Life which I treasure.

Troy Shoreland: When I heard there were Second Life Jams in real life, I was sold. The idea of getting to meet some of the very same people you see at an online show in real life, even as an introvert, that really excited me, as it creates a lasting memory and deepens those connections and relationships. I love that.

OB: SL truly is an amazing place and a unique global platform.  Was this band formed in real life or did you all meet within Second Life and then decided to play together?

AJ Darkwatch: The band developed in real life through friendship and a shared interest in music. Even though I didn’t join the band for a few years- I got to experience the first songs being written and the first recordings of originals and many covers of U2 which was a significant influence in the beginning days.

Powers Avon: We formed by accident in real life during the fall of 1998.

Troy Shoreland: Powers and I talked during Cross Country practice about getting together and playing some of our favorite U2 and REM songs. Out of that, we wrote a couple of originals and became hooked on making music.

OB: You really don’t hear that a lot that three separate people form a band in real life and THEN come to SL. That is so interesting and great to hear. What is your part in the band and which instruments do you play?

AJ Darkwatch: I play bass guitar and foot keys which can be keyboard sounds or individual samples. I also sing backing vocals.

Powers Avon: I play the drums, percussion, and other sounds.

Troy Shoreland: I sometimes think my main role is technician, ha, because we’re always tweaking things and trying to fix something out of sorts. Though, when not lost in tech space, I also play guitar and sing.

OB: Are there any musicians who inspire you? What qualities do you admire about them?

AJ Darkwatch: I am inspired most of the time when I watch a live performance in person. It can be a local regional band or a national act. There is something about seeing it live that makes you want to go home and practice to hopefully get better at your instrument. I also enjoy hearing the musicians speak and I can appreciate when things do not go off with perfection. There is something in the struggle to make it seem real. 

Powers Avon: Ha! This would be a full article and that’s if we just talk drummers. I admire musicians that are technical with their craft and those who can free flow. I love introspective lyrics and a song that just gets your body moving. I admire musicians that are chasing the music. 

Troy Shoreland: There are different eras of inspiration, for me. In the early days, I was inspired by Tom Petty, the playing of Elliott Easton from The Cars, and loved the sonic landscapes and diversity of Steve Stevens from Billy Idol. In my high school years, I was much more influenced by The Edge from U2, David Gilmour from Pink Floyd, Peter Buck from REM, and Marty Willson-Piper, and Peter Koppes from The Church. In more recent years, the influences have been mostly acoustic singer-songwriter artists like John Butler Trio, Ben Howard, Tommy Emmanuel, Calum Graham, War On Drugs, and Xavier Rudd.

OB: That is great to hear, I love learning what inspires musicians. What's the best piece of advice another musician ever gave you?

AJ Darkwatch: The best advice I have heard was from Troy telling me to go back to a piece that I am learning and not just keep repeating it in the same setting. There is something about going away for a time and returning to help commit it to memory.  

Powers Avon: Learn to read music. I still haven’t.

Troy Shoreland: One of my mentors once told me a story of a kid who was just learning bass guitar, and the mentor was what we’d consider a master at his instrument. When the boy told him he was learning Bass, the master player knelt down at the kid’s level, looked him in the eye, and excitedly said “Dude, you like to play bass too!?” They were two kids in a candy shop talking about Bass. It made the kid’s day, probably his week. The takeaway for me was to always keep wonderment in our lives, and allow it to be a genuine connecting point with others.

OB: Now with hearing the advice you were given, what advice would you give other musicians interested in performing in Second Life?

AJ Darkwatch: I would say to enjoy the experience and be as professional as you can but remember that it is the connection with others that is the most rewarding accomplishment you can receive. There may be mistakes or technical difficulties but we can be grateful for the time and opportunity and the ability to create experiences.

Powers Avon: Try not to let the tech side of things get in the way of the music or the fun. If you are considering performing in SL, I recommend that you do it.

Troy Shoreland: First, would be to keep it fun and enjoyable. Ask for help from others in the community when you’re stuck, especially in relation to the tech stuff, as it can be a little overwhelming until you get a feel for things.

OB: When you are dealing with three different artists on one stream, what would you do if there was a mistake during a performance?

