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Showing posts with label second life enquirer. Show all posts

Friday, March 22, 2024



So then, what do the following people all have in common?

  •     Elvis Presley
  •     Neil Young
  •     Bob Marley
  •     Johnny Cash

Well, the answer is obvious, right?

If you guessed they were all born in the month of January, you would have been correct!!!!

Oh yeah…there is also that thing about all of them have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, along with around 374 other trend-setters in the world of Rock and Roll music.

In SL it is often said that Art Imitates Life, i.e.) SL imitates RL. and now where else on the Grid will you hear a better representation of that particular artistic genre’ than at ROCK STAR.  Considered by many to be the absolute “funnest” (is that a word?) place on the grid, you have GOT to stop by and see what Foxxy Scorpio and her crew are cooking up for your entertainment.

I lucked out the other day and happened upon ROCK STARs Owner and her US General Manager, while she was tweaking some of the decor on her build, and they graciously agreed to speak with me about just what it is that makes ROCK STAR different from all the other club builds out there.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):   So tell me, Foxxy. Where did you get the idea for Rock Star? Is there some history here?

Foxxy Scorpio (FS):   Rock Star came about because my husband and I felt that too many clubs in SL were all about the build and making money, nothing was about the “fun” anymore.

JB:   There are many fun Clubs in SL. What is the Rock Star difference?

FS:   Rock Star is based on 3 things, The People, The Music and The Fun. Without one of these things the other wouldn’t exist

Outlaw Infernum (outlaw64021) OI:  It’s the people. Everybody at Rock Star from the Owners to the VIPs and  everyone in between. We are not cliquish whatsoever. We are family at Rock Star. While other venues may throw around the word "family" We walk the walk and prove it everyday.

JB:      Who do you hope to attract to ROCK STAR and what special group of people might find ROCK STAR  especially appealing?

FS:   We hope everyone finds Rock Star appealing, we welcome everyone, we are an all-forms friendly work place and club. The only thing we ask is that you fit inside the building.

OI:  Who do we hope to attract? That's a very simple answer.....Everyone. Whether you are you’re an average John or Jane or you are a dragon or you are a dinky or furry, wolf, kitsume, or you are a member of the LGBTQ community or BDSM community, It doesn't matter. Now as we are a club that does not censor the music that our DJs play, child avis are not allowed.

JB:    I see a lovely Memorial on the property.  Can you tell me a little about that?

JS:  In front of the school there is a memorial dedicated to our Mentor, friend, and founder of the S&I DJ school, Kieran Broadmoor, he taught the first generation of DJs in SL, then he taught my husband and me how to teach and here we are. When Kieran passed away, he bequeathed me the school and streams, and I promised him I wouldn't let the school die, the clients and students of the school are amazing and wonderful. They helped me through that very dark time for me

JB:      I understand there is special garden area where staff can “let their hair down”, so to speak, and play music of a “different genre”?

FS:   Yes! The Rock Star Ruins. On Sundays we like to dress up and make Sundays special, so we go hang out at our “Sunday Seductive Groove”.  It’s music that’s on the risqué side of romance.

JB:   Tell us about the ROCK STAR Sign, reminiscent of the HOLLYWOOD Sign in California - complete with benches where people can sit and observe a gorgeous sunset.

FS:   The Rock Star sign was built by Nic, it’s an homage to old Hollywood really, the club has been built with The Whiskey  and The Rainbow Room as inspiration

JB:   Could you share some of the other interesting things that visitors and guests can do at ROCK STAR?

FS:   We have lots of photo ops around the place, we also have an ethereal wedding venue.

The Ruins are the most romantic part of Rock Star, we have had a few marriage proposals happen there.

FS:  I also run Foxx Studio Photography, I specialize in head and shoulder portraits, its situated next to Rock Star, the DJ School hub is there as well, where we teach and very soon our streams will be available via a hud on your screen, so people won’t have to physically go somewhere to top up their rentals, the huds will be available for free from this location.

Right next door is my husband’s sound studio, Legato Sound Design, he makes intros, outros and drops for the DJ community, he also creates adverts for the various business s around SL. This has gone in to RL with him being asked to master several RL band’s music.

OI:   There are other places here as well. 

·         New Moon design products  based on the lunar cycle and it can be anything.

