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Showing posts with label Switchmutt. Show all posts

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

VMS News: The Harlem Speakeasy: Jazz With Class- Switchmutt Reporting...

Established in 2012 in Virtual Harlem, the Harlem Speakeasy had represented its name and lived up to expectations quite well. Unfortunately, the server had run into problems with costs and the owner; Jackie Lefko, wisely set the club up with a skybox soon after as a temporary measure. Ms. Lefko, as of March 2013, settled the popular club in the “Wynchester Hope Too” Sim and has made quite a name for itself among the cultured masses of visual and musical artists on SL.

      Upon entering the Harlem Speakeasy, I gathered my initial responses mentally, I had a sense of warmth, vibrancy, and expressiveness. The club was quite full of patrons that had much to say about the place, all were having a good time, not one complaint in sight, and on top of all of that, there was a live DJ by the name of Urban King. When I tried to reach him for an interview, he did not reply, but his music choices spoke for themselves. He kept soulful rhythms pulsing onward through the night as I sat and listened over by the beautiful wood-finish bar. The selection of drinks is very wide, and most are on the house with courtesy of the owner, there are many places to lounge, and even more space to dance and socialize. The club’s minimalistic, well-constructed interior gave it a jazz-hall feel mixed with a blues bar and the color highlights of a R&B establishment. While taking in all of these astounding decorations and colors, I then became engrossed into the music.