AJ Darkwatch: We all stream together in one room so there is usually laughter or eye-rolling. We have played together for a few decades so we have learned to keep things rolling and have fun with things and keep our attitude going in the right direction if possible.

Powers Avon: Point and laugh at AJ for hitting the wrong foot key while she’s playing bass and also singing. Ha! How does she or Troy not have a hundred mistakes each set with all they are doing. Seriously though, we just do our best to recover and figure out where the others are in the song.

Troy Shoreland: The band meets as a group at our rehearsal space, where we play and transmit the stream inworld. It’s also where we write and work on our new material when we’re not gigging online or out live in person.

OB: Truly great that you all are easy-going and able to have fun and laugh at each other. Do you follow a process or ritual before a performance to get rid of nerves or performance anxiety?

AJ Darkwatch: One thing that helps me is to have a setlist prepared a little early so I can at least play the beginnings of the songs.  I feel like it is like going to a file cabinet and rummaging through to bring them to mind.

Powers Avon: We’re usually running around fairly frantic before many shows…practicing,

tweaking, learning right up until the last minute.

Troy Shoreland: Unfortunately, most of the time, we’re literally working right up until moments before the gig is to begin; on the set, transitions, on the sounds, and sometimes working on cameras or other tech-related stuff. This seems to be the case regardless of how much time we set aside. However, in those times we do have a few spare moments, taking time to close my eyes and breathe and simply be present with the gang is incredibly connective and healing for me.

OB: With your own personal real-life schedules how often do you perform in Second Life and how can venues book you for a performance?

AJ Darkwatch: I think we are playing a few times a month. We would like to play more often but also need to allow time to practice and get acquainted with new gear as well as write and recording when time allows. We also hope that this year will allow for RL shows as well at least maybe outdoor events will be allowed.

Powers Avon: We are playing a couple of times a month right now. Our SL booking agent is Jenna Dirval (

Troy Shoreland: I think we are performing about once or twice a month in SL, currently. We love playing and it’s always a real joy to see folks online. 

OB: There are always interesting or funny moments during performances. What was the most memorable to you either in RL, SL, or both.?

AJ Darkwatch: I used to laugh when SL was more unstable in earlier days when we would get a good crowd going and would have multiple crashes while also streaming audio to FB. We would laugh and say our RL friends would be scared off hearing us talking of crashing sims- ha haa! One particular gig we couldn’t manage to get our avatars back on so we had our SL friends get on stage and pretend to be us!! That was fun 😁

Powers Avon: We had a pint glass full of beer thrown at us once and lit cigarettes another time. I remember that. We showed up to play a venue that was “famous” for its hot dogs. There was no PA and they made their hotdogs in the hallway with a crockpot. Most SL shows have something memorable about them 

Troy Shoreland: We drove eight hours and across a couple of states to play a gig that wound up being in, essentially someone’s house, that was converted into a living room venue. We cobbled together what we could with their makeshift PA, to little avail. We ended up playing for three people, who were so high or inebriated that I’m not sure they even remember we were there. I recall sometime during the set, being on stage, playing, and it was going so bad that all I  could do was laugh. Then something changed. Like a lightbulb, smack dab in the middle of one of our songs, came an a-ha moment, and with a shift of the mind and spirit, it somehow turned into one of the best nights ever. It was a lesson about perspective, choice, and doing what you love alongside those you love... my bandmates.

OB: Those are hilarious and glad it was a pint of beer thrown and not hot dogs, that would have been a new level of awkward. So let’s wrap this up and tell me is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

AJ Darkwatch: We just want to make sure that they know we are always grateful to be able to share a show and appreciate the support that viewers have given to all musicians and artists and creators of all types. It is good fuel for the soul.

Powers Avon: Thanks for reading! We appreciate how supportive the SL community at large towards live music. We’ve benefited from your friendship, your passion for music, and your generosity in supporting venues & musicians. Thank you.

Troy Shoreland: Everyone has a one-of-a-kind unique and special voice. I'm not speaking on singing. As cliche as it sounds, life moves quickly, so do what ya believe and feel called to do. Something that brings life back to others and yourself. If it’s hard and has a truckload of obstacles, it just might mean you are on the right track... or a little crazy, haha! 