·         Totemic Couture has Clothing Designs for the  Discerning Biker or maybe  Biker  with class and much more.

·         The Notable Art Gallery Is free to the public to view and a great place display your art as well.

JB:      What has been your biggest challenge in building ROCK STAR?

FS:   The main challenge has been finding staff who understand what Rock Star is about, People, Music and Fun. We have a saying, "if it’s not fun don't do it" on the wall inside the club. Of course, everyone wants to make a few Ls and, if we do, we are happy, but if we don't, then as long as we had fun, we are still happy. A lot of clubs say they are a family, here we walk that walk and genuinely mean it. No problem is too big or small we all pitch in to help.

JB:   Do you have any plans for future development?

FS:   Yes we do, but they're staying secret for the moment, If I told you now, you wouldn't have an article later in the year :)

JB:   Where can someone learn about the events you host?

FS:   We advertise on the Community Calendar, all over the grid and now with the SLE and a couple of other publications

JB:   Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

FS:   If you are looking for somewhere you can call your regular hang out, then Rock Star is the place for you, rather like that sitcom Cheers, everyone knows your name here at Rock Star

OI:   The people. Everybody at Rock Star from the Owners to the VIPs and  everyone in between. We are not cliquish whatsoever. We are family at Rock Star. While other venues may throw around the word "family" We walk the walk and prove it every day.




So there you have it, folks.  If you are looking for a quiet evening with 2-hours of elevator music, reminiscent of what you might hear in your dentists office, then KEEP MOVING.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a place where the music will rock you, body, mind and soul, from the top of your head to the marrow in your bones, the ROCK STAR is THE place to be.  Check the place out.  You will be sooooo glad you did.  And when you are there, tell ‘em Josh sent ya.

You’ll be glad you did.

Be There!  Aloha!


Saturday, August 4, 2018

“Surfers’ Bay - You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf….- Seersha Heart

Persia Bravin: “I wanted it to feel like logging into a vacation “

It is Wednesday lunch time when I decide to go in world for a bit of personal rest& relaxation.  As I load up my viewer, I am humming Rupert Holmes’ song Escape.  A very beachy tune with a lot of action happening in the dunes of the cape.  This song always makes me think of the beach.  When I come in world tonight, I want to go to the beach to escape the stresses of rl and have a bit of fun.  I recently joined the Surfer’s Bay VIP Group in world.  In my first couple of weeks as a member I had learned that surfing is not only the actual act of riding a wave on a board but also a life style.  Persia Bravin and her partner Duncan Blackburn have opened a spectacular new surfing SIM.

Kick off your shoes and wander down the beach with me here at Surfers’ Bay.  The sounds of the ocean are soothing, the waves are ready and waiting.  I recommend a nice walk around the island.  The main social area has plenty of places to sit and relax.  You can sit on the beach on a towel, a chair or float in the water on nice large floats.  What is Persia Bravin trying to create here?  I joined her at the club for lunch one day last week to see what she had to reveal to us.  She told me that RL is hard enough, this is a place to escape those stresses.  “So, log in, escape and enjoy fellow SLers” Persia says with a wry smile.

Taking a stroll around the island the aspect I most enjoy is the ambient sounds.  The sounds of surf and gulls will take your mind to the ocean as you stroll.  Our first stop is a handy rez station.  We can rez a surf board or a jet ski.  The jet ski is HUD operated and easy to use.  I have taken a jet ski around the entire island, it is possible, and it is fun.  A little bit further down the beach you will see Orchid Island off to our left.  A particularly romantic scene, this island rests in constantly swirling sea water, white caps crashing along a worn stair case.  At the top of the stairs is a view of the ocean and a private place to spend some time along or with that special someone.

I asked Persia about the name “Orchid Island”, where did she come up with that name?  She told me that initially she didn’t quite know what to do with the island claiming it “came out of nowhere”.

Persia Bravin: I wanted somewhere small and peaceful.  I love orchids rl and a friend of mine who makes really good sl plants just came out with some. He sent the orchids to me, so it made sense.  It also runs with the Bali theme

Surfer’s Bay is chock full of spots such as this one.  There are all kinds of romantic stops with any animation you might wish to enjoy.  There is deck in a lagoon of the most beautiful turquoise water you have ever seen.  On this deck is a large round chair.  I take a seat in the chair and find out, like most of the island, I have many options. 