Well, there you have it, a great time I had getting to know these three talented individuals called The Follow. Check them out you will not be disappointed.

Photography credits from the following: Dylan Shenley - Sharni Azalee - Karl Bussen - Leroy Horten

Additional Information  Calendar: Facebook: Instagram: Youtube: Twitter: Preferred Booking contact: Jenna Dirval

Monday, January 11, 2021

Rockstar Island Press Release / Week before January 17th 2021


"Git yer shit-kicking boots on!"

Time for a foot-stompin country fest @Rockstar Island

A HUGE tribute concert featuring Big& Rich, Gretchen Wilson, Tim McGraw, Reba McEntire, and Gary Allen by *Thunderstorm Entertainment* LIVE !

Sunday, January 17 4-6PM SLT 

Rockstar Island:

Rockstar Island where the music is LIVE!!!!   Rockin' high above the snow-topped mountains and rockin with the Aurora Borealis. Live singers weekly and Tribute concerts monthly provided by Thunderstorm Entertainment.

@Rockstars Island Weekly, presented by Moonlight Music

Seren McGillivary &  Bad Reputation Monday 4PM SLT
Wolfie Moonshadow & The Bad Reputation  Tuesday 6PM SLT

Paul Nowles Wednesday 4PM SLT

ROCKER & The Rockettes Friday 4PM SLT

Maximillion Kleene every other Saturday 5PM SLT 

Wolfie StarFire every other Saturday 4PM SLT

To see what's rockin the island head on over to the Wilson Sim or Join Rockstars Island Music Events. 

For More on Booking Info contact canuck dismantled

Rockstar Island:


Sunday, November 8, 2020

Schedule of Performances for Week of November 8 Presented By Steele Live Music


Tuesday, November 10 - INTERNATIONAL DAY

The Pointe Ballrooom

11:00 am  Winter - Greece
12:00 pm  Lisa Brune - France
3:00 pm   Hogan Baily - USA
4:00 pm   Edian Tey - Mexico
5:00 pm   Agatha Martin - Brazil
6:00 pm   PutriSoloSinger - Indonesia
7:00 pm   ARRA -Philippines

Wednesday, November 11
PETRA ~ A Live Music Venue

2:00 pm  Soso
4:00 pm  Savannah Rain
5:00 pm  Aaron Cabott Jones
6:00 pm  Noma Falta
7:00 pm  Naughty
9:00 pm  Gabriel da Silva

Thursday, November 12
PETRA's ~ A Live Music Venue

10:00 am  Remy Farman
4:00 pm    Holly Giles
5:00 pm    Aaron Cabott Jones
6:00 pm    Wolfie Moonshadow
7:00 pm    Naughty

Friday, November 13
PETRA's ~ A Live Music Venue

3:00 pm  Maribol Inshan
4:00 pm  Erin Frog & Satin Galli
5:00 pm  Hogan Baily
6:00 pm  AcousticEnergy
7:00 pm  TwinGhost ronas

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Schedule of Performances for Week of October 4 at Steele's Pointe


Tuesday, October 6

International Day
The Pointe Ballroom

12:00 pm  Lisa Brune - France
 3:00  pm  Hogan Baily -  USA
 4:00 pm  Edian Tey - Mexico
 5:00 pm  Agatha Martin - Brazil
 6:00 pm  PutriSoloSinger - Indonesian

Wednesday, October 7

PETRA's ~ A Live Music Venue

4:00 pm  Savannah Rain
5:00 pm  Djembe Dragonfire
6:00 pm  Noma Falta
7:00 pm  Red Heaven

Thursday, October 8

PETRA's ~ A Live Music Venue

10:00 am  Remy Farman
 4:00  pm  Holly Giles
 5:00  pm  Aaron Cabott Jones
 6:00  pm  Wolfie Moonshadow
 7:00  pm to 9:00 pm  A Double Shot of Wayne Davis

Friday, October 9

PETRA's ~ A Live Music Venue

2:00 pm  Max Kleene
3:00 pm  AMforte Clarity
4:00 pm  Annette Cifuentes
5:00 pm  Savannah Rain
6:00 pm  Red Heaven
7:00 pm  TwinGhost ronas
8:00 pm  Voodoo Shilton
9:00 pm  Funky Freddy Republic

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Schedule of Performances for Week of September 13 at PETRA's ~ A Live Music Venue


Tuesday, September 15

The Point Ballroom
International Day

1:00 pm  TOXIE - USA
2:00 pm  Lisa Brune - France
3:00 pm  Hogan Baily - USA
4:00 pm  Edian Tey - Mexico
5:00 pm  Agatha Martin - Brrazil
6:00 pm  PutriSoloSinger - Indonesia

Wednesday, September 16


4:00 pm  Savannah Rain
5:00 pm  Aaron Cabott Jones
6:00 pm Noma Falta
7:00 pm Red Heaven
9:00 pm  Gabriel da Silva

Thursday, September 17


4L00 pm  Holly Giles
5:00 pm  Aron Cabott Jones
6:00 pm  Wolfie Moonshadow
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm  A Double Shot of Wayne Davis

Friday, September 18


3:00 pm  AMforte Clarity
4:00 pm  TBA
5:00 pm  Hogan Baily
6:00 pm  Red Heaven
7:00 pm  TwinGhost ronas

Sunday, September 20

Pointe Beach & Boardwalk
3:00 pm  SUMMER'S END - BEACH BOYS . Featuring Joker's Wild Tribute Band

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Schedule of Performances, Week of September 6 at PETRA's ~ A Live Music Venue

Tuesday, September 8
International DayThe Pointe Ballroom

2:00 pm  Lisa Brune - France
3:00 pm  TBA
4:00 pm  Edian Tey - Mexico
5:00 pm  Agatha Martin - Brazil
6:00 pm  PutriSoloSinger - Indonesia

Wednesday, September 9 
4:00 pm  Savannah Rain
5:00 pm  Djembe Dragonfire
6:00 pm  Noma Falta
7:00 pm  Red Heaven

Thursday, September 1
10:00 pm  Remy Farman  
4:00 pm  Holly Giles  
5:00 pm  Aaron Cabott Jones  
6:00 pm  Wolfie Moonshadow  
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm  A Double Shot of Wayne Davis

Friday, September 11 
2:00 pm  Max Kleene
3:00 pm  AMforte Clarity
4:00 pm  Annette Cifuentes
5:00 pm  Savannah Rain
6:00 pm  Red Heaven
7:00 pm  TwinGhost ronas
8:00 pm  Voodoo Shiton
9:00 pm  Funky Freddy Republic

Sunday, September 13
6:00 pm  QuadRadiX

Steele Live Music Presents QUADRADIX Sept 13 2020

Friday, August 14, 2020

Petra's Live Music Schedule for week of August 16

Sunday, August  16
6:00 pm  The QuadRadiX

Tuesday, August 18
3:00 pm  TOXIE
4:00 pm  Edian Tey
5:00 pm  Agatha Martin
6:00 pm  PutriSoloSinger

Wednesday, August 19
4:00 pm  Savannah Rain
5:00 pm  Aaron Cabott Jones
6:00 pm  Noma Falta
7:00 pm  Red Heaven
9:00 pm  Gabriel da Silva

Thursday, August 20
10:00 am  Remy Farman  
5:00 pm  Wolfie Moonshadow  
6:00 pm  Turner Harbrough  
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm      
A Double Shot of Wayne Davis

Friday, August 21
3:00 pm  AMforte Clarity
4:00 pm  Holly Giles
5:00 pm  Hogan Baily
6:00 pm  Red Heaven
7:00 pm  TwinGhost ronas

Monday, August 10, 2020

Schedule of Performance for Week of August 9 at PETRA's

Tuesday, August 11

3:00 pm  Essence Bilasomo
4:00 pm  Edian Tey
5:00 pm  Agatha Martin
6:00 pm  PutriSoloSinger

Wednesday, August 12

4:00 pm  Savannah Rain
5:00 pm  Djembe Dragonfire
6:00 pm  Noma Falta
7:00 pm  Red Heaven

Thursday, August 13

10:00 pm  Remy Farman  
5:00 pm  Wolfie Moonshadow  
6:00 pm  Turner Harbrough  
7:00 pm  - 9;00 pm   
A Double Shot of  Wayne Davis