Along with all the couples poses you could ever need, you will find the playful poses too.  In one lagoon there is a platform with several poses for the single traveler including treading water and jumping off the platform into the water.  The island has been designed with a weaving of rock and of sand throughout.  Stone staircases, decking and platforms appear exactly where needed.  The furniture is strategically placed throughout with both the single and the couple in mind.  At many areas of the SIM I feel as if I entered a nice quiet private place.  As if it is designed with me in mind.

There is a double diving board jutting out into the ocean.  I have seen people hanging out on the diving boards chatting up a storm.  The boards are dramatic and tower well above the ocean.  The diving is outstanding.  Nearby there is a spot where elegant comfortable cream-colored sofas sit on a floating dock waiting to be used.  I see a man standing there on the dock looking out to sea.  The people you encounter are friendly.  He sends me an IM telling me I “improve the view”.  I smile and thank him as I continue this stroll.  Almost directly opposite of the main social beach area I find a picturesque swimming pool. 
The pool provides a swim HUD, it works well there and at other points on the SIM.  It is hard to imagine that this Island is only three months old.  The group already has 5000 members and I expect to see a lot more.  I traveled to ten other surf SIMs to research what one might expect to see at a surfing SIM.  While there are a few nice ones, no surf SIM captures as many amenities as Surfer’s Bay.  Surfer’s is a place you will want to visit every day.  If you want to own your own surf board, there is an unobtrusive shopping area a short walk from the beach with surfboards on sale for men and women made by regular a surfer on the sim - Guyot Habana. 

Persia is a charming and a laid back surfer.  I asked her a few more questions for the prospective members of Surfers’ Bay VIP Group.  Here is the conversation:

Seersha Heart: Are you a member of the SL Surfers Association?

Persia Bravin: I have been a member of the SLSA since 2008 – it’s one of the organisations that I have never left or discarded to make room for other groups.  The SLSA is a stalwart of the SL surfing community; they provide competitions and support for surfers and surf owners and do a lot of work to promote surfing as a sport across SL.

Seersha Heart: Do you or will you host “Pro” surf events?

Persia Bravin: Surfer’s Bay VIP is about the fun and non-competitive aspects of SL surfing. It’s a sim for true ‘soul surfers’ or those people that simply enjoy the sensation of paddling out and taking on the huge Maoli waves and we love welcoming newcomers to SL surfing too. There is a hardcore group of surfers that you will see hitting the waves here on most days and they always give their time to coach others. We are considering becoming a destination for future, larger surfing events though – watch this space!

Seersha Heart: How do you track how members feel about the SIM?

Persia Bravin: The Surfer’s Bay VIP group chat is always buzzing with thoughts and suggestions from our thousands of members and we do listen carefully to all feedback. We don’t have a formal suggestion process currently – although that might be something we could implement in the future – but all ideas from our members are welcomed and usually implemented immediately!

Seersha Heart: Any good stories to share about couples who may have met at Surfers’?

Persia Bravin: When we created the sim, we definitely wanted to impart a sense of romance, but not in the traditional way, but rather through lush planting, naturalistic scenery and plenty of areas where you can be alone with loved ones. Romance does bloom at the sim and I am pretty sure many couples have met there! I also love to see all the different friendships develop: Surfer’s Bay VIP truly is a meeting place for people across the world. Who knows…maybe we will host a wedding one day of a couple that fell in love here.

Coming soon to Surfers’ Bay are well known SL performers Jack Slade on August 4th and Max Kleen on August 18th.  Join the crowd at Surfers’ Bay and enjoy some music while you look out on some beautiful waves.

SURL: secondlife://HIDDEN%20VALLEY/138/177/22
Surfer’s Bay VIP Group

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fashion Highlight: Mesh Head clothing - Becca Drascol Reporting

Great Mesh & a Good Deal:

Mesh, along with Slink, Lola and other enhancements within SL are the big thing. Normally what’s in, means that you have a variety of choices but also a variety of price ranges and different fashion options. And rather you shop for mesh online via SL Marketplace, or inworld via the store, you can find many designers with great fashion. But if it’s great biker/rocker mesh and a good deal you’re looking for, I completely recommend Mesh Head. The main store is not only large with tons to select from, but has affordable prices which is always a thumbs up to me. One feature I like of this store is, a non-demo item will receive a refund if you are unhappy with the fit. This is a bonus when dealing with mesh clothing. Unlike some people I rarely ever will change my shape to work with an outfit. You can find the main store here:
And for shopping via marketplace you can find Mesh Head here:

It was while at the main store inworld that I chose to inspect the sales floor conveniently reached by teleporter. Plenty of designs can be found on the sales floor for 60 L. This makes a girl so very tempted to spoil herself or loved ones with some awesome mesh. I also took note of at least two free mesh clothing in the sale area. For sure not only tempting but well worth it.

Interview with creator FrancescoCarrera Resident:

Becca Drascol: First tell me a little about Mesh Head and the inspiration behind it

FrancescoCarrera Resident: Have been doing it for over 2 years now, when the mesh clothing was introduced into SL I thought I'd give it a go, I'm a designer RL so was easy enough to do nice textures in Photoshop. I'm a bit of a rocker RL so thought I'd supply stuff that I like myself to the rockers and bikers of SL. It's quite a large target audience in here so as long as I make nice stuff I figured people would buy it. I keep my prices affordable to everybody which helps me sell a lot and people get good clothes at a reasonable cost without having to break the bank.

Becca Drascol: What trends do you see coming up for Fall?

FrancescoCarrera Resident: I don't really do seasonal stuff, I just make whatever comes into my head at that moment in time. I guess Autumnal colours would be the standard earth tones and stuff like that, maybe warmer outfits.

FrancescoCarrera Resident: You’re always safe with black and skulls for bikers and rockers.

Becca Drascol: Right.

Becca Drascol: Do you think there's something that makes your designs stand out from other designers that do biker/rocker looks?

FrancescoCarrera Resident: I try to be different in my range of clothes but I don’t really look at other designers stuff, I like to make sure my textures are sharp and add little extras like detailed stitching and quality logos. I think that's more of a question for my customers, I just do my best and make sure they get a quality product at an affordable price.

Becca Drascol: Right. I actually took a moment to check out the sale floor while at the store, and was pleased to see such great clothes at affordable prices but also felt the normal prices were comfy.

FrancescoCarrera Resident: I'm glad you think so. I add to the sale room now and again, that's older stuff from when I first started. I like to think all the newer stuff is a little better as things develop.

Becca Drascol: Lola enhancement has become a big thing in SL, do your see yourself adding the applier to you female line?

FrancescoCarrera Resident: Not sure, it's something I've thought about but not got around to it yet. Maybe the new mesh avis have made the Lola add-on redundant so I'm kind of one the fence on that one.

Becca Drascol: Understandable and perhaps something that is a little unique to you.

Becca Drascol: I want to thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me and ask if you have anything special you would like to add?

FrancescoCarrera Resident: Not really, I can answer more questions of you wish but I'm good so far :)

Becca Drascol: Oh yes, I did want to ask if the main store is the only location right now?

FrancescoCarrera Resident: I have satellite stores around SL, maybe 5 or 6.

Becca Drascol: Very nice.

FrancescoCarrera Resident: Not too many though, it's a lot of work keeping them up to date.

Becca Drascol: Do you ever or have you sponsored clubs or other venues?

FrancescoCarrera Resident: Yeah I do quite a few, send gift card and stuff. I sponsor Autism Awareness and Relay for Life also.

Becca Drascol: That's wonderful.

Becca Drascol: And if one were looking to get gift cards how would they go about that?

FrancescoCarrera Resident: I need to update to electronic gift cards but again haven't got around to it so I basically hand out textures that are Trans, when the winner of the event gives the card back to me with a notecard of what they want then I hand over the items. Old way of doing it but that’s all I have at the moment.

Becca Drascol: I think it's about what works for the creator, I'm sure a lot of time effort and hard work goes into the creation of the fashion itself.

FrancescoCarrera Resident: Yep, that’s the way I think also.

Becca Drascol: Again thank you so much for taking this time to talk with me.

The Overall Experience:

Not only did I have a pleasant time window shopping and looking around the inworld store, it was pleasant to talk with Mesh Head’s creator. He was easy to talk with, down to Earth and genuinely loves creating mesh. Next time you guys and gals of SL want to shop for a biker/rocker look with style and budget friendly, get on over to Mesh Head.