Friday, August 14

2:00 pm  Max Kleene
3:00 pm  AMforte Clarity
4:00 pm  Annette Cifuentes
5:00 pm  Savannah Rain
6:00 pm  Red Heaven
7:00 pm  TwinGhost ronas
8:00 pm  Voodoo Shilton
9:00 pm  Funky Freddy Republic

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Petra's Schedule of Performances - Week of June 21, 2020

Tuesday, June 23

2:00 pm TOXIE

3:00 pm Lisa Brune

Wednesday, June 24
2:00 pm   Savannah Corornett
3:00 pm   AbyGail Hastings
4:00 pm   Savannah Rain
5:00 pm   Agatha
6:00 pm   Noma Falta
7:00 pm   Red Heaven

Thursday, June 25
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm   Wayne Davis

Friday, June 26
3:00 pm  AMforte Clarity
4:00 pm  Annette Serenade
5:00 pm  Hogan Baily
6:00 pm  Red Heaven

Monday, June 10, 2019

PETRA'S Schedule Of Performance Week Of June 9

As PETRA's prepares to open its doors for the upcoming week we are aware that before too long we will be celebrating the club's First Anniversary;  What a time we have had.  And we look forward to the future with excitement and anticipation.  We have a wonderful lineup performs on three days this week
But before I post this week's schedule of performances,  I'd like to share some news with you
The addition of performances on alternate Thursdays
continues this week on 6/13 with...
5:00 pm Noma Falta
6:00 pm Liam Wakeman
7:00 pm TwinGhost Ronas
And finally, PETRA's is over the moon excited about announcing performances on the Fourth Sunday of each month, BY SOULVISION and THE QUADRADIX!
Our hosts, Sweet, Foxxy, Alyss, April, Freya and I look forward to welcoming you..


3:00 PM   Savannah Rain
4:00 PM   Wayne Davis
5:00 PM   Erik Kottzen


5:00 PM   Noma Falta
6:00 PM   Liam Wakeman
7:00 PM   TwinGhost Ronas


2:00 PM    Lisa Brune
3:00 PM    Jack Slade
4:00 PM    AMforte Clarity
5:00: PM   Collin Martin
6:00 PM    Max Kleene

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Special Announcement from Petra's

Oh, how we love Tuesdays and Fridays at PETRA's!  After the weekend, all of us here are excited to hear our club buzzing with the sounds of great live music and singing, and let's not forget the laughter and humor of our guests.

We do have some more exciting news for you.  Starting next Thursday, May 30, PETRA's will present Twinghost ronas and Voodoo Shilton who will be appearing here regularly on alternate Thursdays.   We have a couple more surprises for you on that evening.  but we'll save them for a later announcement.  But the great news is PETRA"s will be open an additional day thanks largely to the great response to our programming that we've received from our patrons.  Thank you for believing in what we do and thanks too, for your generosity and loyalty.

We think every set is a "Do Not Miss" so take the magic carpet and come join, our warm and gracious hosts, Sweet, Foxxy, Alyss, April, and of course me, Petra.  See you soon.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Empty Pockets = Rich Sound Jadey Dragon reporting

Monday night live singer lineup is nothing like football folks. You don’t get the best of the best in tight pants, sweating profusely while dangling their heads between their legs.. I’m getting off course. Monday night lineup for NEW entertainment isn’t easy to come by. I muddled through the extensively long list of events that were as repetitive as grandpa yelling “get off my lawn” every time someone walked by. ‘Seen it, liked it, over it, do they sing every .. single.. Friggin day?” Was all i kept thinking, until “Debut” stood out to me. It was like the angels were singing “ahhhhhh” with glowing lights. I don’t think I even put shoes on, I rushed out the door yelling something to my husband about “get your own dinner” and teleported straight to the venue.

The Venue, Saddle Canyon Country! Now that is a story all in itself which I’m going to cover next week. Cozy, welcoming, excessively comfortable.. I can and will go on and on, but stay tuned for that!

There on the old rustic stage, not yet plugged in, stood an outdated avatar with jazz hands and system layer clothes. Now you know good and well I was being all judgy. I let out a frustrated sigh, took the time to put my dang shoes on, then profile perved for the next 10 minutes before the show started. I took the song list, finding fault in that too, as I was already prepared for some manufactured war in my head trying not to slaughter the singer before he even opened his mouth, but was failing miserably. “Boring, Outdated, Ol’ Folks only” started flashing in my brain and then… his stream went live.

Empty Pockets, he goes by these days, started with an upbeat tempo country song that was easy to get my toes tapping to. I was still waiting for the ball to drop when he began to tease the crowd, making light hearted jokes about not being the best singer, and still manage to chuckle through.

His next song, one of my favorites, had me singing out loud, and the toe tapping now turned to some strange stomping movement that could be classified as chair dancing.

As Empty Pockets took requests, and continued to pound out some of the best country songs known to man, I noticed he came off as an old troubadour who was comfortable, confident but not cocky, and someone who was truly offering and having a great time.
His voice was smooth, slow, and steady, but his energy was pure high octane and the crowd
was hanging on and singing along to every word.

Since I had already profile perved I knew his manager, Radiance80 Resident, was in the crowd so I reached out to her when Empty finally played a song I wasn’t familiar with. She too blew me away with her kindness which doesn’t come to me often as I’m sure you can imagine. She knew she didn’t have to oversell her client, his talent did that for her. She answered all my questions, encouraged me to ask more, and even let me in on a little secret that Empty Pocket’s real  talent is when he plays the guitar himself, but he only does that upon request nowadays. .

I accepted the challenge and triple dog dared him to whip it out (his guitar that is) and once again, he didn’t shy away or disappoint. Sure there was a note too high for his range, and occasionally he missed a lyric, but he laughed it off as did the rest of us and we all continued to sing along, clapping, and clinking our imaginary beer steins as we partied on to the songs like;

“Sweet Caroline” and “Cracklin Rose” by Neil Diamond. We danced “10 rounds with Jose cuervo” and had  “Two Pina Coladas” with Garth, all thanks to Empty Pockets and his trusty ol’ guitar.

Empty Pocket’s isn’t an “in-your-face” singer that shock-rocks your socks off. He takes a sophisticated approach to his songs that makes you feel comfortable enough to sing right along with him. Some people may identify it as campy, but there is something very romantic about a good campfire, some smores, a man, a guitar, and a tune you know all the words to.

So .. in conclusion I give Empty Pockets a 9 out of 10.. He only lost points for a few notes above his range, and a couple lyrics missed..He doesn’t stray from country very much, which might be a good thing as he does have a little twang in his voice.  But his equipment was sturdy, his energy focused and vibrant, and his delivery- pure Fun. Rock on my friend, Rock on!!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

This week at Petra's!! Week of Feb. 3rd

Petra’s Live Music Venue is doing it again this week, with another top notch line up of the very best performers Second Life has to offer!  With six amazing hours of performances on Tuesday and a stellar line up on Friday that you won’t want to miss!
All brought to you by Petra Steele and her love of SL Live shows.

This weeks Schedule:

Tuesday, February 5th:
2p SLT Paris Obscur
3p SLT Savannah Rain
4p SLT Wayne Davis
5p SLT Erik Kottzen
6p SLT Gabriel da Silva
7p SLT Toxie                                       

 Friday, February 8th:
1p SLT Jeffah                                         
2p SLT Lisa Brune 
3p SLT Jack Slade 
4p SLT AMforte Clarity

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

This week at Petra's!

Petra’s Live Music Venue is doing it again this week, with another top notch line up of the very best performers Second Life has to offer! With six amazing hours of performances on Tuesday and a stellar line up on Friday that you won’t want to miss! All brought to you by Petra Steel and her love of SL Live shows. This weeks Schedule: Tuesday, January 29th: 2p SLT Paris Obscur 3p SLT Savannah Coronet 4p SLT Wayne Davis 5p SLT Erik Kottzen 6p SLT Gabriel da Silva 7p SLT Amforte Clarity Friday, February 1st: 1p SLT Jeffah 2p SLT Lisa Brune 3p SLT Jack Slade 4p SLTAMforte Clarity 

Petra’s SLURL: